Your dreams are mine now (RagLak) Chapter-8

Hi guys, I am so sorry that I didn’t give an update yesterday and sorry again for the late and short update today. Sorry again as this FF will be a little filmy and emotional, I guess mostly now everyone would have got that it’s my personal story. The past is the life in which I am living and the marriage stuff is the one which I dream to happen in my life. Few people think that to be theirs also and I just pray to God that they also get someone so caring and loving. So enough of bhak-bhak and here goes the chapter. Will update it tomorrow if I am fine as I am a little irritated again with my family.

Link for Chap 7 in case anyone have missed it – Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Laksh woke up and got ready in a suit. He bought chocolates and many toys as said by Ragini. He came to her flat by 7 and she was waiting for him wearing a beautiful lehenga. They both took blessings of everyone in the home and went towards the car. She was smiling a lot. He was seeing her and was attracted more towards her. The ride was silent as whenever Laksh asks any question she replied in monologue which made him angry and he didn’t ask anything afterwards. They travelled for about an hour and there was a huge smile in her lips when she said him to stop the car. The board showed SOS Children’s Village, Bawana. He also smiled unknowingly. They both went in and as soon as the children saw Ragini they rushed towards her. Ragini felt so peace in her heart that she forgot everyone in this world.
Avni: Di, how are you? I missed you a lot. Why didn’t you come here for the past 2 weeks? (She saw Laksh standing besides her smiling and seeing loving towards Ragini) Di, who is this man with you?
Ragini shied and revealed that he is the person who is going to marry her.
Av: (Going towards him) Jiju please keep my di happy. I love my di and you should promise me that you will bring her here every weekend as I can’t be without her.
L: (kneels down to her level) Of course choti. I promise I will bring her here every weekend.
Av: Sachi
L: Muchi
Everyone were very happy seeing them. The manager is a woman who loves Ragini and the children a lot. Her name is Janki and Ragini sees her as a mother. Ragini met her and she went to the park in the campus with the children
J: Beta, (talking to Laksh) Ragini comes here every weekend, she brings chocolates, fruits and teaches children about few things about feelings and how to handle it. She is so sweet and she gives half of her salary here. I treat her as my own girl and all the children here are my children. These children are thrown out from the family as they were born to illegitimate people. I don’t know why the world is like this. The children were mentally not well as they feel some void in their life. Ragini tries to fill the gap with her unconditional love. She spends her time here and she says that she feels peace when she is with these children. I know a little about Maheshwaris’ I request you to keep her happy and bring her whenever you can after your marriage. I feel that you are the correct person for her. She used to say me about how her husband should and shouldn’t be. I hope you have read the books and stories by her. By now you would have known her better I trust you beta (keeping her hand on his head). God bless you both.
Laksh was awestruck and a little teary. He bent over and touched her feet and went in search of Ragini. She was in a room saying a story to the children.
L: (in mind) what a girl she is? I am really lucky to get her. She is so pure in her heart, she has suffered a little pain but I promise that I will keep her happy always. She is behaving like a kid whenever she is with these children. I can see her smile and cute face till I die. She is a unique girl in this world and she is only for me, her dreams are mine. I love her to eternity. I just want to know what she feels for me and when she is ready to take this relation ahead. I think she got to know that I am seeing her, suddenly her face became red and I was tempted to kiss her cheeks which were like tomato. I should avoid thinking like this now.
He turns around and talks with the children and plays with them. The day went so good and awesome. They start their drive at evening after having a lot of fun with the children there.

So guys, I yhink I have not bored you all. Please do comment and Suggestions welcomed. Bye dears….


  1. Aasthu


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    Nyc…….so this Ragini is you ???? U have problems with family 👪???? Try to solve it dear…… with them and let them know your problems… will help u…..maybe then u will feel that U R NOT ALONE IN THIS WORLD……and that everyone loves you……. cares for u and worries about u………

    I only hope that I didn’t interfere in ur personal matters…….

  2. Priya15


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    Omg di…. The ragini character reflects ur life in real….. I hope u just get out of this prb soon di… I pray to God u get all happiness… And ya ur life l be sweetest as u r…. I know di.. U l get all happiness as u deserve it completely.. Luv u di…

    And it’s amazing epi . .

  3. Asra


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    awesome dear….ragini s soooo sweet and cute…laksh s so caring….waiting for nxt one dear…tkcr dear…

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