dreams to love (episode 2)


what happens to ishaani? lets see what was in her life?

“Ishaani…come fast” I could see my sister from the far end. She was soo beautiful in her white salwar and blue plain hijaab. I have always seen her wearing those in most of the days or she would just wear pardha. I looked her carefully. She was holding a pot. I guess its water or else she took those pots for avoiding suspect. I didn’t waste any other time and said “AAA…coming” I rushed to my sister, Mahi who already start yelling at me. “Ish…why are you late? You know Na that bapu will scold you if you are late” I took a long breath and started “ooh…dii why are you so scared… Anyway bapu will be back tomorrow so there is no need to be worried” then I took the pot she was holding, for drinking some water and for getting fresh. The water was cool and makes my body feel tickles. It flowed through my hand.
While I was enjoying the cool water mahi said “you are unbelievable. Do you have any idea if bapu came to know about our secret? Whenever I think about it, my body shivers. Hope he never knew anything. Insha Allah” We reached home. It was just 5minutes walk from the place mahi waited for me to my home. My house was in a street across badhmash colony. When we reached near the colony mahi asked me pale of question “how was the audition? Did they like you? You are selected Na? How was−”I cut her “ooh sissy why are soo exited it was just an audition” and conversation goes on.
“So tell me how it was? You are selected right?”
“Haan.i got selection. Not only was that darmesh bai was the judge. He appreciates on my performance.”
“Wow! Darmesh bai was the judge and my ishaani has completed the first level of her dream think we should celebrate this”
“I wish dii; you should also have come with me. It was fun there.”
“It’s ok ishaani, I too had wished to come with you but you know there should be someone to take care of things over here. Also if I stayed here I can pray lot for you and if I am not here then bapu is going to know the truth and we will be dead.”
“ but mahi dii”
“live it Ish.Anyway we are late. We have to go home before Muhammad bai suspect us. I said him that you went for madrasa welfare project to boarder of Alhmadabad.”

That was the end of the conversation. Then we rushed to our home but a surprise was waiting for me in there….

precap: she got into the home someone was waiting for her….

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  1. Interesting. ..awesome episode. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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