dreams to love (episode 4)


DREAMS TO LOVE(continue…)

I got in my bedroom and at the moment I step near my bed I took a deep breath in relief and jumped to my bed facing my pillow and started to fall in sleep and started my everyday habit. I was in a stage dancing and dancing like nobody can stop me and there was a huge crowd cheering me but a hand holds me tight from the back and drags me from the stage. In the spotlight I saw many black masked peoples were dragging me and more surprisingly it was bapu who instruct them. Bapu came closer me and said that I would never can do dance. I shivered my dead out and was covered with wet. Suddenly a voice caught my attention which scared my hell out but I try to ignore it as it was a part of my dream. A big soft something hit my head. This time I woke from my bed and asked who the person is but suddenly a white figure came to my frond which made my head and mind go totally blank; I felt a water being sprinkled in my face; A familiar voice caught me “oh Allah at least she is not dead.

Oyi, ishaani wake up. What happen to you? It is me ishaani…mahi. You know you scare me and enough of your drama. Now will you wake up?” I woke up with her support from bed and sat on one it. Mahi came and sat near me and said “what happened? Was I so horrifying that make you faint.” “oh no never I didn’t got faint because of your look and it is never going to happen because you are one of the most beautiful girl I have ever saw.” I interfered. “oh really, ishaani do you really mean it? I thought I was the beautiful girl you have ever saw” she chuckled a little and continued. “just leave it. And tell me how was today, The audition. How was the judgment? How was your journey? I am soo eager just tell me what happened?” I took a deep breath and started.
● *******************●
5 hours before….

I reached my destiny. It was a long journey and I was tired but it didn’t mattered at all because I had only one dream, only one passion, only one love and that all were dance… just dance… I have fallen in love with dance from the day I born my mom used to say that the moment I born I had movement in beautiful manner… I had steps throughout the song played in the labour room. I remember the first time I had a crazy dream for participating in a dance show. It was when I was just 6. I was going to the masjid with my brother mohemmed. In my way I saw a big television screen where lots of people were seeing cricket. My brother also went to see the match. In a short break a advertisement was shown saying ‘ do you think you have a talent in dance. Are you ready to be a star dancer?’ and that ad changed my entire life. From that day forth I practiced and choreograph my own step. My sister mahi also supported me and my dream. and now I am here. I am in my destiny. I got into the a big building. Actually this was my first time being away from home all alone with lots of courage. There was lots of formalities before the audition and for god’s sake I did every formalities and got into my destined stage. There was a huge silence in the stage and there were only me in it and in my front was a man of at least 25. I guessed that was the judge. He had a serious look in his charming face.

He asked my details and asks which form I am dancing. The music played as soon as I said “contempory” and started dancing throughout the melody. I felt I was flying and music was the one who made me fly. All broke with the music being stopped. My eye locked with his eye and I found out that he wasn’t moving at all so I thought he didn’t liked the dance at all. I thought that my hard work, my dream everything is now of use. My eyes had starting to make tears and before it broke down I turned to leave. Suddenly I heard applause and I turned. It was him giving him a standing ovation. The tears went back inside my eyes and instead of a cry it broke in a smile. He said “you are one the greatest dancer ever seen in my entire life. Where did you learn this? You are a girl on fire.” When I said that I learned dance of my own he hang is mouth open “really! Don’t kid me. So that means you should get the audition and F.Y.I you are selected. Congrates ishaani, welcome to the world of dance. You are really talented and you are destined to become a world famous dancer. Your next audition is in Mumbai in next two weaks.”
● *******************●

“Oh! So it was really fun. Wasn’t it? ” Mahi said after hearing today’s story. “Yes, it was but the only problem was that you weren’t there and you know what that judge gave me a visiting card to contact him whenever I want and said that it is his pleasure to help me” I said. “you like that judge. Don’t you.” Mahi teased me. “oh! Mahi just shut up. The only thing I love is dance and noting else” I replied. “so you don’t love me ish…” “it’s not that−” mahi cut me and said “ don’t do the drama. I know you like the boy” and then we had a fun fight. Just then mama enter the room and said “Your, father is calling you both in hall. He want to talk to both of you.” And our heartbeat also left a beat.

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  4. Wowwww amy, you nailed it my dear. …I just love this story. …so lovelyyyyyy narration. ….you touched my heart…..my very immense feeling, my desire to be a dancer n love for music, you reminded me but it’s all lost now….the life never be so fruitful for you….its hard to get what you really want to be but u end up doing something totally different……..I’m glad she got her passion…want to know what she had to pay for her dreams. ….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. ..

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