Dreams which keep us alive chapter 20


I had a very few seconds for thinking. It could be blast in any second. I hadn’t time to see at Zyan. Did he see that. Or could he understand the meaning of that sound. May be the measure of water and chole was not correct. It was not correct . that was sure now. Oh shit.

I just reached the desk and pushed every file and other staffs from the table. And just then it blast. Oh. Thanks God..papers were saved but not my hand. The boiled water collapsed one hand. Stuck. It’s burning God.!!. I looked at Zyan. he was still in shock. Looked at me in disbelief. His full kitchen was messed up.

Reaching me he took my hand. He was barely touching. “I..It’s p..paining?” His voice was just broke down. “Not much” I lied. He looked at me with moistures eyes. Seemed like burst out crying at any time.
“I’m s..sorry.” One drop of water fell on my hand.

“Shh..Zyan.  It’s nothing. Just little burning. Not a big deal.” I wiped the tears from his cheek. Stood my tiptoes to kiss his eyes. But he stepped back. “Not a big deal!! Are you mad.? Look at your hand. It’s… All my fault..” He almost screaming. Frustrated. Disgusted by himself. I stepped forward but he again stepped back. “Zyan…

“I should bring the first aid. Wait” he left the room abruptly cutting my line. I followed but before left I looked back. The kitchen was just destroyed. But it felt like only this was not that destroyed!!! I removed my thought before it hurt.

He did the whole dressing thing quite calmly and obviously silently. It’s really bad. “You are really good at it” I pointed when he gave some icepack on my hand. He frowned at me and again remained his work. When it was completed. He stood up with the box. We were at his living room. I was still on the coach ..sitting. After dressing it felt quite good. I thought I need some ice later.

“I think you should go now. Come..I will lift you” he grabbed his car’s key from the table and spin around without asking me anything. I had no option but follow him.

We reached his car. He opened the passenger seat for me and I climbed  in without hesitation. He slid into the other side. And started the engine. Drove much more fast than usual. The silent was so intensified that made me insane.

“Say something.” I finally begged as he turned onto the freeway.

“What I have to say.? Is there anything left?” He asked in a detached voice.

“You make it unnecessary trouble.” I pouted as he always exaggerated everything.

“Oh really!! Look at your hand Arohi then tell me.. OK!? I guess you can’t do anything in this condition. And the super good thing is what you know. There is just two weak left for your next tournament. You would be really happy ..right? And all these just because of me.”

“I shouldn’t make that stupid chole bature.without knowing the exact measure of water. I shouldn’t keep that paper’s there. I should be careful. I should..” He looked at the window, tangled his finger in his hair. Total frustrated.

I waited until his breathing speed slow down. It’s true may be I would have to face some trouble. But nothing I couldn’t handle. ” chole bature is not stupid. Zyan . I love it” I just wanted to make the atmosphere normal. But it was a vain hope. He didn’t even look at me. Muttered something but I couldn’t hear.

He remained silent for the rest of the path..  stopped his car in front of my house. Still silent. Not even look at me. “Hmm..Zyan could you come inside. Mom usually talks about you. I think she would be happy. Arjun also asked about you.”I said when he came to my side to open the door.

“Not today” just two word he said opening the door for me. I stepped out. He closed the door. Finally look at me. I missed it so much…like hell. I leaned and clasped my arms securely around his neck, stretching up on my tiptoes. He leaned down and kissed my face abruptly. My cheeks my eyes ..forehead..jaw..temple.. Nose..like he didn’t have enough time. It’s one kind of terrifying. But I didn’t stop him.

When he stopped ,his forehead rested on mine. Only my heartbeat wasn’t rapid there.”I’m so sorry. I..”

“Shh…it’s not your fault. Admit it” I said it brushing my lips on him until he kissed me back. Finally he gave up but that couldn’t help much. I wanted to hold it longer but he pulled away. “I gotta go”

Before I say something he stepped in his car and drove away. I swallowed hard. It’s not good. But I had to be positive. He just need some time. That’s it. I had to remind it  myself until I believe it.


It had been one weak after that stupid incident. First 2/3 days was difficult. I had barely use my hand to do anything. But it’s quite easy now. Even I started my practice again. Everything was quite normal.

Everything!! This word should be nothing. I didn’t even see Zyan after that. He called me asked about health. Then hanged up.
Whenever I told him to meet ….he just said he was busy. Frustrating. I wanted to see him. I wanted to feel him near me.

But I didn’t think he understand this. I quite pissed of . I planed to yell at him when I would see. But it didn’t happen when I saw him after these long days. He was waiting near his car… In my academy’s parking lot. I walked toward him when I came out the gate. “You have get time to see me. Mr busy man?”

It was full of bitterness but he just smiled. He was looking down. Not faced to me. “I think we should talk ” he said still looking everywhere but not me.

“About what ??? Your sudden change?” I couldn’t understand his problem. Finally he looked at me. There was something buried in his eyes that I couldn’t be sure of—and it scared. So cold.’ It’s very bad ‘ my inner voice said. But I neglected it. “I am going to Australia next weak.”

OK he can go. I mean there must have some work. “When will you come back?” I already started to miss him. This weak was so bad. If he would leave the country it would be worst. He took a deep breath and stared, unseeingly, at the ground for a long moment. His mouth twisted the tiniest bit.

“Don’t know. I am going to leave for some years or something like that.” His words couldn’t make any sense.

I shook my head back and forth mechanically, trying to clear it. He waited without any sign of impatience. It took a few minutes before I could speak. “You will leave me?” That was the only question that mattered for me. For my surviving.

I don’t know how is this story going. Very few response. May be so much boring. Plzz response the silent readers. Otherwise this effory is nothing. And thank you whoever read it.

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