Your dreams are mine now (RagLak) Chapter-9

Hi guys, sorry sorry sorry sorry a lot. I know I didn’t update for the past 2 days, I was busy in cleaning my home. We had leave since our CM passed away and my family made a strict rule that I shouldn’t touch my laptop and atlast I got it yesterday and I read the pending FF and written update and finally I am giving this to you. I am tamilian and I know Hindi well. I wish my life to changed and I just hope for it. Thank you everyone for reading my story.

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Chapter 9

The drive to home was so sweet, she was listening to songs and was humming it continuously with a bright smile on her face. He was driving and mostly was looking at her.
L: (in mind) She is so cute and her dreams are something which not everyone wants and I am willing to fulfill her dreams but before that I should know about her fully. Almost about her I know then the next plan is she should know about me and my life. I will ask her to come to Dubai to see me and we can spend some quality time there. She has to leave her job soon. I will ask her about it. But she can work with me if she is willing to (wink).
L: Ragu are you willing to work after marriage?
R: Laksh I also thought to ask the same. I cannot work after marriage as I like to be a house wife.
L: Really?
R: Yes
L: If you are wishing to be in home then okay but there is no compulsion for you that you should leave work and be in home.
R: Actually I want to be in home and do all the work and cook for my husband and enjoy my life with him.
L: Okay
Then the drive was silent and he was adoring her. He dropped her in the entrance and went. She went to her home and slept peacefully dreaming about her future. He went to home and started reading her diaries.
Few pages from her diary
When I was in 12th STD. Today is my best friend Madhu’s (Drasthi Dhami) birthday. I love her a lot. I lied to my parents that I have to go to tuition and went to mall with her. I gifted her a dress which was selected by her. Her boyfriend RK (Vivian Dsena) gave me money but I refused as I don’t care about money. After seeing the eyes and the treat she was teary eyed. I love this fool a lot. She is my closest buddy ever. I feel hurt when I see her cry. She is a sister for me, when I cry she gives her shoulder to me and when she cries I am there for her. We both have spent money and a lot together. I have always adored her and her mom. Her mom was a modern women and she was exactly how I think a mother should be. I have seen the love for her daughter in her eyes. I love her. I also call her my mom sometimes. Madhu is a bike racer and she is totally opposite to me but I love her. She drives as a craze girl and drinks alcohol like a maniac. I just worry if something happens to her. God please make her happy till eternity. And my bhai RK he is so sweet and possessive about her. They both exchanged rings which I and Madhu bought. It was my favorite day ever. I just pray to lord that they both be happy like this till the end.
When I was in 2nd year college. Swara, my cousin, I hate her a lot but I love her. We both have a lot of ego between each other but it take time for me to digest the ego if she is being praised a lot in front of me and she also feels the same. Though we are cousins she knows nothing about my feelings. She is totally different from me. I like things about love but she hates the word as she has a bad relation with Rajat. She is a carefree girl, she has two bestie from her childhood Sahil and Nikil. They both treat her as a boy and they discuss about everything together. I adore their friendship but if she comes to my home she shouldn’t talk about boys. My parents are over protected even about her. My brothers they are like hell for me and her. Raman is a cool guy, he has many friends and he enjoys his life and Arnav is a coldhearted person who has hatred towards girls all time. Arnav doesn’t respect any girl and he just teases and shouts at all of them including all the ladies in my family. Don’t know why dad supports him. Coming back to Swara, she said that she is in love with a boy name Abhimanyu Iyer who is a Brahmin. OMG! Why does she even think about a person outside our community? Abhimanyu is handsome and I know he will keep her happy but I love and respect my parents a lot. Dad is a famous person in the society. He is against inter-caste marriage and I respect him a lot. I don’t know what will happen when Swara tells the family or will she elope with him? I just pray that she is safe wherever she lives. I hope everything goes fine.
Laksh was reading it till 12 in the night and he keeps everything in the shelf and goes to sleep keeps a reminder in his mind to ask about Swara and Madhu. Till now she hasn’t said about them to him.
The next day Ragini submitted her resignation and she should be there in the company for a month more as my notice period ends. She is as busy in her works as she is training her works to her assistant. Laksh was wrapping his works here as he has to return Dubai soon. Laksh and Ragini chat through Skype and WhatsApp the whole night.
L: Ragu I read your books and you have written about Swara and Madhu who were you close with. May I know what happened with them?
R: (tears started flowing) Ma…dhu has failed in 12th exams… her parents supported her and RK was also with her… but I was not able to be in touch with her. My mom asked her stay away from my life. I am in contact with RK, I secretly meet her sometimes. I miss her a lot. I was not with her in the worst times and I was guilty about the same for a long time. RK only made me talk with her and made my guilty go away.
L: Ragu don’t cry dear. (His heart was aching seeing her like that) Do you know where she is now? I want to meet her.
R: Her dad took her to London as he didn’t like RK. She used to fight with him a lot which made her dad take her from here. I chat with her in Fb and she is the famous bike racer there. Her name is Devil over there.
L: Okay then about Swara?
R: Swara is in Faridabad with her parents, eventually they both broke up and she is a math teacher and she forgot her past with Abhimanyu and lives her life like before. She thought it to be a nightmare and moved on in life. She lost her trust in love but her family is searching a groom for her.
L: Will she come to our Engagement?
R: She is my Maasi’s daughter and she will be here.
L: Okay Ragu. Actually I will be leaving India this weekend so shall we go out for dinner on Friday evening.
R: Sure and I am coming to Dubai after 2weeks. I have applied for resignation and now I am on the notice period.
L: Good Ragu, bye.
R: Bye Good Night Take care.
L: Good Night Take care

Hope you guys liked it. I think I made you cry with my emotional talks. Sorry for that dears. Please do comment and Suggestions welcomed. Will update when I am free and Bye…


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    It’s just outstanding update
    Loved ragini nd madhu’s friendship
    So raglak r going for dinner date
    Loved the way laksh understands ragini
    Eagerly waiting to read more
    Please do continue soon

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