Dreams which keep us alive chapter 4

“Running away!!!seriously??? You guys are kidding right???” is the 1st idea that was written on the 1st page of the pad paper.
“OK that’s Aysha’s  idea. I’m not into it’ Rhea point at Ash when she was smirking at me.”what!! it’s a good idea,isn’t it?” Ash can never change. I want This to say something. But before that Adi burst out laughing. “What a wonderful idea. This can only come from the dump Aysha…Arohi you should see mine. I know you love it”

“Yeah see see. This buffer’s idea will exactly like his.” This two should buck out.

I turn the next page .OK that was obviously Adi’s idea.
               Suicide attempt.

I slap my head with hand. Zyan took the page from me …and sighed. “Guys it’s a serious problem. Not any funny things.”

“Why!!! If any of you make a suicide attempt your parents can be listen yours.” Adi said innocently.”wait Arohi is it possible if your parents go against each other?. then alliance whould be break. Right??” This is the next page’s idea which was Rohan’s.OK that’s a possibility.

“May be.but I don’t want it. They are friends from years.” He nodded at my word. Understandable.

“OK then it’s the last idea…you should see it.” Rhea took the pad from Zyan’s hand turn page and gave it to me.

“Are you serious Rhea!!! It’s…complicated.
I mean do you think it will work?” Rhea’s idea was not bad. But…it could be wrong impact.
“I know Zyan is the only son of his family. So it’s obvious they will want a bady from your’s” I nodded ..it’s reasonable.Zyan took the paper from me and saw it.

“But what about Arohi’s future.? She will get problem in future if we use it as her infertility. We could applied it on me.” I was surprised at Zyan’s word. Why he cared.

“I know but possibilities are more this way… You know ..male society. Here same problem.. But women face it more disgusting way.” Rhea had a point so Zyan didn’t say anything. He muttered something like …blo*dy society problems….
I smiled myself…it feels good someway. Beside I had no problem in this idea. It not only stop this marriage but also I will be free for some months…no alliance. But my parents will be hurt…but it’s OK it’s not true…someday they will know …problem solved….

I want to accept it but before this Zyan cut me of”no Rhea…some other idea please.. It’s not good..it’s not OK…it’s… I don’t know. ” he was literally frustrated.

“No Zyan ..it’s OK. It’s not a big deal. Just once yours’ family member deny it everything will be perfect.” I want to made it reasonable.

“What about next? Your future!!! OK I admit these creepy things doesn’t matter for you…but it will have bad impact ….it’s sounds damage.” Why he care…it means nothing…. Those four eyes were seeing us.Rhea and Rohan were thoughtful. Aysha seems somehow pleased. And Adi’s eyes were soo big at astonishing.

I was also confused.” If it matters so much for some person I will never marry him. Simple.”

“It is not so easy..sometimes it become big deal. Look at me. If this situation applies on me I have no problem but my family have right!!??”

“OK we are not going to marry. So what’s the problem.” I know he used it just for understanding me. But it’s not his problem. So he shouldn’t be worry. But he seems ….like ….hurt…what I said..I can’t understand … He sighed and turn to the front. Opps we were faced each other. And yelling …so I also turned and faced to Rhea’s side.
“Yeah it’s not my problem… So..tell me what I have to do?”Zyan finally accepted.

“Nothing now..Monday Arohi come to the hospital. We have to make a fake report.. Then we could think what next” we nodded. “I still think suicide attempt is the best…little dramatic.” Adi whispered but as loud that we can hear.

“Yeah why don’t you try..if we are extra fortunate may be we can get red of you”Ash sarcastically said it. these two again started. Rohan grinned at them. The atmosphere become quite cool.

But Zyan seemed still same. “OK I have to go..” He stand up and look at me” Do you need any lift arohi I didn’t see your car ”

I came here with Aysha…so I should go with her..but somehow I want to go with him. Just wanna know what’s his problem.
But I have to deny. ” actually don’t ne….

” yeah yeah….she should go. Arohi, I have some work. You should go with him. Thank you Zyan..” Aysha smiled at him.
Confusing.. she wanted to shop with me. Now what happened?. I frowned at her but let this go. I have some other things to deal. And I’m happy I don’t have to stuck with her in changing room. 

“OK let’s go. Bye everyone.. See you soon guys. And Rhea, I will call you at night. ” I walked to the door. Zyan said bye everyone and followed me.

Almost 5 minutes have been passed. No one say anything. Zyan was driving silently. When I was sitting on passenger seat. It was comfortable. This was a Volvo car. Exact model..I can’t recognize. I don’t know much about cars.

“You upset!!Why??” This silence would become my headache if I didn’t break it.
“No. It’s fine.” But it doesn’t seem so.

“Yeah you are OK and I’m Dipika padukon.
Right!!??” He laughed quietly. “Don’t know. Still feelings it’s not a good idea. You should care for yourself. But it’s OK I’ll try to keep the infertility topic in our family members. It’s couldn’t be a gossip matter”

It’s so sweet. He has a personality that people can love him. So good.”You know this is the first time may be I will have little regret about breaking alliance. You are too good.”I smiled playfully.

I thought he would laugh. But he just look at me then his window side. Then shighed “I can say the same thing.” He didn’t say anything else and keep driving.

I can’t say what is it. It feels like  my heart skips a beat. I didn’t find to say anything else. Turn my face to other side. It’s so embracing but not so uncomfortable. Suddenly car stopped and I look at him.. then outside.

Oh I reached my house. I turned to him to say bye. And he smiled at me “so I’m going to see you evening. Right!!??” Ohh there was a party in his house. Dad told me yesterday.Honestly I totally forgot.

“Do you think I have any option.? See you soon.” I stepped out of the car. And waved him. He smiled and started the engine. I stand there until his car was out of my sight.

Is it so ridiculous to be happy to see him soon.No he is short of my friend. So it’s not a big deal. I know I just assure myself.

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