Dreams which keep us alive chapter 26


The thing was happening…quite nicely.
My opposite girl, whose name was Tia , as usual was unbelievably good. I didn’t have to give this much effort in any match. She was last year champion. So it was obvious her quality was high. But she didn’t know me and neither my ability.

After Game and set out point board showed the score.
                        Arohi 6-4 4-6 Tia

It could be a tie. But I didn’t want it. I had to win this. And there was no compromise in it.

But one shoot miss. Shit!.. first point went to her. And then she missed a backhand while looking for the break point though, and looks rather flat-footed as she makes another error on the backhand to give me the game. Now the point was again 1-1.

But again miss it yr!! Her point was now better than me. So I hit a run serves though, resulting in more errors to allow her to keep the set on serve. Yes!! BREAK! Three unforced errors cost her badly as I brought up two break points, returning the back of the court. She tried to responds, hitting an excellent backhand winner, but she looks exhausted as she gets ready for the next point, which ends in a long forehand from the fifth seed. It’s advantage me in the deciding set.

I consolidated the break with ease as a drained which  made her  mistake after mistake, firing a backhand long before a forehand goes wide. Now the score was.

                 Arohi 6-4 4-6 4-2 Tia

Another BREAK..that was I really want. And yeahhhhh now the game is mine. I knee down the floor when they declared…
GAME, SET & MATCH! Arohi Khanna 6-4
4-6 6-2 Tia Porse…

The screaming was everywhere. I even couldn’t believe I did it. I actually did it. The whole gallery was shouting my name. It was better than any tournament. I couldn’t feel when the tears were coming down my cheeks. There was no way to stop them. When I finally stood up so much arms hugged me. Oh God I couldn’t breath. They should leave now.

“Arohi.. You did it.”

“I knew …I knew it yr!!”

“You are incredible”

“After all she is my sister…”

“But she is my Darling… Now let’s party…”

They all were shouting God. I just wiggled in their embrace.. Finally I came out from there and saw Dad. Oiii he was with teary eyes and all so emotion. I came near him and finally I got what I want Dad hugged me though I was all sweaty and rapidly breathing. But I actually felt good. I mean obviously that was what I fought for my whole life.

Dad will be proud for me ,for my game and all. “I’m so proud of you.. And yeah sorry baby..” I pulled away to look at him what was he saying. ” I misunderstood you. You really talented ..Zyan was right, you deserve really best.” I shook my head, he should happy for me not sorry. “It’s OK Dad. Now you are here that is all I want. Thanks for this. ” couldn’t complete my word but before that shouting party came and surrounding us. This time Dad also joined with them.

Crazy people.. I smiled at them though there was still missing piece. Where was he!!?? I mean he should be here. For me. I mean that was all I thought. Was it that difficult to be here. ? Last time I hoped and the pain of breaking hope was intolerable. But this time he made me to hope. My every cell was just craving for him. Why can’t he understand? Feeling like burning…

Didn’t he promise this time.? I mean what was the meaning of that papers and whose words. And I won also. But again he was nowhere. I took a deep breath to settle myself. It just that couldn’t stop my eyes from searching everywhere.

Every formality was processing quite quickly. It was just me who was restless. When finally they announced my name I actually felt good. But still it was not complete. Nothing was fulfill there.

When the association handover the trophy and medal to me …whole gallery was screaming. May be most of the noise was coming from my friends. I smiled and started to come down from there but suddenly a voice made me froze.

             “I realized in hindsight

                       That hurting you wasn’t right

            I figured out much later

                       That I behaved like a loser

            After some introspection

                     I admit my wrong decision

            Please accept my apology

                    May be..may be..

…..OK I wanted to make a poem but it’s really hard. Too much tough.”

Everywhere was whispering about this voice. As it was invisible… They didn’t know who was saying and where it came from. But for me I just didn’t know where it came from. It just made me disgust. Next time when I would see him. I swear I would beat him like heal. Too much torture.

       “OK…I’m not here for talking about my talent. I am a stupid f**king careless and whatever adjective you can prefer. I just don’t want to be late for changing me..”

One minute. Was he announcing these words!? Yeah everybody wes hearing.. What the!!! I was too impatient to see him that I almost forgot we were in the tennis play ground. Oh God.!!

” changing  for my girl. I don’t know about her. But for me it is obvious there is no existing about me without her.” This time he was visible …up to the gallery, on the stairs, walking down with a microphone.
He was in blue and white jacket. Similar to mine Jersey..indicating to me.!!!

I gasped.. What!! I couldn’t understand anything. Nothing could make sense.But I almost forgot about this. I had seen him almost 3/4 weeks later.. I missed him too much that Just wanted to reach him. I was little pissed of but I always knew he would understand his mistake and would back to me. It was a little faith. That was the main reason for my breathing.

But what was he doing now!!??. What was the need of it.? Everyone was staring at him. Someone back at me. I mean it was not that difficult to link up us and understand.. Whom he was talking about.?

“I made mistake after mistake. That type of idiot I am. I know just a sorry is not enough. But I want to say it. I don’t know about you. If you can really forgive me and take me back but I have to try.. That is I’m trying. I know you deserve better than me. But for me you are the best. So I’m little selfish here. And I have no regret of it. Would you take me back.” He was coming down and was quite close to the ground. He was finally stepped on the floor when he said the last line.

It was just a few meters away than me. I couldn’t still remove my palm from my mouth. It was still meaning less. How can I took him back when I had never left.!! For me he was all I wanted. Just a promise would perfect. Cause I hadn’t that energy to bear this pain again.

“I know you ..you have a big heart ..may be you will forgive me easily. Or may be you never that angry with me. But I should apologize for my idiocy. And I promised I would never ever do that again. I have get my lesson. I known I had promised  something before and broke it. Too much stupidity.”

There was utterly silence on the whole ground. I was too surprised …I never ever imagine something like that. Not even in my dream. He was saying sorry in front of the world. All media all people!!! It was too much to digest. But he was still speaking.

“But you know that promise was not perfect. I had said I would help in your dream. But it was wrong. It is not your dream only. I would not help in it. It should be our dream. So this time we will achieve it together.” I was too astonished. How one day could surprise me in so many ways.!! What he was saying it was quite impossible for a man. How could he understand this way. Oh my God! The weird behavior of my friends.!! That made sense now.

“Because it is our dream now. If we share our life. We should share our dream too. I know I understand it lately. But I promise. I would keep it in mind in my whole life that’s why I need you to support in my life…….. So I …want to say..”

I frowned. Where this conversion was going.  ” I’m not talking to Arohi khanna but this year champion, will you marry me?”


Hey… Late update I know .sorry. There is just one chapter left. I know this story is not that interesting. So much bore. No special twist. And my stupid writing skills. But even though some of you read it and encourage me. Thank you very much. I will be always thank full. And tell me about this chapter. I know it’s little dramatic. But do you like Zyan’s idea. Sometime I think he is a alien. No man in this earth can do this. Haha. I’ll update next chapter soon. By then keep smiling…

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