Your dreams are mine now(RagLak) Chapter-11

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Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Sun rays fell into the room where Ragu is sleeping peacefully hugging her pillow with a bright smile on her face. Unknown to her, preparations were going on in full swing, the whole mansion was decorated beautifully with colorful flowers. Even her room was decorated without her knowledge. She woke up smelling the sweet fragrance of flowers in her room. She was surprised but she thought it was from her only love Laksh. She took the flower in her hand and inhaled deeply. The smell made her think of her love. She took out her phone and texted him “Good morning hubby. I liked your morning surprise. Love you”. She saw the dress and ornaments which were kept in the side table and went to freshen up. She thought that he had sent the dress and she came out wearing it. She was looking so beautiful even without makeup. She looked at herself in the mirror and blushed hard. She never thought she will be this beautiful, she felt complete with his love. She had a small idol in her room and she lit the lamp and thanked for everything she has got. She lit another lamp in front of her nani’s photo and thanked nani. She felt a little sad as nani is not with her, but then a flower in the garland fell down blessing her. She came out of her room and was shocked to the core. The whole mansion was decorated and she didn’t know anything about it. She went to the kitchen and was surprised to see Swara, Disha, bua, maasi and nani with her mom. Everyone saw her and smiled at her. She went near Disha and took her out.

Disha is her mom’s 2nd sister’s daughter and RV’s sister. She is talkative girl and she enjoys life as she wish, she can’t hide anything from anyone, she blabbers even a precious secret. She is a little close to Swaragini than any other person in this world. She is 2 yrs younger to SwaraginiRV but they don’t see it as a matter and all 4 enjoy a lot together. She is the only person who can make Raman smile and she teases him to the core.

D: Hi Ragu, you are looking gorgeous. Now tell me about my jiju
R: Disha please just tell me what is happening in the house
D: Ragu I think you are kidding
R: No yaar I don’t know what’s happening here I know that you know everything you won’t hide it from your di
D: It’s your engagement buddhu
R: (Shocked) What???
D: I think it’s a surprise from my jiju, I have to say he is so romantic and I am happy that you have found your love. Ok now say me about him, how he looks, what is he doing, I think his name is Laksh Maheshwari right?
R: Yes he is Laksh Maheshwari (blushing), he is damn handsome, he helps his dad in business and he is so sweet. I love him a lot (her eyes were bright and she was extremely happy to say about him)
D: Oho see someone is blushing hard
R: Disha just shut up
D: Now that you have said me to shut up I will shout and say that you are in love. (She shouts making whole family hear) Ragini Gadodia loves Laksh Maheshwari

Ragini hurriedly went from there blushing and feeling a little embarrassed and all came to the hall hearing Disha shout and were smiling broadly. Disha stopped as she saw her jiju’s family standing outside. She signaled everyone and all went to them. Swara and Disha took blessings from everyone and Ragini was in her room thinking about her only love. She was thinking about yesterday and she was blushing so hard. When she heard a laugh she turned and saw Swara-Disha laughing like idiots and she gave them a glare. They both stopped and came near her.
S: Ragu I know you got a husband as you wished but please don’t forget me after marriage.
R: Shona why will you I forget you buddhu and Disha please tell her not be emotional otherwise I will also cry and moreover today is not my marriage and I will be with you guys for the next 2 weeks.
D: Shona, control yourself or else you will be looking like a devil in the picture. I will be posing like a model and you will be so bad in the picture. I can imagine how you will be there. (She started laughing and went from there as she know Swara will run behind her)
R: (called RV) Bhai, I said to you about my love and today he has surprised me with an engagement. I am so happy to get him. I want your blessings today… I will surely talk with everyone and I want you to be in my marriage please don’t go away before it… what how is bhabhi… how is the child… okay bhai I think someone is coming bye take care love you ask bhabhi to rest… I will talk with dad

