Your dreams are mine now(RagLak) Chapter-10

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Chapter 10

On Thursday, Laksh asked about a long drive to Agra in bike which Ragini loved it and accepted. She finished all her works in office and went to purchase a classy salwar. She was confused in selecting, she thought to call any of her friends to help her. Just then a man of same age came near her with a surprised smile.
M: Ragini
R: (identified the voice and was so happy) Ranveer bhai!!!
RV is her cousin, actually Sumi’s sister’s son. He left his home to marry a Manipuri girl and he has cut all his connections with the whole family. She was so shocked, surprised, emotional, angry, and happy and all emotions were mixed that she don’t know how to react it. Her name is Ishaani. Of course she knows about them and she supports them though she didn’t do the same with Swara. She was close with RV from her childhood than Swara, she felt Swara to be an immature girl so she didn’t support her love.
RV: How come you are here? How are you and where is Bade maa and Bade paa?
R: (controlled her feelings) I am fine bhai. I am here on my own. I am going to get engaged and they gave me a little freedom to go with the person whom I am going to marry (blushes). Tomorrow we are going out for dinner as he is going to Dubai on Sunday. I came here to buy a dress and since I am confused I thought to call any of my friends but now there’s no need for it as you are here.
RV: So what my sweet princess want to wear to impress her would be husband?
R: I will wear Salwar only Bhai but I want it to be classy
RV:(moving towards the salwar section) Come I will help you out
R: Bhai where is Bhabhi?
RV: Offo!! I totally forgot about her seeing you. (Started to call her number from his phone) I left her in Gents section, she was searching for a suit for me. I said that I will come in a minute and it’s about half an hour, she is going to kill me into pieces tonight… Hello Ishu… What… Please listen baby I met Ragini… In Salwar section… Come here now… (Kept his phone back in his pocket) She is impossible Ragu
R: Hahaha bhai don’t worry I will console bhabhi, she is my friend and she will listen to me.
RV: Please I can be saved only by you
Ishaani came there. She had a belly in front.
R: Hi bhabhi. How are you? How many months?
I: (hugging her and glaring RV) I am fine dear, 7 months. You know what your idiot brother doesn’t even care for me. He left me alone in this store.
R: Bhabhi actually sorry. He did like this because of me. You know about Bhai right, if he sees me he forgets everything. But please forgive him this time. (She keeps puppy face) Please bhabhi for me.
I: (thought for a while) Okay Ragu but in a condition.

RV: Baby I can do anything for the sake of you and now my child. But please forgive me.
I: You should buy me lots and lots of Chocolates, Ice-creams, Teddy bears, Pani-puris and what all I ask and whenever I ask.
RV: (shocked) what… (Trembling) Okay fine baby I will do as you say. Now at least smile and hug me.
I: (smiled and hugged him) Baby, why is Ragu a little shy now?
RV: My princess is going to get married. (Ragu is blushing)
I: Really Ragu who is the lucky person? He will be my Bhai and I will see you both after I group up with him.
R: He is Laksh Maheshwari, dad’s friend. He has finished his Masters in Psychology and he is helping his dad in family business. We have said yes to marriage but since we asked some time to spend with each other, engagement is delayed. We are going to have dinner together tomorrow after a long drive. (Blushes)
I: Oho someone is blushing thinking of her sweetheart.
R: Bhabhi, please (turning red as tomato) don’t tease me and help me to select a dress to wear tomorrow.
I: Okay dear
They helped her select a wonderful salwar (if anyone want to imagine it link is here). They had dinner together and enjoyed a lot with each other. She exchanged the phone numbers and returned home. She was planning to do anything for the sake of her bhai-bhabhi. She slept peacefully.

