dreams to love (episode 7)



I reached Mumbai. After the escape from the wedding night it is morning now. I had a sleep in the bus so I didn’t know about how long the journey was. I thought that now mahi’s wedding would be done and she will at her husband’s house. In my house now everyone would understand that I am missing. My heart beat was raising but suddenly I remember about my promise. I wanted a new start but i didnt know who to call and ask help. i felt like my heart is talking to me. i tool the card from the file and looked at it once. i had no idea but i had one option. I went to the call booth and took the card and dialed the number. It rang. for i a moment i thought what am i doing? but the call already got picked up.

“Hello. Who is this?” he answered in a sleepy mode.
“Hi sir. I am ishaani.” I said.
“Which ishaani?” he asked.
“I am Ishaani whom you audition 7 days back in Allahabad.”I replied.
“oh! Ishaani shad. The great dancer. Sorry I didn’t got you first.” He said in a really apologizing tone.
“It’s okay” I said.
“So, why did you called ishaani?” he asked.
“I am sorry to call you sir like this way but I didn’t have any option. I don’t know who else to call?”I said
“It’s okay. Helping a dancer like you is an honor. Tell me what it is?” he asked sweetly.
“Actually I am here in Mumbai but I don’t know where to go. I am new here. I know only you sir in Mumbai that’s why I called you” I said helplessly. Between talking I prayed to got to make him help me.
“You are in Mumbai. Just great. I wanted you to come to Mumbai. Here I thought I may help you. Hmmm. Where are you right now ishaani?”
“Don’t know sir. I am in a booth. I don’t know which place is this.”
“oh. Hmmm. Then give the phone to the shopkeeper of that booth”
“ok sir.” I said and gave the phone to the shopkeeper. They had some conversation. I guessed that it was about the place I am right now. Meanwhile they had the conversation I tried to out and explore the place. I was sure that I was somewhere near the sea. I also understood that Mumbai is a place of high-tech building and all. I also found lots of slum here in the street. The shopkeeper gave the phone back to me. The young judge was still on line. I took the phone said “yes, sir.”
“ishaani don’t go anywhere from that shop I will be there in 15 minutes. Okay?” he said.
“okay sir. Sorry to call you like this way. Sorry.” then the call was hung and I paid the bill for the call charge. I found that the bill was more in Mumbai than in our place. I sat in that shop and waited.

15 minutes got over. He was late. I thought he is never going to come. I looked to the clock in that shop. Now it is 7:20. I started to get scared. What am I going to do now? I thought. The shopkeeper said “don’t worry. He will come.” By seeing me tensed. The rain started to fall. Suddenly I felt someone is running towards the shop. I turned to see who it is. I wished it was him but it was not him. The man who run and came asked the shopkeeper whether he can us the booth. The shopkeeper permitted and he went and opened the door of the booth it covered my view. The man got inside and closed the door of the booth. I saw a similar face when the door got closed. That face smiled at me and I too smiled at him. It was the young judge. I was soo happy to see him. He run to me and said “ sorry, I am late. Traffic you know” “it’s okay” I said. “So let’s go.” He said and I nodded. I took my bag and put the file inside it and then thanked the shopkeeper. I run to the young judge and he shared his umbrella with me and we walked. I thought that we are going in bus so I asked him “sir, where is the bus stop?”
“Why we need to go to the bus stop?” he asked amused.
“Well we are going in bus. Right?” I asked.
“Well not actually in a bus…” he said and opened a car door and continued “in a car mam…” he offered his hand and made me get in the side seat near the driver seat. I sat inside the car. I was really amused to see the car. It is really beautiful and luxurious one. My bapu have lots of cars but I had only got in the jeep with my Mohammed bai. My family is really rich but they are not rich in heart. he sat in the driver seat and asked “are you comfortable?” I nodded. he put the seat belt and instruct me to put the seat belt. We started our journey but we both were silent in the car. I had only thoughts about mahi. I was completely lost but he wakes me up from my thoughts. “hey, ishaani are you here.” He said and chuckled.
“I am really sorry sir. I am sorry. I was just thinking something. sorry” I said.
“Ishaani, how many times would you say sorry? I helped you and you are saying just sorry instead of thank you.” He said and chuckled again.
“sorry…” ‘oh no I said again sorry… ishaani come on say thanks…’ I thought myself. I saw him chuckling again. “Orff… psss.. Oh! Actually I mean thank you sir. Thank you soo much. Thank you. Thank you……” and repeated thanking him but he stopped me.
“calm down. Anyway I just helped you only once and I think you should save some. Maybe we it may come useful in future.” He said and chuckled.

I thought that what is there in chuckling. He is just chuckling a lot. Is he laughing at me? Do he think that I am funny? Lots of thought came into my mind but I deleted it all. I just smiled at him and took a deep breath and looked ouy of the window. It was still raining. I thought that this rain is the token of my love to my dream. I wished to dance in it. I dreamed if I could dance in the rain and Enjoy the freedom but I didn’t want to disturb the young judge. For a moment I thought that he is a complete stranger who is helping me but I felt him as my soo long friend. I again came back from my thought. I understood a lesson that our dreams may haunt us if it is not cherished in our mind so to make my mind peace I imagined myself dancing in rain all alone feeling every bit of raindrops kissing me.

Credit to: amy

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  1. As usual it’s superb yaar…waiting for ur nxt epi update soon

  2. sorry guys… u gotta.. wait a lot 4 ur dreams to love…. bcoz my cls’s are gettin started…..

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