Your dreams are mine now (RagLak) Chapter-7

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Chapter 7

RagLak were so immersed in each other’s eyes. They conveyed many things, their smile on the face was increasing and Ragini was a little shy and was blushing. Their eye conversation
L: How is my hug? Soft or harsh?
R: Harsh
L: Really (tightened his grip a little bit)
R: No no its soft only (blushing seeing their closeness)
L: Angry now also
R: Yes
L: Ragu ma, sorry please forgive me
R: Nahi Laksh, you shouldn’t ask forgiveness and should ask me to kill you
L: Arre yaar, I have asked forgiveness na then why are you angry even now
R: Because in friendship there should be no Sorry and Thank you’s. Now I am planning to kill you, what say?
L: Can you live with the guilt of killing me?
R: Never, I was just kidding. You are my best friend (pulling his cheeks)
They both break their eye lock and part away but they were seeing other only. Suddenly she remembers something and goes down.
R: Maa, it’s already late. I am leaving for home
Ap: No beta, you should go after having dinner only
R: Maa please ma, I have to go soon. I have be in work tomorrow early morning so I have to take rest
Ap: If work is the problem then okay beta, I will call Laksh to drop you
R: No maa, I will go with driver uncle itself (showing a little anger)
Ap: (confused and thinking whether their fight is not yet over) No beta, you should go with Laksh only.
R: (Sadly outside happy inside) Okay ma
P: Ragini can you just inform Anchal and go, she was asking about you all the time.
R: Okay bhabhi

She goes to Anchal’s room and waves her bye by promising to meet her next weekend. Ap maa has informed Laksh and he was waiting for her in the hall. They both showed anger in front of Ap and went towards the car. Laksh started driving and Ragini was silent throughout the journey listening to songs.
L: (clearing the throat) Ahem.. So why you maintained an angry face in front of maa, she knows that I called her to see you. In fact she only gave me the idea.
R: Ya I know it but I kept like that so that I can fight whenever I want to.
L: You like fighting than love??
R: I love to love and fight. It’s my right to fight and I will do it whenever I feel to.
L: OMG then I have to bear your mood swings! This is not fair
R: Why it isn’t fair? You guys also do the same na, if you are angry with something in the office you will shout at us and when you have peace of mind then you will love us like there is no tomorrow.
L: It’s a universal truth but I am exception to it.
R: Oh is it so? I will get to know about you soon so don’t worry.
L: By the way you said you will give me the books na? Will you give today?
R: Of course
They reached her house after half an hour. She went to her and got freshen up. He greeted everyone and took their blessings. They were talking when she called him to her room. Sumi-Shekar-Arnav (bhai) were shocked but didn’t show it outside.
R: Here have it (handling few books) and I have links of the website in which I have updated. I will WhatsApp it you.
L: Okay yaar
R: One more thing
L: What
R: Take this without my parents’ knowledge please.
L: Why
R: Should start my story again? Don’t worry I am hell tired to repeat the same again. Please take it without their knowledge
L: Okay

They both came out and she had the books in her hand. He went to the door after waving everyone and went near the window. Ragini was there already with the books and she gave him and went to her room. She hugged her nani’s photo and narrated everything and slept with a happy smile on her face. Sumi-Shekar came to her and saw her hugging nani’s photo with a smile and became happy. They both went to their room and discussed about their approval to marriage. Maheshwari’s were happy and both families were waiting for their children to conform it in words to them so that they can do arrangements accordingly. Laksh was in his room studying his Ragu’s story.
From the next day both RagLak were busy in their work. Laksh used to do his work in office and then come home and read the book. Ragini used to do her office work and come home and wrote about him. They both chatted with each other daily and both got to know about each other pretty soon. It was Friday when they both were talking and Ragini got some idea
R: Laksh are you free tomorrow
L: Ya I am free
R: Can you come with to a place, I want to give you a treat
L: Okay, say me at what time I should be there.
R: Can you come early about 7 in the morning as we should drive long to reach there
L: Fine dear
R: Good night see you tomorrow
L: Good night
Ragini slept with a happy smile on her face and Laksh slept with a confused smile on his face.

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