Dreams!!!..OS by Anonymous

Hello everyone! I am back with an OS but this time Sanveer OS. But Kanchi fans also plz do read it coz there is a surprise awaiting for Kanchi fans at the end of this OS.And u know what directly scrolling down the bottom of the page to know the surprise is bad manners!!
So let’s start….
A boy wakes up startled”No no plz stop. Hey hey wait.”
Garv- Arey ye Veer ko kya hua?Veer Chal jaldi se utth!!
Ram- Ye toh hona hi tha. This happens when you fall asleep while eating.( This is my own experience actually falling asleep right on dining table while dining)
Garv- Now tell Veer which girl was going to slap uh?
Veer came to his senses.He was sweating all over.
Veer- No guys I saw a beautiful girl prettier than Aishwarya her eyes were charming than Kareena and she was cuter than Katrina.
Ram- Toh? Why were u shouting then?
Veer- Coz as she was coming towards me a truck came and…….
He stopped.His eyes opened so wide that it seemed like world will go through it.Ram and Garv also looked towards where he was looking.
A girl was coming. A gorgeous girl. Her hair was tied up in high ponytail.She was wearing a white colored top and blue jeans with high stiletto heels.
As soon as Veer saw her he immediately got up and ran towards her then unexpectedly hugged her tight.
All were shocked most was the girl who was just dumbstruck.
She broke the hug and shouted- Who the hell are you? How dare u hug me like this?
Veer- Oh thanks god u are safe.I thought the truck would have…..
Girl- What truck? Hey mister ladki patane Ke liye bahana chaiye kya? All this won’t work in front of Sanchi Mishra.
Veer- Oh Sanchi? Nice name.I am Veer.Intern in SDCH.
Sanchi : Okay I am Sanchi. New Intern here
Veer: So friends?
He put his hand forward.
Sanchi also forwarded her hand shaking hands with Veer.

So the days went by. Sanchi and Veer whose relationship had begun with friendship was blossoming in the form of love but confession was yet remaining.
One day Veer thought he will confess his love.Sanchi was also thinking same.
He phoned Sanchi.
Veer-Sanchi ! I want to tell you something. Shall we meet?
Sanchi-Sure. I also have something important to tell you.
Veer- Then xyz cafe? Today 5 pm.
Sanchi – Okay.

At 5 pm. Veer was waiting at xyz cafe.
Veer- Yeh Sanchi ab tak kyun nahi aayi.
He saw Sanchi on the opposite side of road.
Sanchi shouted at top of her voice- Veeeer!!!
She was crossing the road when Veer shouted frantically- Sanchiiiii! No no stop. Hey wait wait!!
A truck was coming towards Sanchi but Sanchi didn’t hear him. She was running towards Veer.Veer ran towards Sanchi. Just as the truck was about to hit Sanchi,Veer pushed her and fell rolling on the road.Sancho could not believe her eyes.Her cute prankster Veer was lying on pool of blood.She immediately ran to him and pulled him on her lap.
Sanchi- No Veer! You can’t leave me like this.Hum saath me jiyenge saath mein marenge bhi. I love you Veer!
Veer- No Sanchi.You have to live for me.I love you so much Sanchi much more than myself. You know Sanchi I was telling about truck in our first meeting.This was it.I don’t know whether my life became a dream or my dream became my life.
Par ek Sapna se suru Hui hamari kahani Wohi Sapna se hi khatam hogayi.
( Tujhe jeena hai mere bina plays in BG)
Sanchi: No Veer!????
Veer: yes Sanchi.Now I have to go.Alvida Sanchi.Apna khayal rakhna.Kisi achchhe mujh se bhi jyaada achchhe insaan se shaadi karlena air khush rehna. Sa…..nchhhh…..
Veer closed his eyes.
Sanchi shouted Veeeeeeeeer!!!!!

2 yrs later. Sanchi married Kabir.Now they have a son named Veer.????

