Dreams which keep us alive chapter 27 (Last Chapter)


                       5 years later…..

Zyan’s POV.

“One strawberry.. This is the last one.” Adi sighed helplessly. Rohan was laughing whole time. ” I told you. Take the family planing. But no. You didn’t hear me. Now it is your punishment.” I couldn’t but laugh this time.

Our live had changed so much in these years. We all are matured. Settled. Married. If you can call marriage is a settlement then. Which Adi never can agree. I didn’t know actually what would happen in their house. Rohan thought Adi got punishment every morning by Aysha. I also couldn’t doubt about this matter.

Rohan and Rhea were as usual happy couple. They had a cute little baby girl. Whenever I saw them , Rohan always pampered his daughter. Which Rhea didn’t approve at all. Cute family.

Adi!!!!! I actually became afraid to talking about him. Whatever they did, always in drunk.!! You can imagine!! They also married in drunk position. After that their parents did that jod again in church. For the relatives and society. Horrible couple. They had two sons. Twins!!! How can they manage only God knows!! But it was not end. Aysha was pregnant again!! And the way her mood swings happened, Rohan doubt this time would be twins too.

“Stop laughing… Guys. Zyan please give me a strawberry cake.” I stood up and walked toward the counter. After packing the cake I came back. ” thanks yr!! … I gotta go. We have a appointment in hospital.” Rohan gave a angry look at Adi. I also was quite pissed of. It had been almost 1 month we didn’t have any hangout. Everybody was busy.

My cafe became the one place to hangout now. The little time we got, we spent here. I had 2 restaurants and 4 cafe now. But this was our fav place. We like it here. And it was almost 10 pm at night. Cafe was closed now. I thought we could hangout now. But again interrupted.

“It’s necessary guys!!” Adi made a sad face but we knew actually it was necessary. But in 10 pm!! ” in this time. How” Rohan asked my question. ” Dr, Bosh give this time. What can I do? ”

” you know what!! You are one of the biggest reason of world population.” Adi blushed, though it was not really true. ” you have a super speed. Dude” I thumb up him. ” oii. Talk about yourself. You are super lazy , huh” Rohan shook his head furiously at Adi. But I smiled. It was OK.

” what!! Zyan, you should ask her. May be…” I stopped him before he could go further.” Adi it’s not like that, I don’t want pressurize her. ” I didn’t know what she thought, but it’s not only my choice. So I couldn’t take decision.

” OK .. As you said. But I have to go. Bye guys.” We nodded when he stood up and left the place. After Adi we two also left for home. But I have to stop a jewellery shop. I ordered a Pendle for Arohi. I had seen it few days ago. Hope she like it.

As per as my wife, she actually didn’t like any ornaments. She didn’t even like that fashionable dresses at all. I had to pushed her for shopping. She was super comfortable with her oversized shirts. At first she shopped that shirts. But when she started to use my shirts. And she stopped that little shop too. I couldn’t deny she looked extremely hot in those shirts. OK even better without them, I smacked my head as that thought.

What a creature of God!! It had been 2 years of our marriage, still I feel the same. Shut up, Zyan, you are driving. I stopped the shop and bought that Pendle. It had our marriage picture in it. I smiled at it.
I had felt like an angle coming down for me from the heaven. The white gown was perfect for her. Or I could say, she made that dress more beautiful. When I said ‘I do’ and heard the same from her. I felt like I got every thing in this world.

I still remember the day when I proposed her. She was utterly surprised. OK may be shocked too. But it had been just 1 minute, after that she had jumped on me. And the whole gallery was screaming in happiness. This 5 years had flew so quickly.

Yeah our parents had been little pissed of, when we demanded some years. But they agreed. It really worked. And she is now super famous player. Everybody knows her. My businesses are quite well going. Yeah I got best businessman award and Arohi was dancing happy dance in the whole time. But I still couldn’t understand how I got that.

Though the restaurants were mine. But I’m not businessman. I just wanted to cook food . that’s it. Whatever Arohi didn’t want to understand my thought and was jumping when I got that award.

I stopped my car in front of my house. I bought it some years ago. And shifted here after marriage. It was good. She like it. Sometimes dad also come. And spend time with us. I knocked the door twice now.

