Dreams which keep us alive chapter 24


ouch….what the hell. But before I could stand up another punch hit me. This time it’s really hurt.! After that someone grabbed my shoulder and helped me to sit up. When I finally could see I was quite surprised. Arohi’s friends were there. As per as Arohi’s friends they were sort of my friends too. Is these days I was so busy for missing her that I almost forget them. But seeing them like this it’s obvious I was missing them too.

But the gesture I saw was Adi was furiously struggled in Rohan’s arm. He glared at me like dead. OK that punches coming from him. Rohan had to give a lot effort to stop him. But his expression was not much more better than Adytta. Both of them were pissed of.

Lisa stood in front of me like a shield. When Ayush was helping me to stand up.
“What the hell is this Adi? We are here to solve problems. Not to fight.” Adi groaned but didn’t replied Lisa’s word. Aysha did that jod.

“But he deserved that. Is there anything left to solve.? Don’t think so. What he said Arohi. That he was going to leave. But he is still here. Liar, what pleasure he got doing this!!!. He would be so happy doing this to Arohi.? ” Ash was so furious. If we met in alone without anyone she surely end up killing me.

” you don’t have to decide that. I must admit it is hard for Arohi too. But you can’t say anything about Zyan. You don’t know. OK? He is still here cz…”

“Lisa, let it be plz. Stop this fighting.” I snapped at her … I don’t want to lead it further away. And obviously didn’t want them to fight.

“Right Lisa , I don’t know. and you know what I don’t care also. I just know that my friend is suffering. That’s it. And he is the one who is responsible for it.” Ash was right may be that’s why this time Lisa remained silent.

“We barely know her. Now. It’s like that there is no life in her. It’s dead. We didn’t even see a single smile from her after your so.. hurt friend left her. We don’t even know how long it will last or even she ever going to be OK. ” I feeling like screaming ..no more plz. I didn’t want to hear anymore. I didn’t want to hear that she was not smiling , that’s the most precious thing in this world.

I shut my ears by hand and collapsed near sofa for support. ” stop it please stop it. I don’t want to hear anymore.” Everyone went silent after that. Lisa came near me for support I didn’t need anyone then.

After that Rhea came and sat near couch facing me. Some seconds later she sighed. Everyone was seeing us . I could feel their gaze on me. Rhea was not that angry like others. When I faced her , she was looking at me. Her face was compose. ” I just want one answer from you. Just one. Give me that.”

I frowned at her. What did she want to ask? ” why. Did. You. Leave. Her?” I didn’t expect that. I was confused. And the others too. I thought already everybody knew that.

“No, I don’t want the answer you give everyone. I want the actual reason.” I couldn’t understand her. I clarified that. I was not perfect for Arohi. She had some ambitions and for me she was distracted. Not only this she gave me priorities that’s I didn’t deserve.

“For me she had to face so much problem. That’s why…” She shook her head rapidly that I stopped talking. “It’s that you want to believe. Because you know this is not the main reason. Speak up Zyan. Face it.”

I didn’t want to think anything. What she was saying was scary. ” you know, that today or some other day. Arohi have to choose just one. It is you or her ambition. You are just afraid that she would choose her dream over you. !! Right,!?” She blurred out

Damn it !! She was right. She was damn right. I looked other side ..don’t want to face anything. ” I’m so selfish. I know.” My voice was just like whisper. But I know everybody could hear. The room was pin drop silent.

“No, I don’t think so. You make it easy for her. The choosing option. It’s not easy decision. Not everybody could do this” I looked back at her when she said it. Wanted to know what she meant.

“But what if that choosing option never come. Then? What’s the meaning of it?” How is that possible. I mean every woman had to face it. It became difficult tusk. And at the end they chose family over her carrier. I exactly saw Arohi was doing the same. That was not right.

“It’s not possible. did you ever hear a married girl become a superstar?” I asked though I knew the answer was ‘no’. Rhea stared at me for few seconds before speaking. ” but we all know married man can become superstar. And could you tell me why so?” She asked again without giving my answer. Yeah we knew. But that couldn’t make sense.

A man can be a successful actor with his wife. A rock star also can be famous with his partner. Every profession man can get this opportunity. But same things can’t applied for girls. And I didn’t want Arohi to face it. ” that’s the problem. Society doesn’t approve it. Circumstance always became difficult. ” I didn’t know where this conversation lead to us. I was finally giving my full attention in it. And same for others. Though they were just hearing us. It’s felt like I could get my path for exhale here.

“No, society isn’t main problem. Circumstances are same for male and female. We, the humans, make it different. When a husband makes a dream, we women make it our also. For girls that become our dream. But you guys can’t think like that.” She said it holding her hand on her chest.

“May be you guys appreciate your girls’ dream. Their ambition. But it always remain their things. You can’t make it your also. When girls can make it their. And that’s why boys don’t have to face difficulties but we girls have to.” Rohan came near us and stood behind his girl touching  her shoulder. May be proud of her.

Rhea smiled then again said. ” I appreciate your think, Zyan. You did all this only for Arohi. But do you think she really need this. She was a strong girl, Zyan. You just make her weak. May be not physically. But of course emotionally. If you really love her then don’t make the situation of choosing. That’s all she need.”

May be she was right. No, of course she was right. It’s the problem. May be I always appreciate her dream. Not our dream. That’s why I thought I was an obstacle for her. But she didn’t think like this. For her my cafe, my business, my ambition was always her too. That’s why she didn’t even think once before burning her hands just saving my cafe’s paper. Opps no for her that was our paper.

But as usual we boys couldn’t think like this. If Arohi’s dream also be mine. Her desire, her ambition, her obstacle, her destruction , her win and her lose became mine too is it possible there could be any problem from me and the choosing option would ever come. And the answer was the happiest answer for me. NO.

How could I didn’t see this before. I was such a mess yr!! “it’s OK. We are quite idiotic. You know” Rohan answered my unspoken question. Resting his chin on Rhea’s head. I smiled at his gesture.

“But I think we could change the things. Right?” Adi asked walking near to Ash. His question was not only for me then. I nodded when Ash gave a smile to the boy near her. Thank God this two were not angry anymore.

“What are you waiting for now? Huh!!? Just go my boy” Ayush shouted me grabbing his girl waist. I smiled at the three happy couple. Taking a deep breath I stood up. Now that my stupid skull got back the brain. I knew what I had to do.

But the question was …. Would she forgive me??? I hurt her too much.

I personally believe Rhea’s thought. What do you think guys? As per the story it will end soon. May 2/3 epi left. I know it was really boring. My writing skill is pathetic . I know. But some of you guys always read it . I really appreciate it. This was not so good but you read it so thanks. And you can tell me how was the journey. Specially the silent readers. All good and bad comments are welcomed. It could make me a little realistic. Thank you all

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  1. I totally accept rheas thought buddy n its was an real eye opener for me n loved dis epi keep on writing

    1. Thank you Dev. It’s really feel good.

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    1. Thanks Dais. I’ll update Asap

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    1. Thank you!!! Yeah we need to think of it

  5. I too agree with Rhea.. It is 100% true.. I just love this story. U r a very talented writer nishi.. This is one of the best stories I have read.. U have brought many gud thoughts.. Continue the story and if u r finishing this one Plz start a new one… Plzzzzzz…

    1. Oh my God. You just made my day. Thank you so much, Anu ( hope you don’t hate this nickname) you are so sweet.

      1. Nishi u can call me Anu.. I love that name…??

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