This was it guys.Though it is Sanveer OS,Kanchi was the end game(surprise)
If I wanted I could have made this a Kanchi OS by swapping the places of Kaveer.But being a Kanchi fan ??? I didn’t want Kabir to die.
Sorry for any typo errors.You know auto correct bores.
So now plz throw whatever you want.I am ready to catch everything with a basket.
Plz share your views.Comment plz plz plz.
Silent Readers also if possible do comment.
So bye bye.Take care!

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  1. amazing

    1. Anonymousaa

      Thank u Swetha!!

  2. Amazing dear….keep writing….it’s emotional.

    1. Anonymousaa

      Thanks Niyu.
      I’ll try to write more OS in near future.

  3. Riyarocks

    Anaa dear………finally……tumne toh mujhe heart-attack de diya tha…..ki hamari kanchi family ki member kabse sanveer par likhne lagi????…..but finally I was relieved….yaar…too good….& of course felt a little bad for veer, but anyways…achhi baat ye hai ki last main kanchi pairing ho gayi……….luv u a lot sweetuuuuuu……………

    1. Anonymousaa

      Hehe u know what Ri SDCH dekhna chhod dungi par Sanveer fan toh main kabhi nahi banungi.I didn’t want Kabir to die so only this Sanveer OS.But I am glad u liked it.
      Anyway by hook or crook I paired Kanchi as u know I am a jabra fan of Kanchi.
      Luv uh toooo tan90 my dear Ri !!!???

      1. Riyarocks

        haha……thnk God….& after knowing ki ye sanveer hone waali hai in the end….so mere taraf se sdch ko bye bye…kabhi milna na dobara….;P…..waise yaar, tumhara actual name bibechna hai kya??? pata nahi….tumne kisiko bataya tha shayad, but mujhe yaad nehi aa raha….

    2. Anonymousaa

      Wow Ri I knew that u r creative but ur memory is tooooooo good yaar.
      You are 100% correct in ur assumption.I had mentioned my real name in I suppose Yaashi’s shot.But u noticed that.I am so happy.
      But I am always going to call u Ri not Priyanka. 🙂
      About SDCH just as Sanveer marry or unite I swear I will stop watching SDCH.But I won’t stop reading and writing ffs though.

  4. Bhut sad hae yaar…..I am a kanchi fan but I love veer a lot………….

    1. Anonymousaa

      I agree it was quite sad per script ki demand thi yaar.
      I also love Veer a lot but I love Kabir the more na so u know rest.
      Anyway thanx for commenting.

  5. Niyaaa

    Hey anaa dear mujhe bhi prinku ki tarah heart attack aane wala tha nd sach kahun m directly last me jakar kanchi fans ke liye jo surprise tha woh dekhne wali thi per tumne kaha ki bad manners hota h so m gud girl.. Puri honesty k sath maine tumhara order follow kiya or isse complete padha.. Hun naa achchi sachchi bachchi main..hehehe.. Btw deari awsome os yaar per mujhe tumhare liye chinta ho rahi h kahin sanveer fan ye na bole ki kabir ko nahi marna chahte the per hamare veer ko maar dala.. Isliye m tumhari safety k liye safeguard bhejh rahi hun..my loads of blessing.. Lots of love Lots of kisses for u.. Nxt time post kanchi os with full of kanchi scene.. Pakka.. Post nxt one asap bye tc..gud ni8

    1. Anonymousaa

      Aww…..how can I give heart attack to my dear Kanchians??
      Arey wah tum toh kaafi achchhi sachchi bachchi nikli.I love u for that.( Okay I love u anyway but I live u more for that u know)
      Oh thanks a lot for ur loads of blessing.Meri suraksha toh nischit hai na ab. Now as a writer we do have that freedom to portray the characters and the script as per our will. You remember Rushi who portrayed Kanchi as siblings!! I can’t explain kitna tuti thi main usske baad.
      I will certainly think about next OS purely Kanchi one.( But it is quite difficult owing to the personal gadget related circumstances.But once it is resolved I will definitely try)
      Lots of hugs and kisses from my side too.Happy diwali and happy new year at advance!!!Bye tc!