Next morning, Ragu waked up happily. She went to office and wrapped her work by afternoon and went to parlor by 4:30 to have a little makeup. They were to meet in her home @ 5:30. She came home by 5:15 and thought to say that she is ready.
R: (speechless)
L: Hello Ragu
R: H… Hello Laksh
L: I am coming there are you ready?
R: Ya, I am waiting for you only.
L: Will be reaching in 5 minutes
R: Okay bye…
She went to her room and kept watching herself in the mirror and thought whether she is the perfect person for him and whether she is looking beautiful. She was lost in the thoughts of him when she heard a horn sound and she went till her balcony and saw Laksh in blue coat-suit. She went down with her handbag and sat behind him and hugged him tightly. He was mesmerized seeing her and when he felt her hug he was taken aback but enjoyed it. They drove in silence. Both had helmets in their head but could talk a lot with their closeness. She felt safe in his arms and he was happy to get her as his life partner. It was getting dark and her face was getting brighter. She was blushing and stared at him through mirror lovingly. He felt her gaze on him. They reached Agra in about 7 in the evening. Taj Mahal was closed and she felt sad but suddenly the gates opened. She was surprised to see it as she know that Friday they won’t open up for visitors. He went to the manger and talked for some time and came back with a smile on his face. I kept seeing him and he was approaching towards me. He stood in front of me and was about to lean front when
R: Laksh why are we here?
L: Surprise
R: Surprise??
L: Hmm… come with me (he takes her to the backside of Taj Mahal)
She had no words to say what she felt. The place had the backside of Taj Mahal and there were 2 tables kept with dishes in it and everything was red in color. There were few musicians playing a love song in their instruments and suddenly Laksh knelt down in front of me. I was shocked.
L: Ragini I don’t know where to start or I have no words to say the feel when I am with you, you make me complete. I know you have faced few problems in your past but I will never make you sad even when I am angry with you. I know psychology but I will never hurt you. The day when mom said that she was going to your parents place to ask for your alliance I thought you weren’t the one for me. Mom said that you were a traditional girl but when I saw your photo I kept seeing you. You disturbed my mind. I have seen many girls but no one is beautiful as you are. It was difficult for me to work with your thoughts in my mind. The day when I met you I didn’t know whether you were comfortable with me. You are so sweet and I made loved your view point in everything. You are two-minded person but you will not be like that after being with me. I think I am blessed to have you. You are child at heart and an adult in mind. I love you. Will you marry me? From your eyes I know it’s a yes but I want to hear it from you.
Ragini had tears of joy, surprise, love, compassion, satisfaction. She nodded
R: I love you Laksh and yes I am ready to marry you

She went towards him and both hugged each other. They were like that for about 15 minutes but they didn’t know the time. Both felt complete and safe in each other’s arms. He broke the hug and saw her eyes. He asked her hand and both danced for the song Ishq wala love from Student of the year. She was beyond happy and he bent forward to kiss her but she tilted her head making him kiss her cheek. She kept blushing like that. He felt sad and he made her look into her eyes. They had a cute eye lock and when she was immersed in his eyes he kissed her lips making her accept it. She tried to break it but she was also waiting for this moment, she accepted it and both were in other world. Both parted and was breathing heavily. She became red and he became tempted. Both had a sweet smile on their faces. He took her to the table set there and made her sit in it. He pulled out a gift box from the table and handed it over to her. She was surprised and opened it. It was a platinum necklace with RagLak written in it. She took his hands and kissed it. He made her wear it. They both sat by the side in the ground and she rested her head in his shoulders and their eyes were fixed in Taj Mahal and hands were twined with each other’s. It was about 8:30 and she realized it and said the same to him. They went back to the chair but both their eyes and hands were locked. They both had dinner. Both fed each other. After dinner, she kissed him in his cheek and he kissed in her forehead.
L: Your dreams are mine now dear
R: I love you
L: I love you
They started @ about 10. She hugged him tightly from behind and kept her head in his shoulders. He drove the bike fast and safe. It was about to be 12 when they reached her home. She was sad as she is going to miss him for the next 2 weeks. She bid him bye with a kiss in his cheek and went back. He smiled to himself and went back home. Both love birds slept peacefully in their own rooms.

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