Dreams which keep us alive chapter 9


I practically force myself not to think what Aysha said that day… Time passed easily. I used my maximum time in academy. Hardly get time to think. So it’s easy. But I can’t deny to see myself incredibly involved in Zyan. Generally we talk on phn at night. After full day’s practice his voice is like my tension reducer.  His one and only work is pampering me. Continuously saying that I can do this I can do that.

Huh!! But I admit or not his this type of positive thinking and activities had great impact on my game. Coach was really happy with me. But my tension was  increasing super speedily as the tournament day arrived. My friends were super happy. Even Adi bet with someone on my game. Stupidity….

After that day Aysha didn’t say anything about Zyan ..but whenever she saw Zyan her eyes say something.. Some wish …may be that wish which buried in side me. And I buried it so much deep so that no one can see that… I was so afraid.. To think the alternative.

But I can’t fool myself. I always feel electrical sparks near him …it doesn’t matter he touch me or not. Always feel the urge to get myself close to him. To press myself against his chest. In his arms where I can forget the whole world. But as long as I’m conscious it’s not going to happen. Ash thought it’s stupidity. Who cares!!

I don’t know Zyan’s feelings .may be don’t want to know. It’s terrifying. But it was obvious I craved his company too much and it’s safe as a friendly way so I prefer that.

“Dad….why can’t you come.?” I asked on breakfast cz mom dad was not coming with me for competition.” Arohi. When I think it would necessary I will come. I have some other work . ” yeah yeah his every work is important than me. Not actually important than tennis. Cz in parents meeting day he can leave every work behind just to attain the meeting. BT same things can’t apply for tennis.

It’s a vain hope that they would agreed. So I sighed and grabbed my backpack and left the home. It happens too many times but still hurt the same. If they can come my graduation day with smile ..what is the problem in my tournament. They never can’t understand me.

“Hey gorgeous… Ready to go!!?” When I left home there he was ..”hey.. What are you doing here Zyan!!?” I asked with a smile. He is actually my tension reducer. I already feel good.

“I thought…you may be might be come with me..and how can I  missed a opportunity to lift a would be famous tennis player.” I rolled my eyes..and he laughed. He knew how to light my mind. Why my parents can’t do something like that.

“Are you okay!!??.”may be my thought had impact on my facial expression. ” yeah …just a little nervous. I will be fine” I smiled at him and was quite sure that he would agree. ” it doesn’t look like that.” He frowned at me. It’s not fair. They were not bad lies.

“Uncle, aunty?” He asked to see my home.
” they never come. Zyan” I said with a smile. He looked at me then came near to give me a side hug .” They will be proud of you. Trust me” those word was really needed. I leaned in him. To embrace me in his sent.
“Let’s go.” He hold my hand and started car.


I don’t know how to feel … It’s screaming everywhere ….I saw my friends jumping on their seats. They were all same colour
Jersey similar to mine . it was glorious. I knee down to the playground. Finally win with 15 points more than my opposite.

On semifinal round the track was very difficult but I can’t back off. So many people had trust on me. I’m so glad that finally I could worth it now. I stood up saw that my friends were literary running toward me. And I felt that Aysha jumped on me. Then Adi. Ohh this two!!

“Leave… I can’t breath..” They left me quickly as I shouted. Then only Aysha hugged me” I’m so happy for you” she was near to cry. And I was so  sweaty and tired. But still my eyes were burning. And seeing Aysha like this I also end up crying.

“Hey cry babies… It’s time to smile no…sadness is allowed here.” Adi hugged both of us. And they two left me as Rhea come to us.” I’m so proud of you ..” Her voice was so shaky. Everyone is crying today. After Rhea ..Rohan hugged me and rubbing my back.” Well done buddy.”

When Rohan left me I saw that Zyan was standing a little far from us. Hugely smiling but his eyes were little wet. I walked to him. But he said nothing just grabbed my waist and pulled me a tight hug. My feet ware not touching the ground now. I wrapped my hand around his neck as he made his grip tighter. I buried my face in to his neck. And breathing in his sent. My heart was jumping like they participate in Olympic. But I don’t care. As I was enjoying my perfect place.

May be Aysha was right. May be I don’t need him to help or support me all the time. But I need him to share my happiness. He can be a part of my dreamy life. OK may be he already was.

“Arohi, ..” Hearing my coach voice Zyan left me so that I can face him..” That was wonderful. You didn’t let my faith down. ” he assured me with a smile. ” thank you sir ..for believing me. ” I said. And sir thumb up me by shaking his head. ” you deserve that.”

My friends were already near me. We all gathered here with my coach. ” so enjoy your victory. I have to talk with association. Your next level of competition will be held between all state champions …you know right?” I nodded his question. ” good …I will met you in academy. ” he hugged me with blessing.

“We need a party……it’s a huge opportunity. ” Adi announced as soon as Mr Rahman left. And I saw all nodded at his word. “I can’t give party now at my house. The previous time you guys are nearly caught me police for sound population.” Adi pouted. ” Arohi plzzzz” I sighed ……there was nothing I could do.

So I was going to agreed. But before that Zyan said” it’s OK party will be held but in my apartment. You guys can come there. ” he was still by my side. Holding my shoulder.” But it’s Arohi’s winning party …why are you giving this” Ash ask teasingly.

” OK she is my friend so I can do that at lest. You guys are coming. Right? ” they all nodded. ” you calling the danger willingly in your house. ” I whispered him and he giggled. ” you worth it.” He said me give me a short hug.

Let’s see what happen next. I finally agreed with Aysha ….I’m not going to close myself anymore. May be I should see what is the next in my life.

Hello everyone. First of thank you who read this and I’m really great full who give their time to comment. But today I want a suggestion… I am little confused. Do I paired Aysha and Adittay. Or they will have different partners. ??? Plzz tell me …

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