Your dreams are mine now……SwaSan Os by Hinata

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Characters will be introduced as the story goes on. Its a long is so read with patience. Happy reading?

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Today’s mrng is quite different from the other day’s as the sun is relaxing. It’s shady outside. But the difference is not only in the weather….. Today is going to bring a huge change in someone’s life.
Beep!! Beep!!
Beep!! Beep!!
The alarm clock continues to make the sound until it is switched off by sm1.
We can see a lady of mid 40’s entering the room.
Lady sees the person sleeping n smiles. Suddenly she remembers smthng n starts to shout at the person whoz sleeping.
Lady: Shona( yes guys its our angel Swara) wake up fast….U’hv to board the train.
Swara wakes up with a jerk.
Swara: Ooo….Maa I totally forgot it…U should hv wake me up early na
Shomi: Enough my Nautanki…..the alarm is ringing from 15 mins…n ur saying I didn’t wake u up..(pulling her ears)
Swara: (fake cry) ahhhh…maa its paining…
Shomi:( worriedly) Is it hurting a lot…I’m Sry Shona..
Swara: (laughing) I was joking…saying this she runs into the washroom before Shomi catches her.
Shomi:(smiling) Pagal ladki.

After sometym Swara is seen standing near the gate of her home carrying bags…Shomi cms there n feeds her dahi cheeni(curd n sugar) as it is auspicious. Then her whole family that includes her parents n a younger brother, Ayush who studies in 7th std accompany her to the railway station.

At Railway station

Swara sits in her seat n arranges her bags…This is the first tym that she is going away from her family….All gets emotional….
Shomi: Shona eat properly n take care of urself (saying so she hugs her n kisses her forehead)
Swara hugs her n cries.
Ayush: Di all the best n I know that u will be the topper of this clg also….study well n take care…I’ll miss u (hugs Swara n cries)
Swara breaks the hug n goes to shekhar n hugs him
Shekhar: Beta take care of urself… well…we all will miss u…..Saying so the family shares a group hug..
Meanwhile the announcement is made n Swara bids bye to evry1… All wish her best of luck…

2 days later…..

She’s just arrived to the Mumbai Railway station. She boards a taxi to her hostel which is located in her clg campus….

After 30 minutes…..

Swara is seen standing in front of her clg …..she always dreamt of joining this clg as it is ranked as one of the top colleges of India. She has worked hard for this day and atlast she’s got the fruit of her hardwork. Swara takes a deep breath inhaling the freshness of the campus.
Swara:(to herself)
Welcome to ur dream clg Swara…..smiles n goes to her hostel. It was evng when she reached the clg. She was soon allotted the room,given the keys n was directed towards the room by the warden. She was very happy as her room was in ground floor so she doesn’t have to carry it on the stairs. She smiled looking at the room. It was a sweet room with 2 beds, 2 almirahs n 2 study tables. She was said by her warden that she had to share the room n her roommate would be arriving in smtym. She quickly started arranging the room. Thn she heard the knock on the door. It was her roommate. She was wearing a beautiful blue knee length dress. From her attire one can cmpltly say that she was very rich. The girl entered the room along with her driver who was carrying her luggage. He kept her luggage on the floor n left.
Girl: Hi I’m Ragini Khanna…n u??( guyz its our Ragini)
Swara: Hi I’m Swara… Nice to meet u.
They spoke for smtym Thn slept. But sleep was away from Swara as she was very excited. But after a few hours she slept.

Nxt day….
We can see Swara getting ready as Ragini had already left. Swara n Ragini were both here for there MBA. But as Ragini already had a few frnds there she left early. Swara got ready. She was wearing a beautiful pink anarkali n was looking gorgeous. She soon left for the clg.

