Dreams which keep us alive chapter 18


“.it’s already 9 ” I hurriedly doing everything… When Ash yelled the time. Oh shit I’ll be late again. I pack my things. And came to the living room. Aysha was serving some food on table. “At least eat something… Before lunch you don’t have time.”

“Already late ….where is the other part” I was screeching my other part of shoe. Ash house was one of my second house. Most of the time Her parents couldn’t live there for businesses or some other reason. That’s why some of my necessary things always here. But I can’t find then.

“Just eat this poratha …then go” she pushed me to the chair. Ugh irritated.. I quickly grabbed omelet with poratha and shallowed it ASAP. Ash phone was continuously ringing …I noticed before but didn’t say anything. “Pic it up. May be he want to say something important.” My headache was now quite control. That medicine was superb.

“Not necessary. You do your job.” She completely ignored me. And made some butter on bread. Junk food. That’s mean she was tensed. “Ash…may be you forget Adi is our friend also. I admit you guys have some issues but you can’t denied it. Yeah I’m not going to say he is good guy and blah blah blah….but he is not some devil.”

She didn’t replied my lecture. Good sine. So I continued. “You know… We almost forget your birthday. Almost OK!?..but he didn’t. In fact he planned everything. But he couldn’t even wish you. You didn’t talk with him. It’s frustrating.” I almost finished my food. But she was still holding the bread. Good way of thinking.

I stood up and grabbed my bag….” Lift me after the class. I didn’t have car today.”
I unlocked the door and opened it. “If you can,.. attend the call. It’s necessary.” I shut the door behind me. Hope for the best.

Oh God again late. Damn traffic jam. Today coach didn’t leave me easily. He yelled at me almost 5 minutes. I stood there straight. OK it’s not the first time for me. Usually all the students here were yelled by him for little things. But we know that was necessary. But he hate unpunctuality. Bad luck Arohi.

But by the end the day his anger quite calm down. Yeps I had to work hard for that.” Hmm…tomorrow you have to come here. OK!? Your left hand practice should be practiced soon.”

“But sir tomorrow is Sunday.” Not like that I had any problem. Just wanted to be sure.

” hmm..know. But you have to come. We haven’t that much time. ”

I nodded and left the room by greeting him. When I reached parking lot there was a familiar car but not that I supposed.
“Hey..beautiful.. How was your day” Zyan walked toward me. And gave me a side hug. He took the bag from me and kept it on back seat. I locked my seatbelt when he started the car. ” you here …. I told Ash to come.”

“Yeah….but she had some work. So called me. But I think you are not happy.” He pouted.

So I leaned in and kissed his cheek that made his smile. Cute. “Melodramatic.” My murmured made him laugh. “So you didn’t tell me how was your day.”

” normal. I have to go tomorrow also. Some practice left…..hey stop stop.” He stopped the car abruptly. And looked at me with confusion. “Ice cream” I said it pointing to the van.

He shook his head. “You don’t have lunch yet. No ice cream ” but I was stubborn. “Please!!” Used my most puppy eyes. That worked .. He sighed in defeat. ” just one ”

“You are great.” I stepped out the car and walked to the van. Zyan followed me. “one chocolate and …” I gave him a questioning look. “Vanilla” he replied.

“And one vanilla.” I gave the van’s man our choice. We waited there for our order to prepare.

“Look at the piece ..perfect potaka …” Some bunch of guys whistled at us. No here only me and Zyan were standing. So obviously It was me whom they whistled. It’s not new for me. As a girl I had to faced it. So I knew what I had to do. Just ignore.
But Zyan was not supposed to do that. He glared at them deathly. I took his hand and made to look at me. “Ignore them”

“Why are you with him. We are quite better babe” this time I can’t resist him. He removed my hand from him and walked to face them I stopped him midway. But that 2/3 guys came around us. Situation became worse . one of them wanted to touch my hand but before that Zyan held his.

“Oh….babe..can’t you see us..we are..*******” that was the limit. My patience had a limit. Right!? And that was now at end. So I punched that arsehole exactly on his nose. That was quite good. Satisfied me.”be thankful… It was my left hand.”  That buster covered his face with his hand, eyes wild open. Didn’t expect this. Neither his other two partners. But before I had to do something else. People gathered there.

And obviously crowd supported us. So we left those morons on crowd hand …and left the place. I had to grabbed Zyan’s hand and pulled him toward the car. He was angry , astonished, surprised, little amused.

“What was that.” He still couldn’t resist his shocked expression. OK he also didn’t expect this. Yeah I’m not that type of girl who except someone else to protect her. If I called myself as independent I should be independent in all situation.

“What!!!! You can’t expect from me to cry and begged for help ..I’m not that type. ”
He laughed this time and started the engine. “You are extraordinary… I should know that…..but I didn’t expect this. Sorry”

I nodded . understandable. “Look I can’t expect that Dad or Arjun can protect me all my life. They can’t be with me 24/7. It doesn’t make sense. I should be self dependent. Actually every girl should. That is called feminist. Right?”

“Yes. Right.” He said without hesitation.”it gives me secret satisfaction. You could be safe without me.” I shrugged . I would be. This was not new. Otherwise I had my punch. That was not bad. Opps. I should use my right hand. I was not used to left. Muscles are little paining.

“BTW. Good punch. You should give me a class about it.” I laughed at his word. ” ha ha. OK come tomorrow let’s see what can do.” He snapped at me. ” tomorrow ….don’t you have a class in academy?’

Ohh shit.. I totally forgot. “Opps forgot that. It’s Sunday. May be that’s why. ” I explained. He frowned at me. “You shouldn’t. And give some icepack on your hand. May be it’s burning.” I nodded. And then we reached my house. I hugged him and stepped out the car. He waved me bye and left the place.


I should buried myself …I should follow Zyan’s word. Should use some ice. But I was super lazy. I slept without using anything. Neither ice. Nor any medicine. Congratulation Arohi. You would get a award for it.ugh!!. Now it’s paining yr.

I couldn’t grabbed the tennis bat perfectly with left hand. Let alone to play. Coach was really really disappointed. He should be. “you are not on the form Arohi. That is not what I want from you. What happened now.”

I was not going to give any excuses. It was my fault. I should care about this. “Sorry sir.”

“Again sorry. This is what are you doing now a days. You know what ,,I exactly don’t know is it your fault or not.” I confused at his word. “Couldn’t get what you say ..sir”

“The boy who give you lift ….I saw yesterday… Who is he!!??’ I want to say something but he cut me. ” I heard you are engaged. Is it true.!?”

“Yes Sir ..but there is nothing related to this.” He was not pleased my answer. ” may be. May be you are right. May be I’m wrong…..but we are human….it’s easy to distracted. You are not special.”

“I admit,sir…..but believe me . he is nothing to related in this. In fact quite helpful. Whatever happened it was all my fault. I would try my best to make up it. Don’t drag him in it plz.” He nodded at my word. “Really hope you are right…see you tomorrow.” I nodded when he left the place.

I took a deep breath to Seattle myself. Coach was just tense about me but in the matter of Zyan ….he couldn’t drag him. I had to place everything in right place. I sighed and turned around.

No. Shit. Why are you doing this to me, God.!!?? Why this world he had to be there. Did he hear anything!!???

Hey now a days I get a very few feedbacks. May be this story is really boring. As I’m not a writer I can’t improve it that much so I think I should finish it ASAP. And thanks who read it. May be that’s why I’m still here. Thank you

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