dreams which keep us alive chapter 2

some time what we think… whole situation turn some thing else……firstly I was thinking how will break this alliance. But now …..it’s depend on who will break…………

when I said I also don’t want this marriage his face was priceless. As shock as me. “seriously!!!!! I thought today i’ll break someone’s heart.” He took his coffee which I wonder must be cold now.”ohh crap. it’s cold.” how dramatic he can be.!!
“so…exactly why you don’t want this marriage. There is someone else??.But I don’t think it’s a problem. Your parents are not conservative”

Yeah obviously they are not.”have you see so much Hindi movie? You are so melodramatic.” I grinned at his word.”Dad would jumping ….if I could met him with someone. He practically troubled my male friends by checking if there could be something fishy”
“so what’s the reason then?” he left the coffee cup by failure and saw me straight .

“OK I can make for you again” I take the jug of boil water to make again.”No need I can make myself. you carry on” I looked suspiciously when he took the work himself. He was very comfortable at this.

“I want to be a tennis player.” he looked at me by amusement. ‘wow that’s wonderful. that’s mean I just meet a would be famous player” that’s sweet when someone introduce you by your own identity.

“thank you! but that is underestimate, I’m a simple player ..play for my state.. that’s it.’ he shooked his head “just focus on it …you can goal. Marriage can be wait.”he winked at me as I giggled.

“Exactly what I want. timing ….that’s the problem. I need some time but parents can’t understand.” he nodded at agreement.

“so what’s your story!? do you see someone else!?” I asked him teasingly.As a male he shouldn’t have a career problem.

“Now who is dramatic huh!?” he chuckled by frowning his eyes.
“I want to be a chef. in this society if a girl want to be something different it becomes difficult. But if a boy dreams something like me it becomes humiliating.” he took the snacks and gave me a smile.But it was a sad smile.

“people think it’s a girly thing. we couldn’t do that it’s out of the rules…….. BTW it’s yummy who made it? ” he pointed at his food.

“my mom. and not everybody thinks cooking is bad. it’s an art. and obviously it’s not a girly thing. I’m a horrible cook. ”

“Art!! wow it’s good to hear!” he smiled again. this time shining.
“so what you want… you can participate any compitation.”

“not really I don’t want to be famous. Just want to open a simple cafeteria or restaurant. where people can hang out. what could be a place of making friendship or relationship. you know it feels good.”
“nice thought ….and you want it by yourself.?”

He looked at me and nodded.” I don’t know what people say BT for me I’m still unemployed.My dad business is not mine I don’t want it. I want some time to be settled ..marriage is not my first priority.”

“that’s good.” I gave him a pleased look.

“so now you can break this alliance. I’m all okay with it” He took the last saumucha(south Asian snacks) in his hand. he ate all the food himself. he could be a good cooker. but must be a great eater(hahaha).

“are you shitting with me Zyan…..I can’t do that” I was totally confused.

his food stuck in his mouth. “don’t ever say Arohi that you started to like me” which world he live.

“oh hello…back of Mr…back of. if I could do that I would not seating with you and discussing my problem.” I was pissed of.

“I couldn’t do that either.. exactly the same reason.” he stopped eatting. may be just one bite was left.

“shit…..God …this is not right.” I sighed. he also.what a pouty face he made. Neither me nor he can do anything about this.

we really stuck…….think Arohi think…..IDEA…..

**************************************************** hiiiii I know it’s a boring story and my writing skill is not good. but I just want to share my thought. if anyone willing to do that let me know. otherwise there is no point.
and it’s not a social problematic story. it’s a story of friendship and love. the relation which can break boundaries.
it you want me to continue plz let me know….

Credit to: nishi

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  1. pls continue nice concept

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  3. Rina Sivaguru

    Wow…. I like ur ff nishi…. They will be a great pair……. I think they will persuade their after wedding……

    1. thank you for comment and nice thinking

  4. Hai nishi ur story is really gud. Plz continue….

  5. Ha ha ha both r cute

  6. Omg nishi, it’s superb n very lovelyyyyyy story. …I’m loving it sooo muchhhhhh. …both have their own dream career…n marriage is not priority. …but tied with parents wish n stuck, who can break this alliance. …lovely plot…n awesoooooome dialogues. …plz honeyyy don’t underestimate yourself…you’re doing phenomenon job. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. ohh thank you ..your comment means a lot. I have updated the next part. hope they published soon

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