In the college….
All the students were welcomed wholeheartedly by their teachers n seniors. Their seniors had arranged a spcl program for the 1st years which included dance, music band, mime acts etc…. All hd a lot of fun. Swara made a few frnds too. The classes were to begin from the Nxt day. As the party got over all left to their respective houses. Swara cm back to the hostel. She was in a hurry. She soon took a small plastic bag when to the garden. The garden of the hostel was really huge n beautiful. She went to a particular place n started digging the ground. Few men who were walking by the road saw this n came near her. A man came n stood before her folding his hands across his chest. She noticed sm1 standing in front of her n got up. A man with a well built body, fair complexion stood in front of her.
Man:(seriously) Why r u digging the ground??
Swara: (nervously) Wo…actually…I…
Man: Can u plz say clearly.
Swara: (In one go) Wo I’m planting a tulsi plant here.
Man: Here there are so many plants n trees. Then why r u planting this. Aren’t these many plants enough for giving u fresh air. The other men standing with him begin laughing. While he was serious.
Swara: Its my first day in this campus n it will be the first day on this campus for this plant too. ( smiled n looked towards the plant) For the Nxt few years as I grow here. I also want to see this plant grow with me. This plant is the symbol of my DREAMS. I wanna take care of it. One day I’ll leave this campus. And this plant will remain here. Evn when I’m gone.
The man without saying anything along with his frnds left from there. Swara too came to her room n was waiting for Ragini. After few minutes Ragini came, they both hd their dinner, spoke for a while n then slept.

The festivities were over n finally the syllabus began. Swara started to conc on her studies. After a few weeks while going back to hostel Swara saw smthng on the notice board which made her eyes twinkle. There was a music audition to be held for the selection of clg music band. The auditions were to be held the Nxt day at after the classes in the music room.
Swara came to her room n started to select the song which she will sing for the audition. Soon Ragini entered the room n saw Swara thinking smthng deeply.
Ragini: What happen Swara?? In whose thoughts are u lost(naughtily)
Swara: Ragini….its nothing lyk tat..I was just selecting a song for the audition.
Ragini:(confused) Audition??
Thn Swara said her everything. She also said her that she was very much interested in music n hd also won several prizes for the same in Kolkata. They spoke for smtym then Ragini said smthng which shocked Swara.
Swara: (shocked) Ragini are u serious??
Ragini:(without any tension) yes I’m
Swara: But hw did u bring him here??
Ragini: By the door n winks
Swara: Ragini ur kidding ryt…I mean hw can u bring Laksh to our room.
Ragini: I said u I bought him here by the door…..Swara glares angrily at her.
Ragini: Kk sry…. Actually the warden wasn’t around n also for ur info there r no cameras installed in ground floor so it was easy to bring him here.
( Guys Laksh is Ragini’s boyfriend. He’s in MBA 2nd year. N plays basketball along with Ragini)
Swara was hell shocked by Ragini’s courage.

Nxt day…..
The Nxt day in CLG was very hectic. Swara had some prblm in economics so her teacher which is Professor Dp Maheswari asked her to come to the staff room tmrw after the classes. Soon all the classes got over n now it was tym for the audition.
Swara reached the Music room few minutes earlier. The current band members were setting all the things for the audition. Seeing Swara has come earlier they asked her to help them if she wish. Swara happily agreed to them n started helping them. After 10 minutes all the students came. Their were a total of 7 students who turned up for the auditions. There were only 2 girls including Swara who came there for audition. Soon the band members introduced themselves but their lead singer was missing. After few minutes we can see a person entering the music class. He was damn handsome n was wearing white tee, black jacket n blue jeans. He was wearing sunglasses.
Person: Sry guys I’m late. (he said making cute faces) Swara turned n was shocked to see the person. It was the same prsn whom she met in the garden.
Person: so guys I’m Sanskar… The lead singer of this band..
Swara was double shocked now. But soon she composed herself as the band was going to start their performance. Evry1 took their positions n started their song. The guitarist n the tabla players did a fantastic job. Sanskar had combined both Indian n Western music together on the song “Kabhi Jo Basal Barse”
The music band performed very well n Swara was awestruck by Sanskar’s singing. She could feel all the lyrics. After 5 mins or so,when the song ended everyone gave the band a thundering applause. Soon after the performance the auditions begin. All the students were singing beautifully but Sanskar was not so happy. Now it was tym for the last performance which was Swara’s. Swara was hell nervous as evry1 were looking at her. She was supposed to sing along with the instruments. A member from the band came forward with a guitar n went to Swara. She said him the song which she’s gonna sing. Nw it was tym for the performance. Both took their place. Swara stood in her place n was looking very nervous so she closed her eyes n took a deep breath. She was standing in front of the mike with her eyes closed. Sanskar thought that she’s not gonna sing so he got up from his seat n hd just taken a few steps when he heard a melodious voice. He turned n saw Swara singing the song.


