dreams to love (episode 1)


The start
I closed my eyes. I can feel the breeze touching my face, the wind whispering something in my ears. I can hear applause from millions of people and they were screaming out my name so loud. I can see excited and happy faces around me. ‘Paris is a good place for it. We can have billions and zillions of audience in Paris cause concerts are one of Parisians favorite hobby.’ I thought. This is my life’s greatest moment, a moment I had desire for, destined for, lived for, dreamed for…this is a moment I was waiting for my whole life. This is a moment for which I had wasted those sweat of hard work. But now this is a cursed moment for me. A moment I feel myself hatred. I hate myself. I hate for what I dream. I hate my life. I feel that I had done a great mistake. I am feeling guilty. I believed that I am a murderer.

I started to rewind my past. it has been 1 year from that daunted day. That cursed day came like a storm in my mind. I can hear those words, those inspirational words that she said to me “ishaani, never give up in your life. You have talent and that is your future. You should always try to reach your destiny. You may have loose once but don’t give up. Always focus on the door to your dream. I will be there with you till you reach your finishing point of your destiny.” And she did. Just like she said only till I reach my finishing point of my destiny. She also said me that I should never leave my love. I should be living with my love and I did obey her, I didn’t give up on my dream or my love. I want to live my dream just like she wished. Just like ‘I wish’
I opened my eyes with tears that is about to fall. I opened my heart that was burning inside. I opened my mind to get rid of those worst memories. I recall what she said “dance from your inner heart”.

[A solo melody started. She started her moves] Tiny drops of tear fall from the corners of my eyes. ‘Alas! She is not there so why wasting the tear’ I thought. I wiped out my tears and smiled.
I was sitting in my room. I was comparing about my life before and now. It makes me laugh and I did. That time I heard a sweet voice arguing to my bodyguards. I went there. I saw a young cute girl standing in front of me staring with her big hazel eyes. She was wearing a pink and white tank top and a leather jacket with denim pants and she had a small bag around her shoulder. She looks really smart. She remained me of someone. In a very moment I felt something. I said the security to allow her to enter.
She entered to the room and told her to take a seat. I took a chair and sat near her. “so tell me why are you here?” I asked. But she was not responding. She was still staring at me like a dead corpse.

“hello. I am asking you why are you here kid?”I asked again. Suddenly she wake from her deadly condition. She looked down at her hand and pinched her hand and then replayed.
“Sorry mam. I was not in a condition to believe that I am standing in front of you. I was checking whether it is a dream.”I was laughing inside looking at the way she looks at me and laugh. “Are you now conformed that it is not a dream.” she nodded . “So tell me what’s that make you to fight with my securities. In short why are you here.” I said. “I am here because I want to interview you for the school seminar and I always had a wish to see you. So please ishaani mam will you co-operate with me. Please… please… please.” After saying this she showed her cute, glossy, lovely face with those big cute hazel eyes. ‘How can I say no to that face’ I thought. “yes agreed but what do you want to know about me” I asked and she replayed “I only wanted to know your life journey, your likes, memorable moment. Totally I want to know your story.”I said “okay, you are then permitted for whatever you wanted to ask and I will replay most if I am able to but dear only for two and a half hour only. So deal.” She nodded and comfort herself like a journalist. I took comfort myself.

“well this story is kind of very old. Maybe you will get boring.” I said as a warning. “I don’t care. I bet its going to be interesting cause I have been reading your articles, interviews, magazines−”
“you are interesting kid. Where are you from? Where are your parents? Tell me about you.” “I am from Kanpur and I live in St. Louise orphanage in Kanpur. I don’t have parents. I don’t know anything about them. The care taker of our orphanage once said me that I was been bought to that orphanage when I was just 2 years old by a lady and I don’t know anything else about me.”
“I am sorry kid. I didn’t know?”

“it’s ok, Mam.”
“well. I am busy so I better start the story. Comfort youself” I said. She nodded her head and started her tape record. I started. “once upon…” and flashback moved in my mind like a motion picture.

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