Dreams which keep us alive chapter 8

“I’m asking you something… Why!!”He seemed uncomfortable…”I …….”

I waited him to say something. But it stuck in his mouth..”I don’t know.. May be I don’t want to lose a friend…” His said that though it’s like that he didn’t even believe himself. “May be I don’t want to lose you…it’s going to be so difficult for me.” He sighed.

It became silent. Neither me nor he find anything to say. ” you can come later …..I would be fine…it was not necessary.” I opened my mouth but after that I regret…silence was better that it.

” I knew it..I knew..it was me. right.? That’s why you left the party ,right. ?What had I done.? Plz tell me…believe me I have no idea. Plz don’t..” He was now fully faced me. I just want him to stop. So I slip out my blanket and hugged him.. my hand was around his neck. I pressed my face into his shoulder.

“Shh…I told you it’s not your fault. Calm down…” I actually believed it now. Just a dance with childhood friend or being annoyed with shocking engagement…can’t be fault. Stupid alcohol…and my stupid activities.

He hugged me back and quite tightly. I didn’t pulled away.I can’t do that ..it feels damn  good. Like home. Where everything is for you. It’s like whole world stop around us. It’s just he and me. I took a deep breath to settle me. “So..see there is nothing to worry..” I whispered to him. He nodded and slightly smiled.

“So…now go and rest. You are a mess.” I pulled away from him .. “Yeah…” He stand up and turned to me.” BTW Arohi, you looking really cute after sleep.” I felt all my blood bumped into my cheeks.

Before it become weird I said.” But you look like a Zombie.. Go and take a bath.” he grinned at my word.” Are you free today…I mean evening.?” He asked with a little smile.

“Are you asking me for a date. Zyan???” I asked playfully.”what if I am!?’ He fully smiling now.” Oww..too bad I have to go academy… Next weak I have a tournament.” I said leaving the bed and stand by it’s side. ” wow seriously!!! When? Can I get to see?” He was super excited.

I laughed..” Yeah I’m serious.. It’s this Thursday. And hmm you can see if you want.” His facial expression was awesome.. It lightening.

“That will be great.. OK OK I’m going.. You can take rest and practice… And can I get a hug again?.” He smirked opening his hand in the air.” Nope…you go now.” I gently pussed him out of the door. And waved him bye. Ohh God I could not stop smiling.. This was one of the best morning.

Shit.. have to go for bath…..let’s hurry Arohi..


“That’s good Arohi….practicing is good.. But you have to focus..” My coach ,Mr Rahman, saying this working with some files. He was almost 35/36 years old. But still a wonderful player..I was tired..whole noon and half of afternoon.. I was here..but I learn today many things… How to attack opposite player…how to tackle own self… Most importantly…how to use own weakness as a strength.

“The using of both right and left hand is very useful….you have to practice a little more on it.” He gave me a from saying it.

“Yes sir….but what is it sir.?” I asked him pointing to the paper.”this is a form of association… To get a chance……..you may be apply for national tenis compitetion by this process.” I still can’t believe my ears.
“Sir…..” He smirked at my shocked expression.

” yeah…I think you have that talent…just be focus. First of You have to win state competition……you may be have so many problems.. So many destruction… But you have to be always positive..”
I nodded quickly. I have to remember every thing . I never going to be side tracked.

“Thank you sir. Thank you so much for this opportunity.” I was near to cry. He smiled and blessed me.” Destination is not so long from you …it’s your life..so you can fix anything if you want” I nodded at his word. Again thanking him I left his room. With my whole dreams in my hand.

I was super excited….I went to the locker room ..and changed. Then Aysha called me.” Hey ..are you done..can I come now?” I wanted to hug her badly to share my happiness. But in phone that’s not possible. ” hey hey come quickly ..I have some news for you.” I said her happily.

After cutting the call I took my phone and messaged Zyan. Tell him the whole things by walking to the parking area. Aysha was already arrived. Super fast. I entered the car and hugged her.
“Opps what happened today..? You looking so happy.!!” I was about to say and then Zyan called.
   “Arohi!!!!!it’s awesome……. I know it will happen..I told you.”
I giggled at his word.
   ” don’t laugh… I know you will be national champion.”
    “Hey it’s just a competition. I have to win too many plays. Then I can just applied to get a chance to play for my state.. Championship…that’s too too..too far.”
   “Whatever you say I know you can”
I laughed at him. But by the corner of my eyes I can see Ash was so confused. As she can only hear my side conversation.
   “Hey..Zyan I’m now on road ..call you letter.”
    “Okay bye. Be safe.”
After cutting my call I faced Aysha…
“Ashhhhhhhh ….academy choose me  this year for state level competition.” I screamed.
She blinked several time.” You are kidding me.” She grinning like mad.
“No!” I hugely grinning. “That’s mean if you win you can participate national championship. Ohh my God… You will be star …oh oh oh” she was practically jumping.
Oh God was this Zyan not enough to making story on the air. Now this Aysha. If I could win state level…it would not be easy!!! They thought about national championship. Give them some  brain.

“You know.. You should link up with Zyan same thinking.” I shrugged.
“He knows!!??” I nodded to her question.
“Is he the first person to know this Arohi?”
There was something else in her voice. Amassment may be. I frowned at her.”yeah so what?”
“Don’t you think!! Now a days you are too much involved in him?’ My friends know about previous night’s drama…they took it normally. Said me not to panic. And obviously feel pity for Zyan . And Ash was top of it.

So I frowned at her. “What do you mean!!?
“Don’t tell me…you can’t understand…you are not baby, Arohi.” We almost reach my house. She drove super fast.” Make it clear.then” I asked her but my subconscious mind said don’t.. you know the answer.

She sighed.” I’m not going to say that you should marry him. Cz I know marriage is a big thing. But don’t let him go..you admit or not you have some feelings. Your eyes can say it. You guys are crazy about each other. Just open your eyes and see him Arohi. It’s important”

I stopped breathing. Somehow I already know about this. But hearing it in loud it makes so uncomfortable. I was already confused. It doesn’t help me either.” You can’t say it. He doesn’t have any feelings. You don’t know him.”I almost whispered. Then looked at the window.

“That’s good ..you are not denying that you are already in it…..and I don’t know him. But you can do this jod. Just try ..” She stopped the car in front of my house. And I sighed in frustration.

“It’s not gonna happen. You can’t understand.. I can’t focus on some other things. …” I tried to tell but before that she cut me off.” You are not going to do anything. Just be normal. Don’t closed yourself. I know you are strong.  But we all need a shelter . may be Zyan can do this jod. Think about it.”

She again start engine. So I stepped out the car. She waved me bye. I didn’t do anything. Stand there until her car was gone. Damn Aysha …always eating my neuron cells…..
   I don’t like him….l don’t like him…I don’t like him..I was continuously saying this in my mind. But whom I telling lie. Just myself

Sorry friends I couldn’t reply your previous comments….sorry for that.. And not publishing yesterday… I hope you can enjoy this chapter and forgive me.

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