main jaan ye vaar doon
har jeet bhi haar doon
keemat ho koi tujhe 
beintehaa pyaar doon

(I’ll give this life,
lose every victory,
whatever be the price,
I’ll give you limitless love..)

Swara slowly opened her eyes and was smiling while singing the song.

saari hadein meri, ab maine tod di
dekar mujhe pataa awaargi ban gaye..

(I’ve broken all my barriers now,
having given me the address, you became wandering..)

Sanskar was just smiling looking at her.

haan hansi ban gaye
haan nami ban gaye
tum mere aasmaan
meri zameen ban gaye

(you have become (my) laughter, 
you have become the wetness (of my eyes), 
you have become my sky 
and my earth..)

kya khoob rab ne kiya
bin maange itna diya
warna hai milta kahaan
hum kaafiron ko khuda

(what a wonder god has done,
has given me so much without even asking,
otherwise where do unbelievers like us
get god..)

hasratein ab meri tumse hain jaa mileen
tum duaa ab meri aakhiri ban gaye

(my wishes have now gone to meet you,
you have now become my last prayer..)

haan hasi ban gaye
haan nami ban gaye
tum mere aasmaan
meri zameen ban gaye….

(you have become (my) laughter, 
you have become the wetness (of my eyes), 
you have become my sky n my earth….)

Sanskar was immersed in her enchanting voice so much that he didn’t notice that she had finished the song . He came back to his senses by the sound of claps. All were praising Swara for her skills. Whereas Sanskar was just standing n smiling. The audition got finished and Swara was selected as the female lead singer of the band.
Soon all left the music room except the band members and Swara. Sanskar came towards Swara.
Sanskar: U sing really nice.
Swara:(shy n smiling) Thank you. N soon all left to their respective places

Nxt day……
The classes got over. And Swara was heading towards Prof. Dp’s cabin to clear a doubt. She reached the cabin but was not able to find anyone there. She scanned the whole floor n found that there was no one there except her. As she was still searching for Prof. Someone called her from behind. It was the peon.
Peon: What are u dng here??
Swara: Actually I came here to meet Prof. Dp but he’s nowhere .
Peon: Beta, maybe he left home earlier.
Swara: Kk..thank u kaka. Just Thn her phone rings. Its from her home.
Swara: Hello
Ayush: Hi Di!! How r u?
Swara wasn’t able to hear him clearly.
Swara: hello…hello
Thn the line got disconnected.
Peon: Beta, Go to that way n talk. Here the signal is not good.
Swara:(smiles) Thank you kaka.
Swara goes in the direction which the peon asked her to go.
It was a dark corrider on the other side of the building.On reaching there she heard some voices from a classroom.
Swara went in the direction of the voice n stopped near the window of a classroom. Luckily the window was a bit open. She just peeped through the window. And from the narrow gap in between the panes of the window she saw smthng that shook her.
She saw a girl standing in front of a man. The man was sitting at the edge of the bench. She couldn’t see the face on the girl. Then she saw the man touching her back lustfully and trying to move his hand inside her tee. But the girl wasn’t relucting. She was just standing lyk a statue with tears flowing down her cheeks. And what shocked her more was that the man was none other than Prof. Dp.
Swara was really scared. She knew that she had no business in this and this could be dangerous to her. She tried to run but stopped. She remembered her dad’s words” Stand for the right thing”. And that’s it she knew wat she had to do. She again went near the window, took her phone, switched on the camera zoomed it and started recording the shameful act. She recording it in such a way that only Prof. Dp’s face was visible. In a couple of minutes she filmed the happenings inside the room. Then she went to the end of the corridor from where she had come n once again started walking towards the same window. Thn she made noise by tapping her feet to the ground such that it could be heard by the ppl in the classroom. Then she took out her phone n started talking to herself. She was speaking loud enough to be heard in this fake conversation.
Swara: (loudly) Hey I’m in the building. Why don’t u guys come here?? Here the rooms r also empty.
Thn she again resumed the conversation.” Wait there I’m coming down” saying so she again tapped her fleets loudly n went down. She his herself behind a large pillar n was waiting for the girl n Dp to cm. Soon the girl came down n now her face was clearly visible. Swara quickly went from there before sm1 see her. Thn she saw Dp going out of the campus.
After smtym…
Swara was very restless. She was walking impatiently in the room. Just then Ragini came. She saw Swara tensed n became worried.
Ragini:(worried) What happen Swara?? Y r u so tensed?? Any problem?
Swara explained everything to Ragini. Wat she saw in The room, how she took video etc..
Ragini was totally shocked. She didn’t expect it from Prof. Dp as he was one of the most famous lecturer of the clg. Then Swara said her that she wants to expose Dp. Ragini was reluctant. She advised Swara not to get involved in these things. But Swara made her realise that they should expose him. Today its that girl, tmrw it may be others. Someone should take a stand so why can’t they. At last swara was successful in making Ragini agree.

