Dreams will come true (The Epilogue)


~Happiness is only real when shared~

After the constant union of the perfectly matching couple, Akshara gets to know that she is pregnant….Her happiness knows no bound because it is an unexpected surprise gifted by God …She understood that her life will never be the same…She was existed as a teen… woman…wife…..Yet, never knew she will exist as a mother and her blood is pacing up in excitement knowing a new life is stirring inside her …..She turns crimson reminiscing the outcome of their love……She desperately wants to meet the dreamy eyes and say that she is mother for his child…She doesn’t know how he would react but she wants to reach out to him…The man that initially give butterflies and now ended with a life growing in it…..She shrugged her coat with her medical report and rushes to their office…She didn’t even bother to knock his room door and it turned out to embarrassing for her because he was actually discussing with client…He got shocked over her action and he arched his eyebrow “Miss Akshara Viren Thakur anything important ?” Akshara wobbled “Actually Sir…..I…I want to say that…”She paused and cursed herself for being short of words…..She is truly shy so pleaded the two men clients to leave “Could you please excuse us?” They nodded and left…. Viren sighed having no idea of what’s happening……

Akshara put the medical report on his table and chortled “I am pregnant” Viren is spellbounded “Like come again….” Akshara gasped “You are going to be a dad” Viren gets extremely felicitous with the news so he approaches in a blink of her eyes…He twirled her in his arms and she laughed….He kissed her forehead and she smiled…. He quickly goes down on his knees and snogs on her belly…..Akshara chuckled and caress his hair “Ok my Jammy…Continue your meeting now so time to behave like a boss …” Viren immediately refused “Noo…don’t go…..let me talk to my baby in the womb…” Akshara giggled “Viren don’t be kiddish…You can’t bug our baby with your talks at least for now!” Viren frowned “Okay baby listen to your dad…I just have to say I love you and waiting for your arrival” He grins “You may leave and do your work!” Akshara knit her brows “You didn’t say to me also! Viren snorted “What to say?!” Akshara glared at him “Oh well..Nothing. …” She walked away and quickly he pulled her closer to him …He pecked her lips and she remains jut…He locked her hairs behind her ears “I love you…” He kissed her earlobe “Thank you for making my life special!” Curve sets on her lips and she hugged him “I love you more…” It was their moment to celebrate their happiness forgetting the surrounding….the vacuous clients…..the world……The aura of love is merely for the two embodied souls embracing and welcoming the sign of their love….
~ No joys in Earth bring a greater pleasure than the baby to love and treasure ~

After 9 months of wait…..joy…….love……expectancy …..pain …. Akshara’s water broke and she is rushed to the hospital….. After the excruciating eight hours, Akshara is ready to let the wonderful creation to enter the world…. ..Viren is witnessing the miracle of life entwining his fingers with his woman……Akshara is panting heavily as the painful and intense contraction begin….She was struggling to push out her baby and started to panic . ….She reaches out for her greatest strength so grasps his hand and closed her eyes….She only visualise the mother of Universe and Akshara’s all time saviour ‘Durga Maa’…….. The voice of her man, nurse, and doctor encouraging her to ‘push’ floated in the air and dissipated….. All she could do was scream in agony as sweat and unbearable pain covered her figure as she push for almost five times in a row…….She tried again with all the explosive force to give a push and finally the baby popped out the head…..

The doctor reached up for the perfectly pink little wrinkly body and finally give to Viren……. Viren smiled having the new born in his arms and he excitedly utters “It’s a prince!” The cry of their son made Viren and Akshara took away their breath…..Akshara had tears in eyes adoring the way Viren is loving his son as he cradled him…….Akshara’s stupendous energy be knackered but heart yearning for her little champ…… After some time, Viren brushed his lips on Akshara’s forehead and give the miracle that comes in littlest feet but sets biggest imprint in their heart to Akshara……Akshara is too privileged to watch the most adorable scrunched up face with cute little fingers is staying on her loving arms…..She realised he is the serenity…..he is peace….he is the dawn of their love…She have not only carried him under her heart for 9 months but after his born, he will be in her heart forever…. . The most endearing kiss placed on the little prince and she genuinely feels that she was born again when he born……….. Vira finally shared an eye lock with robust love intensify even more upon the blessed birth of their son… Vira happily utters “He is our prince Aavir”……. All the family members are in euphoria to welcome the innocent and greatest gift of the family…..
3 years leap

~ Adoption is when family tree becomes an orchard~

A little angel is wrapped in her pink blanket and she is busily watching over the ruthless world with her innocent eyes in a cradle…….The blessed angel fell on the Earth should be a boon but it is exclaimed as a curse for her unmarried mother… If the woman would never give in to lecherousness, the little angel would have lead a secured future with her family…..If the little angel’s parents have not their self-centrism rule over their mind and be emptied heart then they would have thoughtfulness for the life their child…… Worst of all, the baby girl cry and smile every time in the light of hope to be cuddled in the arms of her mother yet it remains as an unspoken dream…. God knows sometimes the world is very cruel so he sustains his responsibility to be kind over his children……He finally showered his mercy on this pure rose…. …….The little angel has a beginning of her amazing life journey with the presence of Viren….

