dreams to love (episode 8)


an awesome new start….
i didnt expect this well u will too not expect this….
read enjoy and let ur inner thoughts come into alive….
The car got stopped with a hard break. It made my senses come back from me dancing in rain. I looked front. What I saw was a huge gate with a huge wall around the boundary. I saw him talking to a box. He said “open the door” and it replied in a robotic kind of voice “voice recognition found. Welcome again sir. Happy home being sir.” Then the gate got opened. He drove the car inside. I didn’t believe my eyes in what I saw. A huge house not just huge, It was damn huge. We can say it as a palace. There was a big garden with lawn around the house. It gives a pleasant feeling for eyes. I was more surprised with the house. It was soo beautiful to see. It was painted in different color. It was still raining and the lawn was really pretty when the rain falls in it. He parked the car in the front porch. A man dressed all in black and white came near the car. He opened the car door and got out from the car then he came to my side and opened the door on my side. He offered his hand like a gentleman. I smiled at him and hold his hand and get out of the car. He then bends a little and showed his hand towards the door. Then he said “after you, mam” And smiled. I smiled back and walked towards the very huge door and The door opened. When the door opened, I was surprised to see lots of women and men dressed up like a maid and maiden were standing like a wall in two sides. There was like 10 of them. We entered to the house. Everyone started to say good morning. I felt myself like a royal guest coming to a palace with a handsome prince. All those maid and maiden were treating me very dearly.
“How is my place? Do you like it?” the audition judge asked. Well, till now I don’t know the judges name so let us call him YOU KNOW WHO. I just nodded.
suddenly a man dressed up like a gentlemen who is young like him came to us and said to me good morning madam and turned to him.
“sir, the official meeting is on 10 and it will last for two hours. I have arranged the press on 2:00.” He said to YOU KNOW WHO.
So YOU KNOW WHO asked “okay, are preparations over? Is everything ready?”
“Yes sir all are.” The gentlemen said.
“okay then…” he turned to a maid standing in the line and called her towards us and then he turned to me and said “this is sally. She will be your personal maid. She will show you your room and I will see you later.” And then he walked towards the stairs.
The maid walked me to show my room. She was really elder then me. I guess 30 something. That is twice my age. The room was really big. The bed was big. The T.V. was big. The wardrobe was big. I say the biggest. It was attached and bulged in the side of the room. It covered the entire side of the wall with lots of door… the room was painted beautifully. The window showed an awesome view. It was like an actual palace. She said to me: “madam, you look soo tired. You can fresh yourself in the bathroom and it’s that way.” She showed me the way towards the toilet. She pointed the wardrobe. I was amazed to see that she pointed towards the end door of the wardrobe. I thought she was nuts. Why would anyone point towards the wardrobe saying that it is the bathroom? I asked her “mm… are you sure the bathroom is that way. It is…” she just smiled and went towards the door she point and opened it. I was amazed to see the bathroom in the wardrobe… wow… that is the first time I am seeing one like that… crazy interior work… that dance judge or YOU KNOW WHO may be a supper brilliant one… I got inside it I nodded. She excused me and went out. I took my bag and opened it. There was nothing but a frock kind of dress in it. I used to wear that for most time and other time just pardha. It was a full frock with plain light pink color. It didn’t look soo good. I understood that mahi planned all this in one day and she was hurrying to arrange all. I feel both proud and guilt for my sister. ‘Mahi, I am sorry. I am the one who does wrong and destroy life. I am unforgivable.’ I thought. I took the dress and went to the toilet. It was big in the toilet too… with all the facilities. There was shower room, bath tub, toilet area, and wash area… all on. Interior work was soo beautiful… such a good looking house it was…
I bathed and freshen up myself. I wore my dress. I came outside the bathroom and went near the mirror on the side of the wall. It was also big with a cupboard attached towards in the bottom of the mirror. I looked in the mirror. I looked on me. I wished to see what was in me that make everyone help me. Mahi sacrificed herself, mom allowed me to go and YOU KNOW WHO helped me in early morning itself. Gave me a place to live, arranged me a helper and much more. He did a lot of help for me and I don’t know even his name. I closed my eyes and looked backwards. It was like a fast moving picture which runs in my mind. I saw my past what ever happened. I saw the future that I stand on a stage with lots of audience. I wish it to happen.
I opened my eyes and looked inside the mirror once more. I really needed to find his name. It wasn’t written in the visiting card. It was only written as R.S.D.C and the phone number. I thought that his name may be starting with R. who knows.
I suddenly noticed a movement in the bed. I turned to see what’s on bed. I saw the blanket in untidy manner and the position was changed from the first time I saw it. I got scared but anyway I have to check what it is so I have to walk towards the bed. I felt like something is sleeping in it. I took all my courage spelling prayers and walked towards it and asked “who are you?” Reply didn’t came from the other side but all in sudden the blanket came up and lot of tangled hair started to show up and a horrified eyes in the top of the blanket when it was falling down from the structure. My platform of fear in the emotion status became huge which made my fear came soo high making me react. I scream with my fullest length then the other person in the bed also screamed. I ran towards the door into the corridor. I ran faster…
hope u liked this one and u gatta wait a little more…………
now let’s do some fun…..
i have a task 4 u
tell me about urself….
i am amy. i am a muslim.
i recently lives in ‘the gods on country’ kerala…
in the district called trissur
i was born in the states…
i am a student in holy grace academy,kerala
i have gone through the same situation as ishaani…….
so i got the idea to share it with you……
ok this was me and now tell me about u……
we r gonna be great friends…..

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  1. Hi amy..this was a short update..but nice.. Are you playing who know you with your readers?anyway Im also from Kerala,Tvpm.Studying English literature.Do you have fasting today?

    1. yeah i wasnt having time to write but thanks for reading ma article… its gud to know that u r from kerala…. and continue reading ma articles…

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