Dreams which keep us alive chapter 22


                     ×××××Zyan’s pov××××

“Once more plz” I requested with my whole puppy eyes. But I think it didn’t make that impact. Last time I saw my reflection in the mirror, I barely know myself. With those reddish eyes with darkness. May be for nightmare, facing that hatred I fear most. So the bartender who was now glaring at me with astonishment, hardly impressed by me.

“Sorry sir. Bar is closed and. I think you are full now. You should go home, sir.” Home!! What a word.! Some rooms made by concrete couldn’t home. My shelter was not with me then. And the worst part was I , myself pushed it away. The girl I craving the most, could fight against everything just for being with her, could forget the whole world just grabbing her in my arms. Was not with me.

I made her cry, I made her to feel disaster, I left her, I pushed her. And may be….may be she hates me now. Just That thought took every organs of my body away from me. Empty… Made me monster now. I just want to erase the pain a little much. It’s intolerable.

“Just last please…” I voice was already broken down. Hope this boy would give me some pity but he didn’t .

“It’s not only rules. Sir. I don’t think you can take any more. ” he looked at me with concern that I didn’t deserve. Why he cared. Why anybody cared. Oh I helped him once. I couldn’t remember what was the problem but I helped with what I could give. Money.

I helped him so he should now. But he was not helping yr!! Yeah as per my stomach it’s obvious I couldn’t take any more. It’s may be screaming. I could puke any time.
But there was a huge hole inside me that was shouting out pain. May be alcohol could help a little. May be not, if it could it happened till now. But the emptiness was increasing more..more..more..huge.

“Look I’m okay.. Take this and…” I opened my money bag and reached for extra money but before that he spoke off.
“No need sir …. OK. Let’s see what I can do.” He unwillingly went for another bottle. The bar was totally silent no one was there except me. Poor boy. Stuck for me.

He came with the bottle and wanted to arrange the glass but I took that bottle from him, no need such formalities. Opening it I swallowed as much as I could. And then something hit my stomach and I felt a urge to puke. Before I register anything I puked and my head was spinning furiously. After that may be I hit the floor or not, don’t know feeling numbness. Before I passed away the only picture came in my head the most beautiful girl in the word was crying, sobbing, shouting, screaming and I , the moron left her


It’s a short update. Sorry for that I have farewell party ….was busy with that. BTW I tried to write something in Zyan’s POV. Tell me if you like it or not.

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  1. its voww yr he is craving soo much for her but strt hote hii it ended it’s ok but plzz update soon

  2. Feeling bad for both..

  3. awesome

  4. nice feeling sad for zayn

  5. hi dear.so much pain the both r enduring fill really sad forr them.

  6. Feeling awful for poor zayn

  7. Ahhhh…first time zyan’s pov…lovely narration yaar….he is so broken, shattered, regretting himself, abusing n drinking to get out of it N scared from Arohi’s hatred….it’s really emotional n heart wrenching episode. …I just loved it. .he is in so much pain N arohi too not better than him….plzzzz unite them soooooooon. ..n congrats for your farewell party…enjoy…have fun….love you soooooooo muchhhhhh

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