The moment Viren felt again as a father when he hold her tenderly in his arms and had a glimpse of the petite smile of the beautiful angel when he visited the orphanage…… Viren understood she may not be his blood but just an unimpeachable heart brimming for love…. Admist of the sympathy…..mercy….. Viren holds a priceless possession for the angel and it is only can be named as selfless love….After his wife….his son….She is the most beautiful gift he have ever received as fragile as porcelain and rare as a red diamond…..Without a second thought, Viren goes for her legal adoption and it was done easily because he holds a good name over the orphanage for all his charitable act…… Her little fingers caress his stubble face and he realised that she may not have his eyes or smile but from the very first moment she had his heart……

~Family where life begins and love never ends~

Akshara reached home after hectic work and she is amazed to see the presence of their family and way more surprised to see their house was decorated with white and red balloons customised in heart shapes……Tesha and Kiran also is there with their 6 months old princess ‘Ansha’…….. Akshara seeks the blessings of the elders and whispers to Tesha “Why everyone is here babe ???” Tesha knit her eyebrows “You seriously forget the date!” Akshara huffed puffed “Ok wait…What date???What’s the special occasion?! Tesha whispers “After you become mom…You literally forget your husband….It’s your anniversary babe!” Akshara pursed her lips “What the?! I really forgot with my work tension…You never know how much pressure it is to be the head of engineers……..” Tesha giggled “Don’t tell me you are not enjoy being around Viren?? Akshara chuckled and nodded “Yes, I do enjoy!!! Now, I wonder how Viren also have forgotten that today is our wedding anniversary” Tesha smiled “We are all here as Viren invited us to be a part of your anniversary celebration” Akshara literally bug out “Really?!…She grins “ You know something, life is never be the same as years passed by but love outgrows life that is worth to live……”

Kiran nudged Akshara’s shoulder with annoyance “Here you go! Your son is a mischief boy…..He is running here and there without a pause and when I warned he still do it” Akshara laughs “What say? He is following the footsteps of his dad….He live in his own choices!” Aavir hopped with a toothy smile to Tesha and she carries him “Don’t complain…He is such a smart and adorable boy!” Suddenly, Viren walks in with the little angel in his arms leaving everyone faces dwelling in visible questions “Whose child is this?!” Aavir squealed in his clarion peppy voice and runs to him “Papa!!!!” Akshara gives a vacous stare in return Viren gives the angel to her….Akshara grins after she hold the baby in her arms yet she still shoot him with a question “The baby belongs to who ?!“ Viren gasped “Our baby belong only to us……I adopted her from the orphanage…I don’t know how but when I meet her eyes I truly felt as a father again…I want to give her my surname and promised a secured future along with our Aavir…..I know adopting a child won’t change a world but definitely for the child, her world will be changed …..I can’t let her go at any cost because she is my daughter….. … Akshara hushed him “She is not flesh of my flesh…not blood of my blood…Yet, miraculously she is my daughter too…..”

Akshara gasped “I am not going to deny your decision but will you guarantee that she will not be exclaimed as anyone child in future ?” Viren nodded “I have spoken to the authority of orphanage and actually her mother don’t want to take the responsible as she claimed the child will be the barrier for her future so no one will dare to separate her from us……. Akshara kissed the angel “this baby girl will be a part of our family and will grow with an equal and abundant love as Aavir because I have experienced how awful favouritism in a family can be ……. Thank you Vir for giving the unimaginable priceless gift for our anniversary because when I held her in my arms the love have arrived instantly even if adoption may took time…. I am more blessed than an angel to have a perfect husband and two beautiful kids…Never knew I would become a mom again….” Viren is over the moon for having an understanding wife and he quickly kissed Akshara’s cheeks….. Aavir excitedly pecked his sister’s nose….. Vira proved a family is not defined by genes but built and maintained through love…. The family respected and humbled with a decision Vira have taken without accentuating a family lineage and placed love as the foundation of a happy family……. Akshara and Viren after huge discussion with the family decided to name the angel as ‘Viksha’…… Aavir cutely repeated ‘Viksha’ in the tiny ears of his sister….
Akshara and Viren then celebrated their anniversary by cutting a moist chocolate cake along with their two kids and family……A celebration with a family is a time to remember… a time to laugh…..a time to share each other stories…..Above all, joyous moment collected in their mind strengthens their bond and become a sweet reminder to each other that they own a great belonging named family……..
~No end for the celebration of love~

After the end of celebration, Akshara put Aavir for sleep in his room after having a long session of story time….It turned out to be Aavir’s habit to listen to story before a deep slumber and he only shares his ears to adventurous story…..Akshara caressed the hair of her precious gem and brushed her lips on his forehead…. Viren set up a beautiful cradle in his room and made his daughter sleep peacefully….Akshara hugged him tightly from back and kissed his shoulder……Vira are admiring the beauty of Viksha in her sleep…. They know Viksha’s head is full of magical dreams that will make wonders and little fingers that will shape the world soon…….. Akshara sighed “I am too tired and want to have my shower” She walks away to the dressing table and made her hair into bun….Viren smooches her then snogs on her neck… Akshara blushes and move away from his captivity…….