Ragini was alone in the room, she suddenly felt someone’s presence and saw Laksh standing at the door. Her eyes showed happiness in it and when she was about to near him he disappeared. She felt cheated and she went near the mirror. She felt a hand in hair, Laksh was making her hair perfect and was looking loving at her through the mirror, when she was about to turn he disappeared. She was sad about this. Swara-Disha came back after their little fight and were seeing her expressions they thought she was like this because of them. When they went near her she became happy again. The trio hugged each other. Mishti and her 2 maasi’s came to their room and all hugged and Mishti kept a Kaala Teeka under her earlobe. They took her down. Everyone was looking at her. Laksh was speechless and he was happy to the core. Ragini saw him and was awestruck as she got the most handsome and caring husband. His eyes met with hers. They shared a brief cute eye lock which conveyed their happiness and love. She took took everyone’s blessing and was seated beside him and they felt an urge to see each other but they couldn’t as if they see each other they should be embarrassed with the humiliation by their family. They looked perfect for each other.
Dp: So, shall we start the rituals?
Shekar: Ya, we can start

They both got up from their places, Mishti and Ap bought the ring. The stage in which they were seated was fully decorated with flowers. He took the ring from his maa and rolled it in her gentle finger. She closed her eyes and she felt complete. She took the ring and saw his eyes, he is so cute and he is mine forever she thought. She rolled it in his finger and both had an eye lock. Suddenly flowers were showered above them making them come to their sense. It was Raman doing it. Ragini’s happiness knew no boundary. After blessing them all elders moved to dining hall. Youngsters (excluding Arnav as he doesn’t like this) went to Ragini’s room. They had a nice gala time pulling other’s legs. During this conversation Ragini got to know about Sanskar a friend of Raman and thought him to match Swara. Laksh and Ragini sometimes had eye locks but since they realized the surroundings they kept it short. She was blushing seeing him gaze and his happiness knew no limit. He tried hard to control his feeling but he couldn’t be silent when his love was sitting in front of him. He thought of something and smiled. He took out his phone sent a message to his love. She read it and started blushing and nodded in no which no one saw except Laksh.
L: Guys, I am hungry and I am going to eat. After being with you guys I am sure I should got to hospital as you guys have killed me making me laugh. Who all want to join me?
Raman: I am coming with you yaar
D & S: Even we are coming jiju
U: Bhai if you wouldn’t have asked I would have been down eating without you all. You have flopped my plan but no worries I am also coming.

Ragu: Bhai, I am tired I will take rest now. I will join you guys after a while.
Everyone left leaving her alone. While reaching the dining hall.
L: Arre yaar, I think I forgot the phone I will be back with it soon. You guys carry on
All nodded and left. Disha understood (actually others are dumb) and was about to say something but he stopped her and made her go with them. He went to her room and knocked the door. He was smiling like an idiot and she was blushing hard seeing him. He went near her and hugged her.
L: I don’t know whether you can marry me within 2 weeks or not but I want to be with you, I want to feel you, I want to love you, and I want to live my entire life with you. I know this will be a shock but can you do it for me. I don’t know when I fell in love with you so deeply. Even a second I couldn’t be without your thought.
R: Laksh my happiness knew no boundaries, you make me feel complete and safe. When Disha said that today was my engagement I was surprised. I love you and I am ready to marry you even now. But as a daughter I have did nothing to my family so I thought that I can marry you 2 weeks later. I have an important thing to do and I will travel with you together to Dubai.

L: You are looking so cute when you are blushing and you are making me go crazy for you.
R: Even I can’t control myself when I see you
They both had a short kiss and he went down shyly with phone. She followed him shortly. Disha saw them and was smiling thinking what would have happened but remained silent (heart attack as she won’t be like this). Both families spent time together and Laksh’s family went in the evening confirming a date for their marriage. It was fixed after 3 weeks as there wasn’t any good day till then. Everyone were happy and Ragini went to her room and wrote the beautiful story in her diary and kissed his photo in the phone. She went to bathroom to freshen up and when she came back she took her nani’s photo and hugged it. She slept in bed hugging that photo…

I hope you like it, do comment and suggestions welcomed. I am thinking to end it by Chapter 15 and what you all say?? I don’t know whether I can continue more. But if I finish I will be back with another FF soon. Guys suggestions needed for suitable song for their marriage and first night and how you want? I thought to show their marriage in a single Chap showing a little about rituals but if you say I can expand it more. Please I want answers from you guys. Bye guys…


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