Dreams will come true (Episode 1)


The gentle breeze touches the neck of Akshara who is wearing a light blue tops with black jeans. She reminisce all the bitterness happened in her life while waiting for the departure of a train. Her life started with comparison where her parents always stated that her two elder siblings are better in the matter of looks and lucks. Akshara’s dark complexion and allergic skin is compared with her sister, Venisha who have beautiful features. The allergic on Akshara’s skin not only gave itchiness but the marks scarred her heart with pains whenever her family feel disgusted to put medication for her hand. Poor Akshara, her lucks also did not work at the best compare to her both elder brother and sister as the parents only mention them as the lucky charms for the family growth. The favoritism in her parents do not give any happiness in Akshara’s life but benefitted her only in a way. She put so much efforts in her studies because she truly believe that education can light up her darkness and respect can be gained through achievements. She was a school achiever because of her excellent results and now she in a train to the government university under full- scholarships for the course of Chemical Engineering.

Akshara went in the orientation room half an hour earlier and sit behind rows of table at the corner to observe the people around her . There a guy comes and sit beside Akshara. However, Akshara did not respond to his existence because she was busy reading the terms and condition of her scholarship letter. Therefore, the boy introduce himself to Akshara.
Rahul: Heyya ! I am Rahul. Nice to meet you.
Akshara: Hello. My name is Akshara.
Rahul: Akshara! What a nice name. Are you sure you are going to do chemical engineering since you are sitting in this hall.
Akshara: Hmmmm yeah! Why do you have any issues since you sound so wrong?
Rahul: Heyya take a close look around. You are sitting at the back can’t you see everyone here are boys . Do you see any other girls except you like seriously.
Akshara gave a blank expression and run out of words for few minutes and look at the time on her watch.
Akshara: (Sigh) Maybe they are on their ways because the orientation haven’t officially started. Just have some patience.

Rahul: I like your confidence girl but let me clears out that Engineering is mainly for boys .It may sound stereotypical but truth is ugly .Do you expect for another girl classmate. Maybe you have to clone yourself. (Winks and laughs)
Akshara closes her eyes started her praying in heart to Goddess Durga amma .She is asking the goddess to bless her and bring some girls into the class. Then, she heard the opening of doors sound. She saw a stylish-diva girl walking in with heavy make-up and full of attitude. She stares at Akshara and gave a tough look at her. The orientation begins and everyone must start with their self- introduction as ice breaking. Akshara then looks at Rahul with a sad face. After Rahul’s introduction, a guy tells about him which bring a smile on Akshara face because she liked his name, Viren. Then, Akshara tells that she is here to do Engineering because she wants to do job which is equivalent to the man and she is walking in her path to succeed in her dreams. Her introduction was only given applauses by Rahul and Viren. She felt awkward in the moment because she felt maybe the other students not accepted her existence but she just put her heads down and sit at behind. At the end of orientation, Akshara approach to the diva to become friends but the girl refuse Akshara friendship by insulting her that she look like low status girl with cheap clothes and do not have any sense of fashion.

She also told Akshara she does not deserve her friendship. Akshara just walk away from the place in rush with teary-eyes and have many questions running in her mind. She was asking to Durga amma why is she is facing problems every time in her life? Why no one is accepting her when she is well-mannered wherever she goes? Why she is born unlucky in getting someone who truly loves her? She walks towards the train station in the rain and reaches home. She thought her parents will ask her how her day at the college was but neither her mom nor dad even bothers her and they were busy having their tea together. Akshara’s only way to relieve her stress is to praise Goddess Durga with her songs since her childhood days because Durga amma is the only friend and mother she shares the burdens in her heart. When Akshara leaves the prayers room, she thinks whether this stage of her life will blossom like a rose or just be the thorns?
To be continued.

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