Dreams which keep us alive chapter 25


“Where are you.? I’m talking to you. Plz Arohi for God sake be reasonable. Focus.. plz focus.” Arjun was yelling at me for last five minutes. The exact answer was just in front of him. But I remained silent.

I,myself was pissed of with me so there was no point. Today is my final competition but still I was unfocused. That was not the worst in the semifinal round me and my partner almost lost for my mistake. But I actually appreciated my partner. She was incredible. She managed the whole play quite easily.

And now the problem was I had to face her. If I wanted to win this championship I had to defeat her. It’s not impossible I know. Just I had to focused. But I didn’t know what happened from morning my brain was just stuck.

“What!! What are you thinking now? I’ll kill you with that stupid Zyan , if you are  thinking about him.” What the hell was that. Why he came with this calculations.
Zyan was never my distraction. Yeah obviously I missed him everyday , every second actually.

That didn’t make any sense. It was just that.. I missed him I wanted him but… Not that was every body thought. I could handle myself. But when bhai mentioned his name I felt a stub in my heart. A sharp pain. I wonder how long this pain would increased. God dammit. I wanted him so badly.

But I sided this thought for now. And I had to clear this conclusion ” bhai, it’s not like that you know and…” Arjun started to say something to stop me but coach stopped him.

“It’s okay. I need some talk.” He said putting his hand on bhai’s shoulder. He sighed and left the place. We were in resting room mom dad and my other friends were in the gallery. I didn’t go to meet them after play. I had half hour before final round. And I didn’t want to face them now.

“Relax Arohi. Take a deep breath. That’s all you need. You can do it OK!? I believe you … I know what I’m doing. Now go your dressing room. Take some rest. Go.” I nodded quickly as he left after saying this.

I took a deep breath. And walked to my dressing room. I closed the door behind me. And sat on the near couch. Resting my head near wall I sighed. I had to calm down but after bhai’s conversation it became more difficult.

For some days my friends were not really pushing me. Saying me that bullshit. Move on. Get over. Etc etc. I didn’t know what happen. But I hadn’t that time to think about these. I was just restless. I gave my whole effort not to think about him. It’s damn hard.

I shook my head to let go every thought. then suddenly something caught my eyes.
A little paper , a yellow post it that was not mine. It was attached with wall. Something was written on it.

I took the paper and focused on it. I was shock like hell. I knew the hand writing. I knew. But what if I was wrong. What if I just misunderstood it. I focused the few words on it for  distracting myself …

               [Is it bad!? Oh…it’s OK. 
       You know what?
               It’s not worst
                            So…smile…(: ]

I read it twice, thrice I don’t know how many times. It was somehow wonderful. It was not something I didn’t know. May be it effected so much cz I doubted the owner of it in a dangerous level. May be it was him may be not. My heart became crazy as that thought. So I again gave my full attention on the words.

Yes, it was really bad. But obviously not worst. We could lost this term. That would much more difficult. I couldn’t even attain final. So I should happy that I got this opportunity. And I got a way to prove myself.

But my breathing speed still clumsy. I had to calm down before it could hit. So I stood up and opened my locker door and then there was another note. Oh God. It’s a white little paper. With…same hand writing. I took it and started to read it.

                 I know you can do it.
         Everybody know you can…..just
                 You have to know, you can
            Do everything that you want.

This time I took breath and smiled.I was then quite calm. So much people believed in me. I couldn’t let them down. I just couldn’t. I could. I could. I knew. I just knew it. I took my towel and went to washroom …after fresh up I stood against the mirror to justify myself. Opps there was another chit. It’s pinkish. This time I grabbed it quickly.

                  It’s hard?..I know. OK.
    Let’s think about your favourite things.
              That makes you smile.
   Don’t forget about …..panipuri…. (:(:

I grinned just ear to ear.  everything that I loved. Like…yeah panipuri and my lots of book, songs, my parents, my brother, my friends too. Hmmm now him also. Was it necessary to sent this post it instead of being himself here. I sighed though I felt much more better than before. I combed my hair and set it perfectly. And then looked for the water bottle.

When I found it there was another yellow paper. How he knew what I would going to do next.!? I took the bottle and the paper also.

       Don’t sallowed too much at a time.
                  Every pick just think the smiles
        You will get after your win.
                  Yeah mine.. Too.

I was just too happy. His smile. That’s mean he was somewhere near me. But where?? I was not supposed to lose this smile that I got after so many days. So I did what he told..OK OK what he wrote.

I was now calm down and yeah focused. I had to give my best. Whatever would come I would face. For me, for my parents, for my friends, for that every girl who want to be a dreamer. I couldn’t make dad regret for giving me this chance.

And yeah for my this post-it man. My Zyan. Where was he.? I didn’t know but I knew he was near me. That was enough for me.

Then I reached for my tennis bat. Ohh I thought the post it program was complete. But there was another. It’s purple. My favourite colour. There was just one line enough for stopping my heart beat.

                If you forget
                             I love you…

“I love you too” I whispered back though there was no one to hear. I smiled and filling my lungs with as much air I could inhale I stepped out the door. I had to hear this from his voice. I didn’t know why it seemed like I had to win for that. Worth it. Everything was worth for it. And I had to do it by hook and crook. For him and obviously for me.

Sorry extremely sorry for late update. Specially sorry for areej. My mom took my phone. After so much insisting she give it for just for 1hour. And here I’m . I hope you like it. Tell me how is it.

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  1. Sorry dear I didnt read full. Is it a ff of karanika ??? Arjunarohi? I will be extremely delighted if it is.

    1. sorry dear, i can’t understand what are you saying. it’s a complete fictional story. not any fafiction

  2. It’s zyan and arohi. Amazing story

    1. thanks cherry

  3. Wow …..cute chapter!

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  5. Really really nice episode update soon :-))

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  8. wow at last!!!!!!! its all right nishi
    i was just wating u know i cannot control myself from reading about what is going to happen and in this story i cant even imagine what will happen!!!!
    you are a very good writter keep it up! i like zayn plans
    hoping next would not be late!!!

    1. ohh areej. you made my day. thanks dear

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