Akshara goes to the bathroom and before she could lock the door, he comes in there too…. He sternly replies “I want to have shower together with you……” Akshara curled her lips “Don’t play…I am tired baby and I need to sleep early…Lots of work are still in pending……” Viren chortled “Chill….Tomorrow you don’t have to go work so just relax at home…” Akshara giggled “No way! My grumpy boss then will ask me millions of questions…. I rather work than being answerable to Mr. Viren Thakur……” Viren circled her around his arms tightly “He won’t because he also want to have some lovely time with his wife and children especially he is missing romance with his wife…..” Akshara chuckled “Really?” Viren kissed her chin “Really!” Akshara tangled her fingers in hair and accidently Viren hit the shower knob and both drenched in water……. Viren roamed his lips over her neck and unzipped her dress…Her dress fall and Akshara couldn’t control her shyness so she hugged him tightly….He whispers in her ears “I wonder how you turn crimson as if its our first time!” Akshara bites her lips unable to control her shyness and he carried her to their bed……His fingers run on her bare back and removed all the barriers saving her figure from his eyes as she is placed on the bed…….The limitless desires between them bring them closer and as usual she dominates everything at home except the time when they are on bed….She loves to be intoxicated in his wildness…….

Viren comes on top of her removing his clothes too and he nibbled all over her bosom……She moans his name seductively as he placed hickeys on her.. He devours completely wet delicate skin until he parted her legs……He couldn’t hold on more so his fingers stroke upon her heated core…. He sucked her wetness and she clutches the bed sheet tightly…She pulled him to her and both had an eye beaming for a while…She whispers “Happy Anniversary Vir….” He smiled “Happy Anniversary too….” He kissed her lips gently then slowly it become a deep kiss and she closed her eyes understanding what will be further….He fully entered her while kneading a part of her bosom….. She moans and he thrust deeper as she slowly give more access to him……. She is enjoying the pleasure of pain and they always fitted well……Vira are truly enjoying their love making sessions and it lasted for hours…. Finally, Akshara pleaded him to release and it made them to start cuddling with each other…….Akshara rest her head on his chest as he hold her in his arms….She whispers “Say something!” He locked her hair behind her earlobe “My wife is s*xy!” Akshara gasped “Vir you are insane…You know something I love every time you are in me….It make me feel that I am still special to you…My world revolves around you then our kids…Every time I look myself through your eyes, it reflects how lucky I am to be yours…you are every reason, every hope and every dream I’ve ever had…. Your love truly made my dreams come true and definitely many more ‘dreams will come true’ if you are with me……. Remember, I never want to share your love with anyone except our kids………”

Viren kissed her hands “You remain special in my life and I feel the luckiest to experience your true love that only must have existed in novels and poems…..He pecked her nose “I also know you’re still the possessive creature I have ever meet….I caught you watching secretly when I am having conversation with my new secretary….” Akshara giggled “because I am protective over my husband and don’t speak as if you are not…..She bites his nose “You are the only boss that flaunts a worker’s full name every time you speak ‘Ms. Akshara Viren Thakur…Can’t you just call Akshara?” Viren snorted “ No way…..As I always said, I proudly present my wife to everyone….?!” Akshara chortled and cupped his face “ I have to confess that you made me fall in love again with you because not everyone have the heart to go for adoption and you just did it effortlessly….I swear it really touched my heart…………” Viren grins “I fall in love with you too for your acceptance of our Viksha in a glimpse of seconds……”

Akshara pecked his lips “Then say I love you….” He brushed his lips on her forehead “I love you dear!” Akshara winked at him “Not once …… Say it many times till I am satisfied” Viren chortled “I rather show it then say it” He grasps her waist and she chuckled “Vir you are impossible!” He rolled over her and she dig her nails in his hair then whispers “ Let me be filmy….I love you to the moon and back…..” A grin dwell on the corner of his lips and they start all over again the sensuously sizzling romance….This is the lifetime successful marriage because in life that strictly coded with happiness and sorrows, Vira are not getting tired in falling in love and constantly choosing each other in a hundred lifetimes….in a hundred worlds…. in any version of reality……..Every embodied souls fear not of having dreams in life because one day all the ‘dreams will come true’ if have faith to pursue them……..”

The closure?

My heartfelt thank you to each and every of you for giving me a a chance to write out my dream with all your support and love…. It is my first fiction I ever write and it will always remain special to my heart because as the chapters go on…I truly improved my writing skills and gain many genuine friends???I will miss you all???If i ever write in future then it will only be Swasan or Shivika fiction and may be you all have to read it? Advance Happy New Year people and may all of your dreams come true…Lots of love?

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