Your dreams are mine now (RagLak) Chapter-2

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Chapter 2

She started writing about her past to overcome her loneliness. No one in the family know about it. She used to spend time in home by seeing TV, writing about life or reading any novel. She hated to study textbooks, she can finish any novel in a day or two but if it comes to textbooks and exams she doesn’t care about it. She is an average student with plenty knowledge about Indian romantic authors and books written by them. Raman went to Mumbai for work and he is willing to settle their itself. After 2 years, she completed the degree and got placed in firm as a HR as she wished. From childhood, she was with the HR of her dad’s firm so she knows their work well. She started to earn and save and spend it on books. She spends with her dad’s money for dresses which are always traditional salwars as she can’t buy any modern dresses but she was happy as she started her life of her own. Her mom started to search perfect match for her. She was so eager to meet her life partner.

Since her dad is rich and famous, all youngsters in the society respect him and worship him as a role model. So she didn’t get a chance to love a person. But she is willing to have an arranged marriage where the love is eternal. A year passed and her mom didn’t get any good match, she started to see bride for her son as he is also getting old.
One day, her dad’s friend Mr. & Mrs. Durgaparasad Maheshwari who were settled in Dubai came to their home for dinner. They all don’t know for what they came but they welcomed them and were happily chatting with each other. After about an hour, they took the topic of her marriage. They asked their daughter for their son Laksh Maheshwari who has got an MSc in Psychology from IOPPN (famous institute for psychology), London, who now handles their family business. He is the second son of them, first son Adharsh got married to Parineeta Mittal and he handles business in India with his wife while all others are in Dubai. Shekar was surprised to get this offer while Sumi started to think all the types of problem which can affect her daughter, then she asked for some time. Ragini said to everyone that she will accept only when she comes to know about him in person as she can’t marry a stranger. Sumi was hell angry on her for this but then Annapurna Maheshwari gave the details about Laksh and asked her take time and once they are ready they can get married.

Ragini got this as a chance and opened her FB profile named Tejaswi Prakash unknown to her family for her own reasons to be in contact with her school buddies. She searched Laksh’s name and sent a friend request and a message. She waited for him to accept the request but to her surprise he saw the message but didn’t reply and didn’t accept her friend request also. She was so eager to meet him, she took the paper which has his number given by auntyji and dialed it. No response, she was very angry on him. After about 2hrs, call came from that number, her heart beats almost stopped. She doesn’t know how to start. She took the call

L: Hello, is this Ragini?
R: Ya, it’s me only. By the way how you know it’s me?
L: My mom gave your number and said that you wanted to talk with me.
R: Oh okay, actually I want to meet you in person, hope you know that they are talking about getting us married.
L: Yup, I know and even I am eager to meet you.
R: Okay then when are you coming to Delhi?
L: I am a bit busy here, but will come to Delhi in a week to meet my bhai’s family who is there.
R: Okay, sorry got to go, bye
L: No problem, bye

She ended the call and imagined her life with him. She suddenly felt sad, whether he will like me? Am I good for him? He looks handsome and charming, really girls go behind boys like him and why will he select me? He might have had many relationships earlier or maybe no? Don’t know why but he has occupied my mind thoroughly. She goes to her nani’s pic and asks her whether he will be suitable for me and just then a flower from garland fell down symbolizing he is the perfect partner for her. Her eyes welled up, she took the flower and kept it in vessel of water in her room. She slept in the bed thinking about him.

Laksh’s POV
I saw her photo, she was traditional but was also an angelic beauty who can make boys behind her, and she seems to be a unique person. Those eyes said a lot to me and it attracts me towards her. Those eyes says me that she isn’t happy there and she is longing to something. If the work here gets finished I will fly down to India to meet this princess and marry her. She is so sweet, her voice echoed in my ears as if I had heard a beautiful song. I sensed that she was nervous talking with me, I will make her my friend, then my lover and at last my wife. This way all misunderstandings will be clarified and she will remain happy forever with me.

So guys, did you like it. I know that many people would have thought about a love marriage but this is an arrange-cum-love marriage. Please do comment and suggestions welcomed. Bye guys, will update next chap tomorrow…..


  1. Astra


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    Too cute…cuteness overloaded… she is employed…! I could have felt happy if u made her unemployed..bcz I’m also jobless…. hahaha… just said it for fun dear…. I liked today’s part sooo much. Her dreams are coming true…and laksh is going to make them true… wow…. it’s just as a cute fairy tale…. 😘😘 loved it a loooottt…keep smiling and take care…

  2. Aasthu


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    Its nyc……I loved Rags decision of getting to know the person before mrg and Laksh’s view too……

    Hey!!!! Can I know more about u???? If u r ok with it will u msg me???? I might not be able to check here as I have class tomorrow…..

    • Varsha



      Thank you dear, ya of course you can msg me n I wil rpl wenevr I m free. Actually got stuck up with a little novels which I have to study soon

  3. Mouni...

    So cute..😍and firstly I love the title which is my favourite book name…and coming to your story that was so cute…

  4. smrithi

    I had my exams…so couldn’t reply 2 d previous 2 updates…but really dis is one of d best fan fictions I hv ever read…I can connect dis to my life so well.. i wish i to find such a life partner :”) … it was awesome….loads of luv to dis fan fiction…❤❤😙😙

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