Dreams which keep us alive chapter 23



“I’m feed up….I’m feed up with you. You are playing with your life!!!” Lisa was screaming around me with her wild voice.
I couldn’t understand how this girl find me. Opps may be someone called her by my phone as last collar ID was her when I passed away. Stuck yr!! I was sitting on my bed clutching my hair, my forehead pressed against my knees. So much bad headache.

Why she was not stopping her blabbering.
I was not really not in mood for her lecture. Ayush was stuck between us.( if anyone forget, then Ayush is Alisa I mean Lisa’s fiancée) neither he could take my side nor his girl.

“You are not missing her, Zyan. You are dying for her. Did you see yourself?” She should stop now. Crossing the forbidden line. I breathed heavily. Last night was worst. Seriously I fainted.!? Others night I actually could came home by myself. But yesterday I had gone to see her tournament that I absolutely shouldn’t. But I was as weak as usual. I held myself behind a bunch of guys so that nobody could see me. But I could see her that was enough, more than enough.

And as usual she won ….I was really happy for her but to my astonishment she was not that happy. The previous time, she was jumping like a kid. Too happy. The sparks of her eyes were awesome. That could make my day. But when she held the trophy this time. She was so dull!! Her eyes were searching everywhere in the gallery over and over.

But getting disappointment she sighed heavily. That broke my heart even more. What was she searching!? She hugged her trophy in her chest and breathed rapidly just like couldn’t get enough air for breath. It’s familiar for me… Then it hit. Was she searching me!!!!!God…I’m a disaster.

I just wanted to reach her. Grabbed her in my arm and never let her go. Kiss her for my dear life. As there was no tomorrow. But I know I couldn’t do that and at last I ended in the bar. Damn it. In these days spending time there was my routine. But yesterday I broke all lines. And here I stuck with my punishment.

” And could you understand that you are not punishing yourself only. Arohi is equally suffering. You idiot. ” I snapped my head toward her as I heard her name.
Suffering!! Why!! I did all this for her.

” Lisa, calm down. We could talk later.” Ayush interrupted, but Lisa ignored him.
“Why..tell me why.? Give me one reason. This a*sh*le left her for a idiotic reason. Now he is suffering, dying, destroying. I can’t…I can’t take it anymore.” Whatever she was saying the reason was not idiotic. I was destructing her so much. I almost pushed her from her destination.

“It’s OK… I think you should calm down first.” Ayush rubbed her back when she was freaking out. May be I could understand Lisa’s fact. We were together from the childhood. And then same uni. We are not best friend material but she cared for me. Mostly like younger brother. Anoying. May be I would do the same if the situation would reverse.

“I can’t Ayush. You didn’t see him in that bar. He is just….” She couldn’t go further, sat on the bed backing me. Hide her face in her palms.

“I’m sorry. Sorry for hurting you guys.” That was all what I could say. I thought Lisa would snapped again. But this time Ayush did the job.” Sorry is not we want from you. Bro. We just want you to be happy.”

I remained silent. There was no way for it. I couldn’t do that now. Not even pretending. I didn’t have even that energy. I just wanted Arohi to hold me near herself. So that I could finally breath. But that was utterly impossible.

“Zyan if you can’t do it here. Just go OK? You have some plan right? Australia, London? Wherever.” Ayush had a point. Even I tried this but couldn’t … In this place I could imagine her. Illusion her. I knew she exist. Some other place I don’t know if I could tolerate or not.

Before I could say anything Lisa spoke off ” he can’t ….he can’t do anything but messed up. So I think it’s our time to do.” I stared her, what she just said?. Ayush sighed …they have some plan ??!!

To answer my question the bell rang in my house. Who is here now?. Ayush went to open the door Lisa followed. I also did the same grabbing my head. When I reached there I still in blurry motion. Before I could resister anything a punch hit my head and I collapsed on the floor losing balance….

They will fix up ..don’t worry. It’s so short I know. Sorry for being busy now a days. Hope you like it.

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