Dreams which keep us alive chapter 19


I just pray one thing then. Hope he didn’t hear. But as per as his facial expression it didn’t seem so.it’s pale!, I walked toward him. Wanted to warp my arms around him. But he started to walking in front of me. Stuck.

He didn’t say anything. And I couldn’t ask. Stuck. “How was your day.!?” Today I asked hope the awkward silence would disappear. “Fine…. I had a meeting. Want a partner about financial things. ”

That was it. He didn’t say anything further. “Don’t worry everything will be fine” he just nodded. “I trust you” I added when he again became silent. He smiled. Enough is enough. “Zyan…” He didn’t respond. So I again asked. This time with high voice.

“Zyan…I’m talking to you. Can you hear me.?” He looked at me with confusion. “Yeah I’m hearing. tell me.” I was not satisfied at this. “Stop the car.”

“Why.?” But he didn’t stop. “I said stop the car.” He completely ignored me. Still driving calmly. “For what. Again attacked by those lafangas. Then punch them… And spoil another day’s practice. ” stuck. He heard everything. Before I could say anything he continued “I shouldn’t allowed you to go there yesterday.’

“Stop it …OK!? Why in this world. We end up this conversation. There was nothing your fault.” He didn’t convinced. “I could take you hospital or something.”

“Wow…now it is overwhelming. I barely have any brushes. It was me who was care less. Not you OK!?” He didn’t reply. This was not working in this way. So I tried to apply some other way. I leaned in to him. Rested my head on his shoulder drawing on his chest. His scent was always overwhelming me. I could be addicted on it.

“Zyan…please don’t say like this. You didn’t do anything wrong. It’s just…I don’t know. Bad timing.” I tangled my fingers in his hair and messed up whispering it. “But it’s not that you do all good. So much decent …that’s not right.” I barely whispered to his ear.

“Arohi..I’m driving.. Stop tempting me” it’s now a casual tone. With some teasing ways. “Tempting… How!?” I made a puppy eyes. “And what problem in driving… I thought it’s just alcohol what is forbidden ….right!?”

He sighed but with a smile. Grabbing my waist he made me even closer. ” you are not much more innocent than alcohol. Even sometime way better. Alcohol is resistable. Not you. ” I was literally grinning when his lips touch my eyes then cheeks but then leaned away. “Now I’m driving. Don’t want any accident.”

So I leaned back and collapsed my seat. “Not that unresisting. ” I made a disgust face that just made him chuckle. Then again it became silent. But this time not uncomfortable. We reached home quite quickly. But when I turned to say good bye to him. His face was… so much painful. My goodbye stuck in my throat.

Then he leaned in and kissed me like…..mad….like…that was not enough for him…. that was somehow like… goodbye kiss… Oh shut up. What kind of thinking it was…weird thoughts.. I smiled with questioning look when he pulled away. “You are not resistable. Arohi. Obviously not for me.”he sighed saying this.. I wanted to smile at his word. But couldn’t. Somehow it didn’t sound romantic…it sounded Like
.. pathetic.


“1 or 2 cups….oh how many cup of water!!’ He was super frustrated. But I couldn’t help. In fact it’s little fun to see him cooking with frustration. I’m not going to deny he was looking cute in his apron and when  he rushed his finger in his hair in frustration… Oh my ..damn hot.

“I don’t know ..it was your idea to make chole bature …I don’t know the recipe.” He made a pouty face at me. I was very comfortable in his kitchen. sitting on the desk …and grabbing some food watched him made new items was awesome. I couldn’t say the awkwardness which was holding between us from last weak was completely erased.

I made every effort to make everything normal. And I was quite success in it. But eventually he kept a distance between us just like it was necessary and I hate it.. absolutely hate it. So I thought this weakened I could spend with him.

As per my practice now everything was fine. Coach was now happy that practiced was quite progressing. So that was perfect.
“1 cup …that would be right.” He managed the chole and water in pressure cooker for boiling them. Then he sat near it with his cafe’s file… The legal peppers …and the other stuffs. ” you should do this imp work somewhere else. Kitchen is not good place.”

He shrugged at my word. “I have to pay attention in this chole. It’s 1st time. ” he was really excited to make it.

“Yeah every single thing in the world get much more attention than me” I made a fake heartbroken face. He laughed and walked near me. Very close that I didn’t expect. My breathing speed increased rapidly. “Really!! You need my attention!!” That was one kind of  statement than question. Before I answered he again asked but this time he poked in my belly.

Shit… That was my first mistake. I laterally jumped and immediately put few steps distance between us. I was too much ticklish. When Zyan poked me it was not exceptional. “Don’t ever you think to do this again. ” that was second mistake. He smiled at me so mischievously that’s exact meaning ‘you are gone’

Oh no..oh no.  I stepped back and he stepped forward. Still grinning like mad. Ugh. I turned left and started running and so he. When I reached near freeze ,I found a bucket of eggs. Opps good protection. Now it’s my turn to smile. He looked at me with disbelievingly.”no…you are not going to do this.”

Oh I was too far for warning. “Yes. I am” I grabbed a egg and threw it at his direction. He lowered his head and it hit at the wall. Opps. Target missed. So what!? We should keep trying. Right!!? So I tried again and again. And by forth it hit at his head. Wow what a gesture!!! I love it. He looked at me with angry eyes. But unfortunately it couldn’t scare me. What a shame.

“You are gone…you will be regret for it ” he took a flour packet by his side and my eyes were wild open. He couldn’t be serious. But he was. Before I could take any steps he grabbed my hand. After that I found myself all whitish ..floury …gesture. Oh God!!!!!!!…. My hair….I was sure water can boil by my anger. Huh.!!

But Zyan was burst out laughing. Rolling on the floor. Grabbing his stomach as if it was the most hilarious things in the world. ” oh Arohi….you looking so cute in white hair. It matches on you. What I’ll call you …snow white.”

I sat beside him and gave him a disgusted look. “You are not way better. Mr egg man. So what I should you call the beast!! ”

“If you are my beauty …then yes I am the beast!!” He declared by sitting on the floor. I actually worked hard not to smile.
“And we should make a cake. You know. Mine egg. Your flour.. Perfect recipe.”

This time I couldn’t resist from laughing. Oh…you shouldn’t mess up with a cook. He would end up make a food of you…

I wanted to stand up and then I looked at the pressure cooker …something was not normal. It didn’t give any citi this time. How!! Oh god …it’s possibpe only!! No.. Zyan’s laptop.. Legal paper…. Cafe’s file every thing was by it’s side. And all the papers were hugely important.!! No!!

Sorry sorry sorry….hugely sorry. I couldn’t update these days. Even couldn’t reply your comments. So sorry. You know my board exams are nearly at door. I couldn’t get enough time for sleeping. So sorry.. Hope you will like this chapter and tell me how it is.. I will publish next one Asap….till then keep smiling..

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