Swara tried hard to find the girl. At last after 3 days she found her. She went directly to the girl n made frndship with her. She then asked her to come to her hostel today. She came to know that the girl was from arts section first year. At the evng when the girl came to Swara’s room, Ragini was already present there. The trio then did some chit chat. The girl’s name was kavita. Then after smtym Swara asked her about Dp. On hearing his name she started sweating. Swara asked her tell her what’s the matter. Ragini too insisted.
Swara:(concerned) Kavita plz don’t be afraid. Me and Ragini are with u. Plz speak up.
But kavita was just crying. After a lot of convincing she finally answered.
Kavita:(crying) Swara u know everything, what he was trying to do with me.
Swara: Yeah….I know it…but why weren’t u relucting……
Kavita:(scared) Bcoz….he..only..did…my..admission… It was possible only due to him..
Ragini: (confused) Kavita I’m not understanding… I mean what is his role in ur admission??
Kavita:(crying) I had scored good marks…but I didn’t get seat in this clg……as it was already filled…so I was rejected….Prof. Dp had seen me several ryms here as I was here to speak with the principal…. I was really sad after I was said that I cannot get a seat here… While I was returning back to home Dp called me said me that he will talk to the principal n will also request him to give me the seat along with scholarship. As he is very influencial,with his help I got admitted to this clg. New he’s taking advantage of this n forcing himself on me.
Swaragini were shocked hearing this. They were wondering how can sm1 get so low. Both were very angry on Dp.
Swara: But y aren’t u complaining??
Kavita: He warned me that if I open my mouth he’ll destroy me…He said he will get me out of this clg n also I’ll hv to pay the clg a hefty amount. He said he’ll not let me to got admitted to other clg.
Kavita was crying a lot. Swaragini were trying hard to calm her.

Nxt day…
Kavita asked Swara to come to the nearby coffee shop. She said she has to discuss smthng. When Swara reached there she saw Sanskar sitting with kavita. He was looking very serious. Swara went to their table.
Swara: Hi
Kavita: Hi, Sry Swara I couldn’t inform u that Sanskar has also come….Actually he’s like my brother. So I said the whole matter to him.
Sanskar: We should all think of some solution quickly. Swara do you have any evidence??
Swara: Yeah….I hv recorded everything I saw..wait
Swara took out her phone n showed the video to SanKav. Sanskar closed his fist in anger.
Sanskar: (angrily) I’ll not leave that bastard.
Let’s meet tmrw at the same tym here. I’ll call sm of my frnds who can help us.
Swakav: Yeah..
Sanskar: Kavita u leave…I hv to speak to swara.
Kavita: Kk…bye
Swasan after bidding bye to kavita.
Swara: What u wanna speak to me??
Sanskar: Kavita has said me everything. But it will be good if u say me clearly wat u saw.
Swara: Kk……and starts narrating the while thing. After finishing it
Sanskar: (determined) we’ll hv to teach this Dp a good lesson.
Swara:(determined) Ya..
After smtym both left the cafe. Swara asked Ragini to accompany her. She agreed n also says that she’ll bring Laksh also.

