Dreams which keep us alive chapter 6

He pulled in another step ..for my instinct I should step back ..but I couldn’t ..it’s like I’m froze. The electrical sparks are still there. He didn’t even touch me. How is this possible to feel his this impact on me.

He close his face to mine and side it. “You looking good when you scared.” He whispered in my ear.

I sighed in relief as he stepped back. He still giggling ….too bad..he is looking cute. Huh!! Whatever.”you are a spoil brat Zyan. Buck out.” He pouted at my word
And I shrugged.

“I’m going downstairs… Put some cloths on you and come.” I pushed him out of my way and came out. My checks are still burning.

When I came to there found mom talking some ladies. I went there and mom introduced me them.

Little chit chat. Or doing something. I just want to distract my mind. In middle of the room some couple are dancing. I’m feeling thirsty. So I went to bar for a drink.

“One orange juice please.” I asked the bar tender. ” What about a wine baby.” A familiar voice approved there. “Hey sid ..you here..” Sid is one of my uni friend.     ” Just as guest. Boring party. What about you?” He asked a wine to the bar tender.
“Yeah guest obviously.. But our families are quite friends so..not boring.” He nodded at my word.” That’s why you drinking here stupid orange juice. Huh!!?”

” next weak I have a tournament.. I have to practice tomorrow… So no drunk……..and most importantly I’m not alone here” as if to prove my word Zyan approved there. Black shirt ..pants. Blazer on his arm.

He stood by my side. So I introduced them. They shake hands. Sid mouthed as good choice. And I giggling.

“Do you wanna dance with me..” Zyan asked me by looking at the dance floor when sid moved to the other side.

“Dance exactly not my things. I am a horrible dancer. ” he chuckled at me.
” Hey Zyan …you come back..” A girl behind of us shouted. By seeing her Zyan left my side and hugged her. I definitely not like this feeling nor this girl. She wore too much short.. Why! “Hey Lisa..long time to see you” he murmured at her. What the f**k it is. Why didn’t he just leave her..

” hey arohi.this is Lisa my childhood friend… And Lisa this is Arohi. Dad’s friend’s daughter”. OK I’m not even his friend now.!!

She smiled at me but I want to say buck out. But I can’t be that bad manner. So I smiled back.” Ohh how much I missed you…and specially your dance..why can’t we now..let’s rock on the floor.” She announced grabbing his hand. Zyan giggled at her..”Er..I’m not that good…next time..” ..”yeah yeah understand… Totally forget friend.” Zyan rolled his eyes and finally gave up.

“I’m coming just a minute.” I nodded  as he gone. It feels like there was not enough air for inhale. He was so closed to that blo*dy girl. They both are good dancer. Perfect rhythm. What’s wrong with him.!? How could he do this …eventually water can be boiled by my anger. Wait…wait..wait.

Why am I so angry!! There is nothing wrong. He can dance anybody he wants. Actually he firstly asked me. I said no.. But whatever he shouldn’t do this. But why i’m thinking these. There is no point. He is no committed with me.  In fact. He should find someone for himself. Definitely that girl is not me.

But it’s feel too wrong when they are that close. Why this song can’t stop. Huh this is my limit. I turned around so that I don’t have to see anymore. “One shampane can help you.” The bartender took a glass of it. And point at the dancing couple. Huh whatever. I took a slip…then once more then once more. ………..

I’m feeling little tripsy “are you OK. “A cute voice asked behind me.”hey Zyan..come join me!!?” I asked him when he was cutely smiling at me.” Omg you drank..” He found something amazing in it.

“No no…just a little..” I smiled poutly.
But feel a spin ..why this room spinning. Before I guess there was a hand around my waist .

“Carefull..it’s not little.. More than enough.” He chuckled and stand me against his body. He was quite pleased at it.

” you guys are here….everyone is looking for you.”I giggled when pia came in front of me. I was pissed of with her…why..can’t remember.

“Why” he asked tighter his grip.” For announcement. Bhai…come quickly.” Before he anything else she was gone.
“What the…come with me…let’s go…” I nodded at his word.

In front of the party Arnav uncle was standing. One side my mom and Dad other side His sister..when we arrived she sided back with a smile. What’s happening!!

Zyan still hold me…neither me was uncomfortable… So I let this go.

“As ladies and gentlemen….I’m really happy we are together here…you know
Arora’s and khanna’s were join so many day…and recently we got a big businesses deal…this party is the progress of our company.” Arnav uncle announced and everyone was clapping.

‘Ohh…for a deal they throw a huge party….never understand these people God.” I giggled as he whispered to me.

“Thank you..but this is not only for this…our so long friendship has turned into now relationship…. My boy is very lucky ..going to be engaged with Mr khanna’s daughter… And that’s why we all are here.”


Hi.. is it boring?.. I mean I’m new in it so.. I don’t know if I bored you or not. Here can you guess any character for zyan and Arohi.!!?? And tell me if the plot make you bored…I’ll try to keep it up. My writing skill is not so good. So sorry for that.
And thank you who read this and comment on this. So be happy and keep smiling.

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  9. thank you all ..your comment means a lot. I’ll update soon. and pardon if I make any mistake.

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