My dreams (RagSan or RagLak) OS

Ragini’s pov
“After my accident, I always had this dream!” “Where I would see a shadow, but I never could see his face!” “A malaika would tell me: “he is your future husband and you will meet him as soon as you will wake up from coma and he will change your life forever and always will be by your side!” “Every day and night, I will see that dream, but this time I could see his face and it was…..” “I woke from my coma and my family was eagerly waiting for me to wake up!” “Oh, Ragini we all were worried for you, we waited since two whole years for you to wake up!” My darling dad said. “Yes, we all were waiting for you my sweet sister!” My dearest sister Swara said. “I missed you guys too!” “Days passed and I had my first meet with a guy.
End of her pov
RagLak’s first meet
“Hi, you must be Ragini, Sweetiepie’s sister!” “Yes, I am Ragini, but who is Sweetiepie?” “Swara!” He replied back. “So how do you know about me?” “Shona told me a lot about you and I would like to get to know!” “But why?” “Because of Shona!” “Oh!” Then I woke up and realized that it was a dream and nothing else.
End of the first meet
RagSan’s first meet
“Heya!” “Hi!” “It’s nice to meet you Ragini!” “How do you know my name!” “I know your name, because of your sister Swara!” “But how do you know Shona di?” “She is my bestie since college!” “Okay!” “Swara woul always talk about her sister Ragini, so I assumed that you are Ragini!” “Really di would talk about me!” “Yes!” I heard a whisper and then Sanskar disappeared out of my reach. Again I woke up, next to my sleeping husband and realized that I dreamt about our first meet and how we fell in love with eachother.
End of their first meet
A quote
“Some dreams have a meaning for the future and some are meaningless forever.” “Just make the best out of your dreams and never stop dreaming!” “Not every dream makes sense, but you have it in your hands that someday it’ll make sense.”
My plan for my stories

Loving you was a mistake on Mondays

CLKGK on Tuesdays

Meri Zindagi tum ho on Wednessdays

Sun saathiya on Thursdays

TROMHB on Fridays

On weekends it’ll be a surprise
Author’s note
“Crazy Ladkiyoon ki gazab kahani will be put on hold for a few weeks, because I don’t have any ideas for it right now, until then you guys can enjoy the stories: The reason of my heartbeat, Loving you was a mistake, Meri Zindagi tum ho and Sun saathiya, I hope you guys understand.” “The Copyright of this story belongs to me and if you copy paste it, then I will personally kick you where it hurts the most?.”
End of Author’s note

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  1. Shrilatha

    Actually true…nice os

    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks a lot my dear Shri?

  2. Crystal089

    it was confusing but i felt it intersting you are right some dreams are meaningless and some mean about future what ever happens don’t stop dreaming and waiting for all your ff’s and if possible please take this dream sqeuence and further continue it an ff please a request

    1. AMkideewani

      Aww, thanks a lot, I’m not sure if I will make a ff out of it, but it’s an good idea dear and I will think about it?

  3. Astha

    mmmmm nyz dear… simple os.. good 🙂

    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks Bhabhi❤

  4. superb dear

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      Tysm dear Ammy?

    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks Dharu?

  5. Asw

    Simple & too cute ? keep going

    1. AMkideewani

      Thankss dear?

  6. Liya

    I loved the thought jaan? some dreams does’nt make any sense & some shows us our future,we should identify the right one ? but I guess you could have portray it with a diff story or example .

    1. AMkideewani

      There will be a next part to it jaana?

  7. Darshini

    Hey dear it’s awesome and u r right some dreams are meaningless and some clearly shws our future…
    And I loved ur a/n at last ?? especially the last line…!!
    Waiting for the next it soon and am lil bit confused too..,so I want to get cleared with the next part..
    Tc dear..!!

    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks a lot dear, the next part will be updated soon?

    1. AMkideewani

      Thank you Aleeza?

  8. Riya5794

    Hey dear..dat was an awesome and sensible thought about dream…..I loved it..

    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks a lot dear?

  9. Superb dear

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      Thanks a lot Rehna

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