Dreams which keep us alive chapter 7

In one night how much drama will happen. Is it the influenced of drinking or something else I don’t know. I’m hearing the engagement announcement.

I look at my parents ..they were grinning… Then at Zyan..he was totally shocked at his Dad. I removed his hand from my waist. And he gave me a confused look. I will deal it later. I walked to my parents. And whispered. “What. Is. This mom…..you. Didn’t. Even. Tell. Me.”

“It is a surprise  baby.” Mom told me caressing my face. “There is a difference between shock and surprise. …I think you guys are forger this.” I said it through my teeth.

“What’s happening. You said you like him. So now what’s your problem. Arohi for God’s sake be reasonable. Don’t do anything ridiculous… It’s a matter of two families.” This time dad whispered to me.

I know it’s a matter of family, society , family respect, but obviously not matter of me. Whatever I tell doesn’t really impact. So I gave up.

But may be not Zyan…he stood near his Dad. And said in a little voice.”Dad ..can I talk to you. It’s reasonable…. We are not prepared.. Just think again…plzz I can’t… I can’t do this….I can’t engage Arohi.” His Dad shocked at him. And I don’t know why it’s hurt. It’s hurt badly…..I want this right!!?? Then why it’s feeling like I’m drowning…

” obviously not now.” He clarified his word. Which doesn’t made me feel good.
“You should think before saying anything Zyan …” Saying this Arnav uncle turned at me as well as Zyan. I want to compose myself..before they find out anything.

“You have to do it now. No argument. Nothing. You agreed for this alliance. Now you should be a man. It  happening today or tomorrow it doesn’t make any difference. So now prepared for it.” Uncle said it in a argent voice. But Zyan gaze was on my face. I wonder if he actually listen his dad.!!

“But if he has some problem then we….” My Dad ready to say..but before that uncle cut him” no problem… He will be fine.. right Zyan??” He asked him more like ordered.

Zyan still looking at me…as he want to find out something. I try hard to stay normal. And he just nodded at his Dad.

Inspite of our disagreement the engagement in happened. Zyan situation at his home not much better than me. That’s why with so much bitterness he finally agreed. May be that’s why he never met my eyes.

Most of the time he sighed when the guest congratulate us. I sighed and look at the opposite side. I don’t know for which thing I more hurt. Without my knowledge my engagement. Or the person whom I engaged he was literally freaking out.

I can’t understand myself ..it shouldn’t be this painful. This relationship has no future. Why am I this upset. But it facts. Badly hurts. I’m not upset. I’m angry. I’m pissed of. My eyes are burning. It feels so.. bad.

But if it would be the last thing may be I would have been flying. But …you know.. That’s not the end. Then his so called childhood friend come and without congratulated us she hugged him and rubbed his back. Something whispered his ears.

Stupid alcohol. I should get our of it. If it continued I doubt I’ll be end up crying. I freed my hand from him and turn around to my parents. Without even trying to see what was happening my back.

“Mom I’m not feeling good.. Plzz let’s go home.”

” But it’s for you ..how you go..it’s not…” Mom started with her advice. But Arnav uncle stopped her.
“It’s OK if she doesn’t feel OK. Let her go…Zyan will lift her.” He said when his son came beside me.

“No..no need” four eyes were on me. three were surprised and Zyan ……it seems like hurt.


“I mean if we two left the party it doesn’t look good ..I’ll manage..” I wanted to compose the situation. ” so sweet princess… It’s OK I will ask driver.” He said …kissing my forehead. And went to manage.

I walk to outside. But a familiar hand stopped me..it shouldn’t me familiar. It shouldn’t be so easy touch. But I know whom it was.” What happened..?? Are you angry with me..I…”

“Zyan nothing happened.. I’m really feel bad…you know those drinks ..alcohol… I want to go home.” I cut him of and started walking until the car.


When I walked up in the morning. …oh this headache.. I need ..lemon juice..
What I remembered about yesterday night after coming home I really cried.
“Oh shame Arohi…you behave like a teenage girl whose boyfriend dump her stupid…and those alcohol… Today you have to go academy.. For practice ….you are a dump.” I murmured myself  when Mary anty entered my room with lemon juice. In definition she is the maid of our house. But for me and Arjun she is 2nd mom

Exactly know what we need. “Thank you.” I took the glass as she rubbed my back.” Where is mom dad?”

“Sunday…and yesterday was party..so still sleeping.. And it’s only 6 am. ” I nodded at her. After finishing my glass I gave it to her it but she didn’t go..hesitated.

I gave her a questioning look.” Baby someone wants to met you…if you.??”

“This time..who..??” I was puzzled.
“I will send him” she said and left the room.

And after sometime he entered the room and my mouth was totally opened.”what the hell are you doing here ..Zyan !??…this morning!!”

“I’m so sorry Arohi. Believe me I have no idea…I was shocked..I tried but…” He still freaking out.”don’t be angry with me.” He pleaded in a little voice.

“Shhh ..Zyan..I never doubt on you…come down…I known you didn’t know about that.” I was now full sit my bed and made a place there for him. Pointed to sit there.

“Then why you left yesterday.?” He asked by sitting there. Even if I know the reason I don’t think I could anwer.

“I told you I was not feeling good…believe me that’s the reason.. I’m not pissed of you!” OK last line was lie..but that’s not matter…I hold his hand just to assure him.

“Sure!!??” He asked as a whisper. And I nodded.”but seriously you come this morning just to say sorry!!” I asked teasingly. He looked at me just like l missed a thing here.

Wait his cloth is same as yesterday… His eyes are quite reddish.. It happens when you can’t sleep……

“Zyan …you…here…full…night!!??” I was shocked. But he didn’t answer. See everywhere in my room but not me…may be I know the answer. But there is still important question is left.


Hi friends …I hope it’s not boring and you enjoy it..and pardon me for my mistakes..keep smiling and a smile can make your day.so be happy and thank you everyone who read this.

Credit to: Nishi


  1. Ruby_Ryan

    they both feeling something for each other. .budhu I told u it is not boring. .in fact it is awesome 🙂 stay happy

  2. atulya12

    hey nishi i always luv ur epi.ur ff just makes my day ……plz updt soon eagerly waiting to know whats next……ur biggggg fan……if uu could updt 1 more epi………….plz sorry if i asked too much.

  3. atulya12

    hey nishi i always luv ur epi.ur ff just makes my day ……plz updt soon eagerly waiting to know whats next……ur biggggg fan……if uu could updt 1 more epi………….plz sorry if i asked too much.luv ur wrk.

  4. raina

    hlw .u know i hv a cousin named nishikant & i call him nishi bhaiyu.u remind me of him.
    & the epiwas excellent.

  5. latika

    hlw .u know i hv a cousin named nishikant & i call him nishi bhaiyu.u remind me of him.
    & the epiwas excellent.keep smiling & take care.

  6. thank you guys…you are like sunshine… actually.. I just met a minor accident.. but I got a fracture in my left ankle….and after that your messages are simply best medicine… but I’m really sorry may be l have to take full bed rest for some hour.. so my mom will take my phone..and I can’t update …so sorry…but I’ll try what I can do.

  7. nimisha

    but update as soon as u get well….take care & be careful….lol god bless….will be wating for ur updt ….

  8. Roma

    Nishi my dearrrrr, please take rest my sweeeeeetu. …the episode was really superbbbb. ..I just loved it a lotttttttttt. ….keep it up love you loads

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