Dreams which keep us alive chapter 17


Two shadows in the middle of the room was literally snogging …….there was not enough light to see who they are but for us… We know the exactly , absolutely, surely who they were.

“God. Please forgive me.  I’ll go Church and light 10 no 20 candles… Plz make it a dream. ” I heard this from Rhea. Her gesture was probably same.

“Can we open the eyes. For God’s sake say yes” Rohan pleaded as a defeated voice.
I didn’t have that course to open my eyes.
“er….ye..ah..I.me..a..n open” I very carefully opened my eyelashes and this time those two were separated. Some fits of distance held between there. I sighed in relief.

Ash was all red. Seeing her feet as her slippers were really interested then. Adi was looking at the opposite wall. And we four people was standing as astonished as before.

Seen change….. Me Rhea and Aysha was sitting on her bed. When Rohan took Adi out of the room grabbing his shirt and Zyan followed them. I knew something was fishy between them. But never thought that will turn this. I….don’t know what to say. Sometimes we jokingly made pair between us. Just like me and Adi. Ash and Rohan. Obviously before their relationship. In fact we teased each other and made people fool.

But never ever put Ash and Adi in same plate. You never know what will happen the next second. And they are now together. I sighed again. Rhea looked at me then Ash.

Rhea: what is this?

Me: feeling like betrayed.

Rhea: I never thought.

Me: not even in dream.

Rhea: I can’t imagine what I saw.

Me: my eyes are still burning.

Ash: stopppp itttttt. Stop it guys ….you two are over melodramatic and exaggerating everything.

She was yelling at us. Ugh!! Yes we were little dramatic. After all it’s not a simple matter.” So explain us. What was that.” We both faced Ash.

” it’s your fault Arohi!!!” How mean… I should punch her. Where was my fault.!?
Before my asking she explained” that day when you won the match..we were really happy. We just drink. But it was overhead.
And we ended up sleep together. ” she put her chin on her knee hugging herself.

My eyes were widely open. Jaw  must be on the floor. Perfect O. “And after that  …”
I couldn’t process any longer. ” I don’t know. Believe me Arohi. I told him to keep distance between us. I even stopped talking with him. But can’t help myself.”

Then the door opened and three lads entered. They looked amused accept Adi.
“So what about today’s incident.?” Rhea asked looking at first Adi then Ash.

“That was not my fault. She found out me doing some lightening work. And started to yelling. I wanted to explain. But she didn’t give any chance.” We rolled eyes at Adi’s word. ” way to calm down her. Good mate” Zyan thumb up him.

that was limit. Rohan rolled on the floor ..he couldn’t help laughing. Neither us. Oh God why this stomach pains for laughing. I became teary yr…how people stop their fighting like this. Oh God. my laugh turned into choking. Zyan came near and rubbing my back to comfort me.


“OK now forget everything. It’s your life. Decision is your ..we came here for party. Let’s do it” after Rhea’s announcement we nodded at her word. ” vodka baba ki jay( hip hip hurray vodka!)” Rohan opened one of the bottle. Ash was still uncomfortable. So I came near her and screamed” hey birthday girl..happy birthday.” She smiled at my word.

Then Rhea came and hug us. And after Rohan it became group hug.”Can I join.?” We nodded at Zyan. So he hugged us by my side. But Adi stood his place …looking at opposite wall. ” he needs privacy.” I perfectly saw Ash was blushing when Rohan said this….adorable.

I knew Adi was not decent type. He had some issues. But my best friend was not that innocent. They could find their way without our advice. We could just wish best for them. That we would do.

Then Ash cut the cake and we were clapping like nursery school’s children. So much fun. As Adi was not in mood we were safe from his cream attack.

“Now….let’s rock with vodka” Rohan announced playing the music. By 1 hour we all were blo*dy drunk. Accept Rhea and Zyan. Usually Rhea doesn’t drink. And as per as Zyan’s POV he said he had to drive. So couldn’t break the rule. So much decent for me.

We all were at Ash’s living room cz her parents were at her some cousin’s marriage. So we were free. The awkwardness between Ash and Adi still there. Otherwise everything was perfect.

And when Zyan went to the bed room for his phone. I followed him. And don’t know but l locked the door entering there. I wanted some time with him without any interruption. Clear influenced of alcohol. But I didn’t care then.

Zyan gave me a confused look. ” you are not going to rape me .right?” He asked though hugely smiling. ” what if I do?”
I asked walking toward him. But my head was spinning and I lost my control. Before I could hit the floor Zyan saved me. Lift me to the bed and sat by me. I pulled him toward me. And pressed myself to him.

“I missed you” I said buried my face in his chest. He made tighter his grip around me. ” like hell ,babe” said it kissing my head.   ” by the way what have you done today”

” as usual ……went to academy then Adi called….made some plan and every thing. And end up here. Boring.”  I said when he stroking my hairs. Really love to do it. “And you?”

” little stuff but nothing special than remember you” one day this boy end up melting me in his cake.ugh. but for now I just wanted to melt in him. I wonder which things I was more drunk. In alcohol or his scent. I certainty don’t have a answer.

“Not bad Mr Arora… I thought only SRK can romantic.. You are way better.” I kissed his cheek saying it. But he just smiled. ” big fan of SRK!! BTW who is your ideal?”

” Sania Mirza!!! Adorable… Fascinating. She is just awesome.” He laughed and kissed my temple. ” you love tennis so much …right!?”

For answer this question I don’t have to be sober. I can answer it anywhere. ” so much. I just love it. My whole life belongs there. It’s my dream you know. Someday I could play for my country. And achieve the trophy.”

“I understand.” He smiled that cutest smile. Oh God.. My poor hormones.. What would I do.!!! I leaned in until pressed my lips to him. He kissed me back. But then leaned away.”you should sleep now …you fully drunk.”

“Mmmm…” I really liked this cuddling with him. ” I have to sleep here tonight. I can’t go home like this” he nodded caressing my hair.
“OK sleep then …..I’m here now” I tight myself to him. Really tired……

Next morning when I woke up….Ash was already dressed up. Rhea gave lift to Rohan. And Zyan gave Adi.so they are not here… As usual hangover was pathetic. However Ash had some medicine that helped much better.

But the worst part I was again late today. Oh God you are a mess Arohi….
This time you couldn’t get forgiveness easily. Prepare for the worst….


I hope it’s good. Now one or two chapter will be filter. Twist are coming.. Hope you don’t kill me then. And please give me some feedbacks. It will help my writing skills along with my inspiration.

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