My dreams (RagSan or RagLak) OS part 2

My dreams(RagSan or RagLak) OS part 2

Laksh’s pov
“Why do I always dream about this girl!” “Who is she?” “I can’t see her face, but I can hear a beautiful voice!” “She is my dream girl!” “But, I need to know who she is!” “I will find out who she is by hook or crook!” “I want her and I will have her!” Hahahahahahahah!” I laughed evilly?. “Even though I’m a married man.” “And I have my own reasons why I want that girl!” “But some dreams aren’t meant to be.” I sadly said. “What’s wrong with you Laksh, you always get what you want.”
End of his pov
Sanskar’s pov
“My dreams are never gonna be true!” “I lost my dream girl once, because of Laksh and now he will try to get my other one too!” “I hate you Laksh!” “I’m coming my dream girl and this time I won’t loose you!”
End of his pov
Ragini’s pov
“Laksh or Sanskar, I can’t have both, one is my husband and the other one is my dream man!” “But who is my husband?” “I don’t remember his name!” “I don’t remember what happened before my accident!” “Am I really married?” “I’m so confused!” “It’s so annoying!” “Please help me god!” “I need my answers!” My husband woke up and asked: “Why are you awake Sanaya?” “I don’t know, Laksh!” “Try to sleep my princess.”
A quote
“Some dreams have a meaning for the future and some are meaningless forever.” “Just make the best out of your dreams and never stop dreaming!” “Not every dream makes sense, but you have it in your hands that someday it’ll make sense.”

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