Dreams will come true (Episode 10)


Akshara says sorry to Viren because she did not think of any ideas till now.He says no worries but hopefully we don’t screw up anything in the end. They both eventually laughs at themselves. 

Sakshi thought in her heart the first thing I should do is interrupt their conversation and don’t let her sit with him.She approaches  Akshara and asks her can you sit with me since Rahul is not here today and hope you don’t mind. Akshara refuses and asks Sakshi to sit with them since a place is available there beside her. Sakshi nods and leaves to take her bag . Akshara asks Viren he doesn’t mind right if she sitting in our row but he doesn’t replies her and starts playing  in his mobile. Akshara thinks in her heart that I seriously hope he is not pissed off with me. Sakshi sits beside her and asks her to teach many questions  that she fails to understand in Mathematics. Viren sees Akshara was trying her best to teach her but she looks too tired.Viren then says I will teach Sakshi and asks Akshara to take some rest. Akshara moves away from her place and lies her head to the wall and closes her eyes . She eventually sleeps.

Sakshi is very happy as Viren is going to talk to her.She  goes and sits in Akshara’s place which is  too near to Viren. He teaches her all the questions very fast and before she thanks him he just leaves the classroom.When he enters the class, he looks at Akshara sleeping. He thinks in his heart that she sleeps like sleeping beauty but with so much of worries. He goes near Akshara and wakes her up as their lecture is going to start and she goes to washroom to wash her face. Sakshi did not move from Akshara’s place pretending  like busy texting in her mobile but Viren rudely says to Sakshi to let Akshara sits in between them. Sakshi nods with a smile but curses Akshara in her heart.

After their class ended at 4.30 p.m. , Sakshi says she is leaving home and gratitude Viren with a hug. Akshara looks blankly at Viren.  However, he doesn’t responds to her hug well and breaks it saying a firm OK!!! Sakshi tells to herself that this is the first step to bring Viren close to me and smirks. After that, Akshara says once again thank you for everything and asks him the reason  of his rudeness to all the girls. Viren says because I don’t like girls. Akshara hits him and asks am I looking as a boy? He asks now why you are asking a weird question? She says because you said you hate girls right but I don’t see any sign of hatred towards me. He smiles.She says  please tell am I boy for you or you hate me too? He says I don’t hate you may be  because you look like a boy and even you have a doubt in it. She says that’s so bad and asks him is it true? He eventually laughs and says chill out I just annoy you like how you always do.

She smiles and says I am going to work now. He stops her and says you’re going home and sleep. She refuses that she can’t take holiday in her second day job itself. He starts scolding her that don’t run behind money and health is more essential. She replies that you only said money rule this world so I need to run behind it. I don’t  go against  you at all!! Viren run out of words to replies her and just asks are you able to take care of yourself? She nods readily then he says if you can’t then? She says no worries I will have a coffee before my work so I will not feel tired. She asks him to goes home. He says if you need anything than call me and once you reach home safely then give me a buzz. She smiles and says ok grandpa I will do it but I don’t have your number. He gives her his number and she thanks him. She also says that tomorrow we will discuss  about our project work.

At the cafeteria, Akshara remembers how Viren cares about her and feeds her. She also remembers their hug and thinks he is very strange because he said hate girls but he never hates me. He is too kind at heart but too rude to others. She then concentrates in her work and once done it, she rushingly walks to train station as she didn’t want to miss her train again. After she reaches home, she texts Viren that nothing goes wrong in work and I am at home . Don’t  worry about me and take care of yourself Grandpa. Viren sees her message and smiles looking at his mobile in his room. Viren’s grandmother notices his face is glowing and she wonders what is the reason it can be .
To be continued.

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  1. awesome episode waiting for urs always love akshara and viren update next one soon yaar loved it to the core…

    1. Thank you ya ♥

  2. Oh dashni!! I just saw this FF and read all your FF . Its fantastic . I am new here so wanted ti ask that if u have written any other FF then please give me the link …
    I will be waiting for the links . And yes you are amazing . Keep writing! !

    1. Oh dear! ! This is my first ff and I am glad you’re loving it .I will try my level best to captivate your heart! ! You’re amazing in a way that you appreciate one’s effort. Lots of love and wait for more twist and turns !

  3. Gud as usual….waiting for nxt epi

    1. Thank you dear ♥

  4. Awesome, wowwww such a cute n lovely episode. …loved it very very muchhhh. ..ViRa getting good bonding …sakshi very bad…she should get a good lesson for her bad deeds…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. . . Muaaaaahhhhhh

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