      1. Niyaaa

        Hey anna tum bhi naa but mere sath bhi aisa hua tha jab maine rushi ka ff pdha tha sanveer ff per tab ist time maine commnt kiya tha ist nd last bhi.. Maine usse bol diya tha ki sanveer pair k uper ff likho per kanchi ko bhai behen to mat banao.. Ek pal k liye m to behosh gayi thi sachchi me nd uper se praveer ko bhi hahaha….matlab jinke bich chemistry h unhe hi siblings bana dala.. Happy diwali dear but plzz abhi se new year wish mat karo m kahin bhagne wali nahi or na hi tumhe kahin jane dene wale samjhi.. Bye

    2. Anonymousaa

      Wohi toh main soch rahi thi ki agar Kaveer ke places swap huye hote toh like Prabir and Sanveer siblings it would be great for Kanchians. But I must say story was very nice but just the pairing didn’t work for us mainly the sibling part.
      Actually my vacations are going to be over and after that we have our first terminal exam so I thought I will not be able to write or even comment in ffs in near future.
      But never mind whenever possible we both will team up even in IF and give the makers of SDCH dher saari GAALI.

      1. Niyaaa

        Hey anna m already on IF nd i know u tum bhi IF per ho as bibechana name se tumhare original name se nd m bhi apne asli naam mamta se hun.. Per m wahan jyada commnt nahi karti pta nahi kyun lekin jitna yahan m freely comfortably commnt kar pati hun wahaan nahi.. Gud ni8 nd sure jab gali dena ka competition chalega to m bhi aa rahi hun jam kar class leni h sdch makers ki itna tang karenge ki aage se youth show banane ka bhoot jo sir per chadha tha bhag jayega or sapne me bhi ye sapna nahi dekhenge..

  6. Riru

    It was really sad but awesome.

    1. Anonymousaa

      Yeah I agree it is sad but…..
      Anyway I am glad u liked it.

  7. Dhruti

    dear muje bhi riya ki tarah heart attack aaya tha…………ki kanchi ki fan hoke sanveer ke bare me likhana kabse chalu kar diya?but at the end i read last line i got relief btw os was little sad but end was superb but next time can you write ff/os/fs on kanchi with lots of kanci scenes?………..tc…..gn…..bye…………love you…………..HAPPY DIWALI AND A PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR IN ADVANCE…………….

    1. Anonymousaa

      Awww…..say tata bye bye to heart attacks. Jab tak hum jaise Kanchians yahan saath saath hai tab tak heart attack cannot even touch a single strand of hair of ours.
      I am soo happy u liked the end. I will try to post another OS full of Kanchi scenes only.
      Till then good bye take care and ya happy diwali and new year to uh too in advance.(Unfortunately our national new year falls in mid April though we do celebrate it informally.)
      Loads of love for u from my side too.

    1. Anonymousaa

      Thanx Alia !!! I am glad u liked it.

  8. Jessicca

    Amazing one dear… Outstanding… Was so heart touching ❤… Loved it to the core… Fantastic

    1. Anonymousaa

      Awww……thank u sooooooo much Jessi dear.You made my day.Luv uh a lot!!!

  9. Anee

    Wow anony..,…amazing yaaarrrr….honestly….mujhe tum ne bataya tha sanveer is kanchi pe end hoga tab se both excited thi time mila toh der hi nahi ki….fatafat pad kiya aur seriously yaar amazing kanchi end yaar….shukr hai kabir ko bacha kiya tum ne…luv u loads dead

    1. Anonymousaa

      Yeah!! Kanchi should be end pair at least at ffs if not show itself.Isn’t it?
      I am soo happy that u liked it.Thanx for commenting.Wish u a happpiest Diwali!!!
      Luv uh toooo a lot!!!

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