Dreams will come true (Episode 11)


Viren’s grandmother asks boy what have you seen in your mobile that brings a smile on your face? Viren without thinking replies Akshara. Grandmother is in surprise then says I thought she is annoying and makes you angry but now I think she colors your life with happiness. Viren upon hearing it tries to cover up with lies saying she is still annoying and makes me angry a lot. I didn’t smile because of her and I just tell her name by mistaken. Grandma goes near him and pulls his ears and says don’t lie. You’re very bad it. I really hope you both are not in relationship. Do you?  He replies firmly No, not at all and we are just classmates .Grandma asks you’re not even friends? Viren says for me to be friend with a girl will be a long term story but to be truthful I like being with her maa. She is very unique in her own way.She is intelligent and always have questions in her mind which sometimes I fails to answer. She always says thanks for small things and eats like a child. She always argues in a very diplomatic way. The grandmother asks that’s it or you have much more to say. He realises whatever he spoken and says nothing else.

The grandmother says I  feel thankful to God that you’re being exposed in college life and trying to change your lifestyle and mingles without worrying about their genders. He says but maa the first girl I like to talk is Akshara and till now I seriously feel irritated with any others girls, he says it while thinking about Sakshi. The grandma laughs and asks even Akshara is annoying tweety for you then how you can be comfortable with her?  Viren says no she is annoying but at the same time  have irresistible cuteness in her. Grandma gives him a tough look and says I hope she just remains as your friend and teaches you how to  behave well with other girls because in the end you will  only  be marrying Simran.

Viren gets really pissed off and says are you kidding me?She is my cousin and that doesn’t mean I need to marry her. I don’t even like talking with her.Why can’t you understand that simple thing maa?  Grandma says first you need  to mingle with her and get to know her well then surely you will like Simran. I am not asking you to get marry tomorrow itself for you to be angry on me. After she returns from London,  spend more time with her and then think of your marriage with her okay?! I have faith that Simran will win your heart.  Viren says sometimes it is hard to explain when some people ain’t listening to it. There is nothing more to discuss about this .Let her come first then we will think about her  maa. The grandma smiles and says okay have a good sleep and send regards to your classmate Akshara. He nods and goes for sleep. He reminisces Akshara’s hug and says to himself that she looks beautiful when she smiles and I really hates her tears. He thinks in his heart I hope that Simran don’t return to India fast because it might create a rift between maa and me.

The next morning,  Akshara wakes up early and prepares  a sweet dessert, strawberry phirni specially for Viren. She talks to herself that I don’t have much money to return all the things you given me but I am sure you will like this sweet. She put it in a tupperware  and leaves to college . She goes to Viren and greets him. He nods and she asks  him why you look moody ? He says nothing. She then sits beside him and says I bring something  for you. He asks what ? She opens her tupperware and show him. He asks what is this ? She laughs and says British guy you have to know about indian sweets as well and this is  strawberry phirni.  I do this for you only .Please try naa and tell me the taste. He nods and tries it. She looks at him eagerly awaiting for his reply. He looks at her and says it is not nice. She makes a sad face and says sorry for make you eat this. I didn’t taste it  when I do that’s why I think it goes wrong.He smiles and says I just play with you.

She says that means it’s nice and do you like this ? He nods and  says it really tastes good and I wonder you’re going to be an engineer or chef? She laughs and says I am a multi-talented girl.  He asks why do you do this suddenly? She says because you do more things for me that’s why I return it with this sweet as a token of gratitude. He says okay thanks but you don’t have to return anything anymore. She says why? He said because I said so and smiles. She says you look nice when you smile so don’t make a grumpy face always. He says you started annoying me in the morning itself. SHUT UP can ? She laughs and says okay chill. Then
Mr.James enters the class and starts the physics lecture.

To be continued.

Thank you for reading it and for all your comments.  I really hope that I don’t disappoint you all 🙂

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  1. awesome episode loved it waiting fr ur next episode,,…..

  2. Its amazing please dear continue

  3. Gud epi

  4. Wowwww awesome it’s really superbbbb n lovely story. …I loved her way of gratitude….viren n granny convo was really awesome….but that simran…hmmm…need to be in London for long time…ViRa rocking. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for tthe next episode, love you loads

    1. Thanks babe 🙂 🙂 Your comments make me happy ♥

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