dreams to love (episode 6)

a new journey for ishaani to catch up with her dreams…
marriage is sacrifice… it happens to mahi… that was a real sacrifice…
ishaani is cherishing her dreams…
catch on ‘dreams to love’

Days left .Marriage preparation started. I and mahi sneak out of the house and started practicing by saying lots of lies but it was difficult. There were only few days left with me and mahi after that we will be apart. Days came closer to the marriage. Our house started to have more Visitors. The more visitors that came the more glooming came in mahi’s face. I knew that she is sad and she is uncomfortable with this marriage. I asked her a thousand times that if she is changing her mind. Then she would bring up another topic. The guilt in my mind didn’t have over by just confining advice. Only thing that made my mind calm was dance but I was not able to do that too.

The day has come. The day that mahi goes away from me for being another person’s. I felt soo heavy. Whenever mahi found that I sit soo moody then she says some crack jokes. I and mahi was sitting in our room. She was all in the bride form. I asked her “are you sure that you have to take this big step?” “Yes. I am sure.” She replied. I was surprised to hear her sound soo serious. I asked “so will you not miss me?” hearing this she looked at me and said. “I will not. You are the one who destroyed my life then why should I miss you?” I was in utter shock to hear those. Now I really felt guilty. Guilty that made me to think why this life is for me? Tears started to fall. Face turned red. I thought to end my life but all in suddenly it happened….

Mahi suddenly broke into a laugh. She laughed “I was kidding. I fooled you. Ishaani got fooled. Lalalala” she started singing this and teased me but that didn’t comfy me I was still crying. She stopped teasing me and gave a small smile and said: “I don’t think that this is ishaani… someone changed her. My ishaani is not like this she is bold and brave. She is my inspiration. She is brave enough to fight the difficulties and overcome the problem. She is really positive but this is not ishaani who is my sister. She doesn’t cry.” So I smiled and we shared a hug. That time my mom with our aunts came inside the room. Everyone praised mahi’s bridal beauty. Our mom said “mahi, you are looking so good. My dear daughter who I cared a lot from the childhood to this very moment is going away from me…” she then advised what her to do in her new house, told some emotional speeches and all. I can understand my mom. She is really said. She is a mom and will be sad when her dear children go away from her. After mom and everyone talked to mahi, she excused everyone to go to the hall and said that she wants have a few minutes with me. I saw tension in her face. She made sure that everyone is gone and closed the door. Mahi rushed to the wardrobe and took a file from it and said. “ishaani I have to say something important to you .” “what is it mahi?” I asked.

“I want you to run away from here.” mahi said.
“What?” I was shocked. “What are you saying? Run away from home but why?”
“Because you have to. Today is my marriage and after that I will not be in this house so neither you can’t go to the practice nor your final audition without my help. Not only that after my marriage they surely marry you to someone. If that happen then your dream will be over which I can’t take so I want you to run away.”
She gave the file to me and said “this is your certificates that you got in auditions and other important ones. Everyone has gone to the hall so there won’t be anyone in the back of the house. I had kept a bag over there. It is under a pile of clothes and one more thing here take this too you will want it. I only got this with me.”

She hands over some money to me. I opened my mouth to talk to her but she cut me “don’t say anything. Will you not obey your sister?” I nodded and she continued “ishaani, you have to hurry before anyone come and don’t worry of others I will handle it. I am sure that one day after your dreams are cherished and you are a popular dancer, our bapu and our family will support you and will be proud of you.” She gave me a complete dress that covers all my body even eyes. She hugged me. I hugged her back. Tears fall from my eyes. I said “I love you soo much sister… you are the best.” “don’t waste time . your bus come in 10 minutes. Go.” “she hold my hand and drag me to the door. She opened the door and stood there shocked. I tried to look what she is looking and when I saw I also was shocked…


It is our mom who was standing in our front. I thought that she understood. Once when I was practicing with mahi at home when no one was there, mom came in suddenly. She saw me dancing. We didn’t have any option other than telling the truth. We told from my dream to practicing for audition that time she warned me not to dance and advice us about our way of life but today if she came to know about our plans then she will tell to bapu. She is soo scared of bapu. If bapu knows then I think I don’t have to tell that.
“ma, that…. I…. just…” I broke my words while explaining to mom. She looked serious.
“I heard your both conversation” mom said. “ I am sorry ma. It is ish’s dream. she dreams high and do you don’t allow your daughter to cherish her dreams? Will you make her live your life?”mahi asked.

Mom was silent. She came towards me and hold my hand and said “go” I didn’t expect that coming from. I asked “what?” mom replied “ go fast. Cherish your dreams.”
Mahi said “go before anyone else come. Go”
I hold the file in my hand covered my face and run to the backside of the house. Mahi was right there was no one over there. I saw the pile of cloths and found the bag. I took it in my hand and run to the bus stop. It was a little difficult to reach there but I got the bus. As I was covering my face including my eyes, there was only less suspicion. As many women wear this dresses in that place.

I got a seat in the bus. The bus started to move. I see my house coming into a tiny dot as the bus goes far. The journey of my life also started. The file that mahi gave was still in my hand. I just opened it. Mahi was right all the files are there inside it. I saw a small piece of paper in it. I took it and unfold it. Inside it was the card that the young judge in the audition gave and letter was also kept in it. It had written:
Dear ish,

I know that everything happened so fast but I am sure that whatever happened is all for good. You may need help in that new city so I gave you his card for help. You may need it. Don’t worry about what happens in the home. You should promise me on that. I wish that let you cherish your dream and go live your life. Promise me that you ‘dance from your inner heart.’take care of yourself and i’m sure that someone will come soon to your life to take care just like i did.

precap: someone to come as a savior of ish… to be with her towards the dream…

thank you everyone for reading my fantasy story…
keep following me in dreams to love…
you will find awesome twist and turns and masalas and all…
luv u all lots…

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  1. As always it’s awesome….luv it to d core..waiting for nxt epi update nxt epi asap

  2. sacrifice is something… a true sacrifice is the first formula of true love…
    mahi is a true sister… she loved ish.. truely?

  3. superb….

  4. O my amy dearryyyy…it’s really superbbbb n very lovelyyyyyy episode. …mahi is very true sister, she sacrificed herself for ishaani’s dreams….ish is very lucky to have mahi with her….even mom said go… I just cried at that scene….I hope in upcoming episodes she will find someone special. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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