Nxt day…..
After the classes all of them met at the music room. Sanskar came along with his frnds Nikhil n sahil.
Sahil: Guyz I know everything. N I think we cannot easily make Dp confess about all this.
Sanskar : Then wat should we do??
Laksh: I hv a plan… why not upload the video on internet.
Swara: yeah…I think its best…through internet the video can reach to evry1.
Ragini: But we must all be very careful…..we hv to upload it with an anonymous id.
Nikhil: I can do it….n we’ll also submit a cd of this to a local news channel. To get trp they’ll telecast it n will also claim that they have done the sting operation on Prof.Dp. N don’t worry I’ll deliver it to them n will also write in a letter to telecast it. Like this we’ll not be involved too.
Sahil: Yeah…I know an internet cafe which is out of the city n also there are no cameras there. Let’s go there tmrw.
Sanskar: That’s good…first let’s check the video once again n edit it if there r glances of kavita.
Swara: Yeah..
They did the Editting. Later Sanskar asked Swara her no. She was bit uncomfortable. Sensing it he gave her his no. and asked her to call him whenever needed. Swara took his no. n smiled to him. He too smiled back.
Nxt day as planned they went to the cafe n uploaded the video. Within hours it became viral. N as nikhil said the local news channel claimed that the video was made by them. All the students started protesting. Dp was rusticated from the college. Thn Swara filed an FIR against Dp. He was taken into custody immediatly. Evry1 were angry on Swara as she didn’t inform Thn about lodging an FIR. She said them that a lawyer suggested that sm1 should lodge the complaint or else Dp will not go behind the bars. He also said that as a citizen of India she can file a complaint. She also said that she had discussed it with her dad n he too approved her.

After this incident Dp was in jail. Swara n Sanskar became frnds.
During the vacations when all left for hone including Ragini Swara was left alone. She couldn’t go as her family had gone to Delhi for an emergency. Swara decided to go to the nearby temple. She asked few girls in the hostel who too didn’t go to their home for vacation to accompany her but none agreed. So she went alone to the temple. At the entrance of the temple she met Sanskar. She was very happy as there was sm1 to give her company. He said his home was here only. He also invited her to his home to hv home style food cooked by his mother. She accepted it n went to his home in his bike.

His house was quite big. Then she met his mom who was busy cooking. She took her blessing n was speaking to her. Sanskar was just observing her. The way she talks…the way she smiles…the way she tucks back the strand of hair falling on her face…… He wasn’t able to take his eyes off her. He was just lost in her. He came to senses when his mom said the food was ready. They all had a good tym. Swara thanked Sanskar’s mom n hugged her. Thn she left to the hosterl with Sanskar. Before entering the hostel she thanked Sanskar. He asked her if she would lyk to go around the city with him. She agreed.

For the Nxt few days they went all around the city. They both began to love each others company. Thn one day Sanskar said her that he has to go to pune for 3 days to attend his cousin’s wedding.
Those 3 days were lyk hell for both of them. But they stayed in touch through phone calls n msgs. Both realized that they are in love with each other.