But still no response. I shouted her name. But no response. What happened!! I got panicked and used my duplicate key to open it. It was all dark. Shit!!! Did I forget to pay current bill. No I don’t think so.

“Arohi… Where are you!!?” I shouted again but no response. This time I really tense. But before I shouted again, suddenly the light came.

The whole living room was decorated with white Lilies, my favourite. and all of my childhood pictures on the wall. I looked around and found my beautiful wife standing in a pink knee length gown. Always beyond beautiful.!!

“Hey!!! What’s this for?” I asked her when she came near me. I grabbed by her waist.

“Happy birthday, hubby” really!!! I totally forgot yr.!! She understood it by my facial expression. And laughed. She picked my lips and before I could depend the kiss she pulled away. So I pouted, and that also made her laugh. But that was even better. Her musical sound of laughing was beyond beautiful.

So hugged her tight. She was mine and always be. But something was not OK. She tensed in my arms. That was the first time.
So I broke the embrace and looked at her.
“What happened, sweetheart.? You know, you can tell me anything.” I assured her though she knew it.

She looked at me may be wanted to find the sincerity. So I smiled. She also smiled back but tensely. ” first promise. You will not angry.” I frowned at her. I would never do that.

“You know ,it’s impossible right?” She smiled at my word but didn’t say anything. In state of she took my hand and placed it on her tummy. I was confused when she buried her face in my chest.  ” we are gonna have a baby.” She finally burst out.

I still couldn’t understand what she said. She was pregnant!! Seriously!!! We were going to have a baby!! My baby, no our baby, a little Arohi. Just like her. Cute cute eyes. She will call me Daddy!!!! Oh God.. It’s not dream… No no it can’t be a dream right!! I was soooo surprised.. That I couldn’t utter a single word.

She looked back at me when I remained silent. ” Zyan.. I’m sorry if you are not ready. I know I should ask you. But it’s just.. I wanted to be mummy. I mean..”
Oh God I thought she was not ready. Stupid!! Always stupid!!!

“Arohiiiiiii……..oh my God…!!!!!!!” I screaming like mad. When she was confused. I started a happy dance. And that finally made her happy. “It’s the best gift you can give me you know. Best bestest.” I lift her and spinning around. Opps it’s not safe. So I made her stand abruptly.

“Sorry… You okay!! And my baby princes , you are OK right. ” I was tensed when she saw me with a angry look. What I did!!!??

” who said you it’s a princess.” She asked me placing her hand on her hips. ” no no no… It’s a princess. That’s final. No argument. Nothing at all. I will find a sweet neck name for her ” I was grinning at that thought. But it couldn’t make her happy.

Sorry I couldn’t help in it. But I hugged her tightly. ” I want a little version of you.” I whispered at her. But she shook her head. ” but I want my baby would be like you.” When she said it , it took my attention at my pictures.

I looked at her ” that is the reason of these pictures.? ” and before she answered I was going to replace those. She stopped me midway.

” Zyan, don’t you dare to touch those.” I was far from that. I planned I would ask her mother about her childhood pictures tomorrow. Huh.

“No way!! ” why can’t you understand.” She yelled at her.

” why can’t you understand?? It will be a girl. It’s final. ” our fighting would be continuing until the baby birth.

May be after that also. She can’t be yell at my daughter just like she do at me. Hey pray for me OK. It’s really hard to win with her. But I have to, right!?… After all it’s our bubble of love. before there was just one I could not live without, now there were two. There was no division—my love was not split between them now; it wasn’t like that. It was like my heart became large to love both of them. 

                                The end


Hey guys. This is the end. Thank you for reading. Today I thought I would like to dedicate this chapter to Roma. As I never can’t reply her comment.

And thank you all my readers. Rubi di, Anu, sawra, Dais, areej, advaita, cherry, ryths, shreyA, atulaya, nimisha, Dev, meena, Zayn, suha( sorry if I didn’t mention any one name) and all the silent readers.
you can tell me how was the storry. it was the first time i write something. thanks for reading. please everyone and specially silent readers
Give me your veiws on it.

And yeah I will miss you guys. You are great friends. Hope you will miss me a little. By then. Good bye and good luck. Don’t forget to smile.

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