dreams to love (episode 3)

“Where were you?”I got stunned when I hear those words from a familiar voice. “Bapu… Aap?? You said you would come tomorrow…” I said in a scared soft voice. The person who we all in the family scared was bapu. He had a harsh character that scares us all. “ISHAANI…DON’T TRY TO CHANGE THE TOPIC.OK…TELL ME FAST WHERE WERE YOU??” we all were stunned by hearing that harsh shout. I was too scared and I was not able to make words to talk “that−hmm…because…−” he didn’t even let me talk “ishaani…Tell me where you was or else” he stopped and stared at me. I knew the next step is a punishment. His punishments were soo cruel. I already started to feel the consequences of his punishments. I started to get sweat and shiver with fear. But I am feeling relief when I think ‘this is far better than the worst it can happen, when bapu came to know about my crazy dream. I can’t even imagine that situation if it happens and if that happen, I am sure that that would be my breath. Bapu looked me one last time and went away. My breath got relieved when he move but within few seconds my breath came even worse when he came back with a big think scary stick it was even bigger than my hand and said “so tell me truth ishaani or else I have to go through things that you even can’t believe” . I felt my head swirling and I know I am going to (1): tell the truth to bapu as I had took a new year’s vow this year that I never will say lie, (2); just hear all the scolding or get that death pain beat from bapu like a little lamb in the lion’s den (3): faint. I am standing in the point of lots of options. I was confused to choose 1, 2 or 3. I was deciding what I should choose. Finally I came to the conclusion of what to choose and was all prepared for the consequences. I choose to shut my mouth. He had no patients that made his anger very hot which made him raise the scary stick to the air. “Bapu, don’t scold ishaani like that…” mahi interrupted suddenly, hearing this bapu temperature got very high. Everyone’s attention turned from me to mahi. “So you are defending her. Huh!” bapu shouted at mahi. “No bapu, I am not defending her at all. I am just saying that there is no uses of shouting at ishaani, bapu, at least try to understand the situation. She was out because she had a madrasa project to submit. That’s what happen bapu. She did nothing wrong for deserving such a painful punishments and all. If you don’t believe me then ask to Muhammad bai. We had informed about this to him” and hearing that bapu turn to Mohemmed bai “is Mahi said is true. Did you know about that?” Muhammad nodded and there was a pin drop silence in the house. Within any seconds bapu turned to leave giving instruction that we should not be out of their houses without his permission and then left. I understood that i am a muslim and i am allowed to dream. i wish to fly high from this cage and reach that height that no one can trap me again from my dream.

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  2. Awesome, lovely episode, keep it up, love you loads.

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