Finally they met after 3 days. Sanskar took Swara to the sea shore.
Swara: Sanskar what are ur dreams??
Sanskar: (confused) Dreams y suddenly
Swara: just asked…. U know I was very much afraid when I saw u for the first tym.
Sanskar: Yea…..u were hell nervous.
Swara: I was really scared of u at that tym.
Sanskar:(looking into her eyes n sweetly) N now?
Swara: (smiles) I’m not afraid…Sanskar smiles.
Swara: Do u think dreams can be fulfilled on our own??
Sanskar: No, I think they can be fulfilled when we have our love with us.
Sanskar: Kk Swara what r ur dreams??
Swara: My dreams ?
Sanskar: Yes
Swara: My dreams are simple…I wanna do well in my academics…make my parents proud..and… paused for smtym.. and I want to see you by my side…I want to spend the rest of life with u…My dream is to grow old with u…to stand by ur side in all the walks of life….I want to always be in ur embrace……
Sanskar stood numb. He couldn’t digest the fact that Swara had just confessed her feelings for him. Not getting any response Swara just said..” That’s what my DREAM is”……After a few seconds Sanskar looked into Swara’s eyes lovingly n said,” YOUR DREAMS ARE MINE NOW” and took her in his embrace….tears of happiness made there way through Swara’s cheeks. Sanskar felt smthng wet in his chest. Thn he found that Swara is crying. He looked into her eyes,wiped her tears n nodded no. She smiled back.
After spending tym together Sanskar dropped Swara to her hostel. Nxt day was 31st December. So both decided to spend the whole day with each other.

Nxt day……
The Nxt day both of them enjoyed a lot. At the end of the day they came to a nearby park. Not park it was lover’s garden. It was night tym but as it is new year so Swara took permission from the warden. They were silent n were just walking holding each others hand. As it was nyt time there were not many ppl there. Sanskar took out a gift for Swara. It was a heart shaped pendant on which SS was written. He made her wear it. Swara’s happiness knew no bounds. She just hugged Sanskar n thanked him. He too hugged back. After few minutes both broke the hug. But still Sanskar’s hands were around Swara’s waist n Swara’s were around his neck. Swara was a bit afraid so she closed her eyes. Sanskar started advancing towards her. She could feel his hot breath on her face. She bent down her head in shyness. Sanskar smiled n made her face up by holding her chin. They had a passionate eye lock. Then they started cmng close to each other. Only an inch gap was left between their lips. Then Swara as a signal closed her eyes n parted her lips a little. Then Sanskar placed his rough lips on her juicy petals. They kissed each other passionately. Their kiss was broken due to the sound of fire crackers. Swara kept he head on Sanskar’s shoulder. They wished each other” Happy New Year”.

Nxt day all the students were cmng back to campus. Swara was very happy as Ragini came. She told her about her and Sanskar’s relationship. Ragini was very happy for them.

Like this the first year passed. Now Swaragini were in their second year. But they were unaware of the storm which was going to destroy their lives. Here they were celebrating their love and frndship. But in the jail Dp came to know that Swara had filed the complaint. He promised himself that he would take revenge. For a few days due to bad health of one his family member Dp was out of jail.

After few days……
Swara is seen standing outside the hostel. She was waiting for Sanskar. Actually today he was going to introduce Swara to his mom as his girlfrnd. Sanskar asked Swara to wear the same pink anarkali in which he saw her for the first tym. Swara did as he said. Swara was just looking so beautiful. Then suddenly a car came in front of Swara. 2 goons came out of the car n pulled Swara inside. Swara didn’t have tym to react as it all happened in a nick of tym. Swara was struggling in the car. She was trying to shout but the goons held her mouth tightly. She starred to protest but they slammed her head to the car so hard that her head stated to bleed n she fainted. Here Sanskar was searching for Swara. He knew that Swara wouldn’t do this late. So he called Ragini and asked her. But she said that Swara left early. Then both Rags an became worried n searched everywhere for her but she was no where to be found. An auto rickshaw driver who was standing their informed him that he saw smthng strange. He felt lyk sm1 just pulled a girl in a car. But as he was drunk he’s not sure. The driver also said they maybe the girl was wearing a pink dress. Now Sanskar was really scared. Ragsan reported the matter to the nearby police station.
On the other hand when Swara opened her eyes she saw herself lying in the pool of blood which was cmng from her head. Swaragot up only to find the 4 goons drinking n looking at her lustily. She was really scared. She was shouting for help. But there was no one in sight coz it was an abandoned home in a village away from the city. They started advancing towards her. As she was hurt she was feeling drowsy n fell down. But she was conscious. She tried to protest but it was of no use. Those beasts took away her dignity. This happens until all of them weren’t satisfied. Swara lay there like a lifeless body. Her clothes were torn. After fulfilling their lust those beast took an alcohol bottle n broke it on Swara’s head. She lay their unconscious. They assumed her to be dead n left the place. As they left a few villagers were cmng back home from work through that way. They saw a car leaving the place. So they thought to check the house once. As they stepped in they couldn’t believe their eyes they immediately called police and the ambulance.

