dreams which keep us alive chapter 3

“when will he come?”Ash asked from the corner of the room.”I sent him the address and the time ,should be come in 5/10 minutes.”
“Doon’t woorry wee are heere baby”Adi sit by me eating banana.
“Duffer.first eat then talk.” Ash hitt his head.

Opps I didn’t introduced my friend.. Sorry. OK this crazy people are best part of my life. Actually we are together from…that time when we didn’t know the meaning of life.

Aysha, my best friend. Actually more than my sister. She is fashionable. Little drama Queen. So much chatter box. OK she changes her boyfriend by 2/3 monthmonth. It’s not like she love to do it. Just didn’t find her Prince charming yet. Still finding. But whatever , she is the most trustful friend for me.

Rhea, how this girl hoop up with us this is still doubt for me. When we talk about dress . ornaments . or some hot guy. She has a chemistry book in her hand. OK then it is obvious she is PORAKU type. Now she had been a course about medicine. We can get a good doctor in future.
Rohan. He is the tall handsome guy in our group. But it never cross his mind. Girls are so fond of him. But this Romeo never look at some other girl. It was obvious for us that he has a huge crash on Rhea from than 14 years teenage version of him. At last 4 years ago he proposed and the obvious answer was YES.
Now they are together. Last year they engaged. Any time we can get a invitation card of their marriage.
Adittay. (Adi) the duffer. Always the irritable person. He changes his girlfriend just like he changes his clothes. We continuously advised him which doesn’t have any impact on him. But he never force anyone .. The girls also know his nature. Otherwise he is a really really good friend. If you call him at 3 am of night.. He will come without even asking what the problem.

We five are together from the 1st standard. Rhea came our group some years later. And by then we are the bestest. .. After HSC we have to move different ways but still hangout together. Rohan’s house is the best place where we can spend time.
So….my new big problem the unwanted marriage… Which have to stop….but there can’t see any way …. I decide to take help from my friends…..OK.OK. The previous ideas also from them . but this time problem is huge.

“Adi… Where is the food.. Domios never late. You had ordered right?” Rohan sitted by Rhea and she was writing something in a paper.

“When you ask me to order?” What the hell.
“You didn’t order yet …God!!!” I thought this time Ash is going to kick out of him.
“When you ask huh!! ……I didn’t hear”
“How can you hear a*sh*le..always busy with stupid chatting.” Ash again dial the number of dominoes.
Beeeppp…..beeeeppppp…. Ops my phn where is it.
“Hey Arohi I can’t find the address. Stuck yr.” Zyan was panicking…by the phn.
“Shhhh ….it’s OK…tell me where are you…OK turn left and …..yeah right then…. Hmmm ….here is a mansion… See…no.no.not there in front of it there is a garage …yeps enter into it.”
“Seriously??? There??”
“Ohh Zyan!! Just come into it”
It is an old garage which was used loonng time ago. Now it’s our place. It’s look like a garbage from out side. But in here has all facilities what we want. Video game. Tennis table. Home theatre. Sound system. Some love seats. One dinning table. Our personal puns tabs laptop. iPhone. Whole world.
“Called them …food will be arrived in some time….this duffer can’t do anything.”Adi pouted at Ash’s word.
‘OK guys Zyan is here come to the point.” There is a knock as soon as I say it.
“Hey I guess you Zyan ..come dude….” Rohan say it opening the door.
He walked in and seeing me he stand by my side. It was obvious surprise on his face.
“Never judge a book by it’s cover. I learn it” he whispered at me making me giggling.
“Your place is really cool guys. Thank you for inviting me. BTW I’m Zyan..Zyan Arora.” He wave his hand at my friends.”we know you…BTW I’m aysha ….he is Rohan.”she point at Rohan when he again went for the knock ..may be food is arrived.”she is Rhea…the brillu..and Rohan’s fiancée.”Rhea smiled at him and he returned it.
“And this duffer is Adi….you should keep distance from him.” Adi firstly slimed then gave a disgusting look at Ash.
Zyan laughed at their tom and jerry fight. When me and Rhea just smiled.
“Food is ready…let’s have it.”Rohan announced it by opening the pizza packet.
“Get it here baby…we doesn’t have much time….” Rhea get up from her seat and stand near the dinning table.”I written some ideas ….let’s check it” OK she was doing this I thought may be some formula of medicine.haha you can never know her.
“Ohh always the good one baby. “Rohan kissed on her temple.. They had been together from 4 years still behaving the new couple.
“No PDF…it’s a public place…” Adi informed them just taking a slice of pizza.
“Shut up ….it’s so romantic.”Ash has some different definition of romance.
Adi opened his mouth to say something… But before that I cut.”you could fight as much as but now let’s concentrate this topic….let’s sit”

So we six sit our round dinning table. Me my left side Zyan.. Right..Ash..then Rhea. Then Rohan.and Adi..this two should keep distance..
“OK I have some options… Let’s take a check” Rhea announced by looking at Zyan ..he was quite pleased with my friends. I think he like them…OK we are awsm ….any body can love us.
“I can’t get the point…this Zyan is cute and handsome…. Why are you doing this arohi…I mean I thought you are a girl…so..” It’s so hard to keep nerve with these a*sh*le…
“If you insist so much why don’t you keep him…my problem will be solved…you dated so much girls let’s try on guys…right?” Adi about to protest my words. But before that Zyan said…”oyeee I’m a perfect man. No issues.” He was horrible.
Me and Ash give high five …it Zyan is a perfect guy then who is the gay!!!! Adi understood our silent joke and furiously stand up but this time Rhea cut him up.
“Ohh you all are trouble ….we have a problem guys…let’s solution it..stop fighting like kids…then blah blah blah” she lectured us almost 5 minutes.. Sometimes she can be more irritated than my mom.
“OK now what’s our position…. Arohi said…you guys fakely admit for your alliance… That means they are happy now.
“Happy!!! That’s an understatement…. My dad was jumping… He hugged me just like I give him the best news” Zyan said it sadly. He is not happy at this fake happiness
“Same …..dad give me new iphone 6 as a prize. Mom was literally crying. And pushed food at Zyan’s mouth. As he is already her son-in-law.”
Zyan smiled at my words. How irritating my mom was he likes her affection. May be miss his own mom.
“OK that’s definitely isn’t a good news but what can we do!!!” We sighed. Nothing to do.
‘So what’s the next plan?” I asked.
“Here see it…you can understand.” Rhean point at the paper pad…where she wrote the possibilities.
Oh God nooo.I can’t do this..impossible.
“Are you kidding guys…it’s a horrible Idea!!” …….

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