Nxt day in hospital….

After the medical tests it was confirmed to be a rape. Ragsan reached the hospital. They were devasted to learn the fact that Swara was raped. Ragini called Swara’s parents n said them that she has met with an accident. As shae didn’t have the courage to tell them the truth.
After a few hours they reached Mumbai (by flight)
They came directly to the hospital. When they came to know the truth they were shattered. They were crying vigorously. Ragsan were trying to calm them. For a while Ayush stood there numb. Sanskar asked Ragini to take him to the canteen. Ragini took him there. Ragini n Sanskar’s parents too came in the hospital. Doctors said that Swara’s health is getting worse. Now this news had become viral everywhere. But her identity wasn’t revealed. Entire India was praying for her.
The Nxt day doctor asked Swara’s family to collect her clothes. As they were sad Sanskar went to collect the clothes. He started to cry when he saw the condition of her clothes. They were torn into pieces and stained in blood. He cursed himself for not being able to save her from those beasts. Then his eyes fell on the pendant which he gifted her. She nvr separated it from her. He took those things in bag, went to her parents handed them the clothes but not the pendant.

After 3 days…..
Swara took her last breathe in the hospital. But Sanskar knew that those beasts had ripped her soul into shreads at that very day. Swara’s body was handed to her parents to perform her last rites. Ragini n Sanskar supported them in this miserable condition. Tears were flowing from everyone’s faces. At last her last rites were done n her parents took her remains to immerse in the Holy Ganga.

After the incident Sanskar couldn’t sleep nor he could concentrate on anything. His mother came to know that he loved Swara.
The goons were caught by the police n were given the punishment of death. They also confessed that they did so in the sayings of Dp. Dp was announced life imprisonment.

2 days after Swara’s death Sanskar was in his bed reading their msgs n smiling. But soon those smiles were replaced by silent sobs. Suddenly Sanskar remembered smthng he saw the tym it was 5 am so he took his car and headed towards Swara’s hostel.
After a journey of 30 mins he was standing there. Just a few inches away from Swara’s tulsi plant. The plant had developed branches n hd many flowers blossomed. Sanskar remembered their first meeting n tears made their way through his eyes. He was reminded of her words,” THIS PLANT IS THE SYMBOL OF MY DREAMS” He dug the ground, n took the plant in a polythene bag. He drove the car back to his home.
He planted the tulsi plant in his garden n smiled.

There was a huge round of applause in the hall.
Reporter 1: Wow…Mr. Verma u have written it beautifully
(Guys its a press conference of the book)
Mr. Verma: Thank you so much.
Reporter 2: I guess now its clear to all of us…
Mr. Verma: The reason behind the success of ur book.
Reporter 3: Yes, its really incredible ur first book has 1 million copies sold out. It has made its way as the best seller in just a week after its launch.
Reporter 3: Is this story related to ur personal life??
Mr. Verma: That I leave to my readers. (Smiles)

After an hour the press conference got over….

Mr. Verma entered his home. He directly went to his room n stood in front of a picture…
Mr. Verma:(to the picture) Swara….. Are u happy today?? See I hv fulfilled ur dream….
He took out smthng from the drawer below that picture. It was the SS pendant.
( It’s our Sanskar, his full name is Sanskar Verma)
Sanskar sees the pendant n smiles.

He goes to his garden near the tulsi plant. It has developed many branches and flowers. Sanskar was reminded of Swara’s words. Then he remembered smthng….


Once Swara had come to Sanskar’s home. She saw a book in his table. It consisted some stories written by him. As Sanskar hd gone to the market to bring sm stuff, she read all his stories. They were amazing.

That evng they went near that tulsi plant. Swara took his notebook from her bag and gave it to him.
Sanskar:(confused) Hw did u get it??
Swara: From ur room… Sanskar can I ask u smthng??
Sanskar: From when did u start asking me permission??…… Hugged her n said plz ask.
Swara: Do u wanna be a writer??
Sanskar: yeah…
Swara:(looking into his eyes) Thn nw its my dream to see u as a successful writer………will u fulfill it??
Sanskar smiles n nods yes. N hugs her more tightly. She too reciprocates.


Sanskar caressed the plant and said with a smile,” I’hv fulfilled ur dream and will always do Swara. They r reason I’m living coz YOUR DREAMS ARE MINE NOW”………


A/N: Thank u so much for reading my story. Pardon me for the mistakes. One humble request all the readers plz do comment. Plzzzz. Positive or negative plz share ur views.

Thank you,
Love u all..

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  1. Asha

    hinana sissy your story was awesome but i wanted to mention one thing please here after don’t write like girl being raped in your upcoming stories if i had hurt with my comment sorry.. i just felt this was the disadvantage in your story and i have not only said this comment only to you i have told this to someone also ,as i felt snatching someone’s dignity is a cruel thing and writing it in words we can do it but still i think we shouldn’t write stories on this…i am just typing what i felt after reading this if any means i had hurt you i am sorry /with litle monkey face /
    and i loved sanskar’s character very much

  2. Simin

    Omg dear
    Thats really emotional
    Cant say anything
    Keep writing

  3. an awsm one n emotional too rula diya mujhe….this is somewhat like nirbhaya’s case n i’m happy that finally after 4.5 yrs she got justice..

  4. Snow-White

    Your concept was goodd but i think u should not use the rape concept it was not needed.. but let it bee it was nice ?

  5. very emotional..loved

  6. It is awesome and it made me emotional

  7. Tamil

    Amazing…….so emotional……

  8. nice…emotional..

  9. Nandhininandhu

    Who ever comment or not but this needs more comment such a nice story love ur writing skills

  10. Heart wrenching….. But really nice and thoughtfully written….feeling really sad for swara…however you have portrayed the sensitive issue in such a beautiful manner that girl’s dignity here is not tarnished, but reached the pinnacle of respect in all sense….God bless you and keep writing….hope to get more from you….

    1. One more thing, the concept is very realistic,but the problem with this is that some people will get a vibe that a girl should be rap*d for taking revenge or punishing….this will become a common thing…I know you wanted to portray here that a victim of ra*e should not be disrespected ,because their soul is pure,heart is pure,nothing about them indicates to impurity,but those who do this heinous thing are the impurities of society, their heart,soul,thinking is impure…they should be bashed,banned from society………. But as u have depicted ra*e as a way of taking revenge…people with dirt in their mind will pick up that concept only will not consider the good thing you are trying to convey through this…u have got a really good writing skill….so just don’t portray ra*e like this…..just an advice….sorry if I have hurt you….

  11. Nagamanasa

    Awesome dear…it’s too emotional..loved it

  12. Seebu_s

    emotional…loved it dear

  13. Amazing… And very emotional love it.

  14. I think this is a novel by ravinder singh

  15. Sus

    Awesome dear

  16. Phoniex

    Very very heart wrenching

  17. Love it dear

  18. Praju

    Awesome but u made me cry

  19. Simi

    Heart wrenching

  20. Mica

    uugghhh it’s painful..can’t stop crying

  21. awesome n so emotional

  22. Pramudi

    It’s painful. I didn’t like the rape part.
    Do write more dear. And me too love Siddharth a lot. ?

  23. Vyshu10


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