Dreams which keep us alive chapter 16


“We are almost here baby. Just take a deep breath.” Zyan told it tensely rubbing my back. Trying to give some warmth.
“I’m fine..ha.ha..haccho.” I was continuously sneezing… Oh damn cold. He looked at and sighed. My ‘I’m fine’ didn’t get any impact.

This time He drove one-handed, holding my waist by other… Sometimes he gazed on the road, sometimes he glanced at me. I was literally shivering. As the jeep was quite open so….” You are not..come here.” He pullud me close to him. Holding me near his body. As we both were drenched it didn’t do really good. But near him..it was always better than good.

So I rested my head on his shoulder. He kissed my head. By the time we reached my home. I sighed our time was over. In the morning I never thought it would end up like this. The confession and everything still like magic. “Zyan, you would rather take the jeep. Return it tomorrow. ” he hesitated so I added. ” and by this I can see you tomorrow.” It worked. He smiled.

“Such a tempting thing.” He again kissed my forehead. “And plz go and change your dresses as soon as possible. You need some warm badly.” I nodded at his lecture. “OK sir. Good night.” I kissed his cheek softly and stepped out the car.

“Good night , love” he left with my jeep saying this.

When I entered the home mom was there. She saw me all wet and started to yelling but I hugged her midway. “I love you mamma” she was shocked at my expression. ” someone is happy today.” Dad said this from the living room.

I went there and hugged him tightly “love you dad.” I feeling like hugging everybody. Dad gave me a weird expression as I spoiled his shirt. ” go and change first. You will catch cold.” It’s like by turning his word true I sneezed again.
Before he say something else I moved for my room.

After changing and drinking my mom’s special haldi dudh (turmeric milk) I covered me with blanket. It’s feel warm and by then my phone started ringing. It was Zyan’s call. So I lay down my bed with blanket and received the call.

Zyan: are you OK?

That was first word he said.

Me: oh Zyan..stop it. I’m fine. This is not the first time OK? I usually drench in rain. It’s my favorite.

He: hmm and catching cold is also favorite right?

Me: don’t know. May be.

He:what!? Are you crazy?

Me: not really. I can get special care and attention. No one scold me. And you know everything would happen as per my wish in that time. So..

He: Arohi… For God’s sake stop it. Just for this you can’t get sick. OK!!?? Damn!! you even don’t think that the people who cares about you. How could you!?

He was literally yelling at me. But I continued my drama.

Me: I could Zyan I could. Who cares about me? Tell me.

I should join any drama club. So much talent. I should proud of my self.

He: you don’t have to know. I hanging up. Bye.

Me: hey sorry sorry. Don’t do this. Sorry. I know. I’m just kidding.

Me: hey Zyan sorry. Talk with me.

He: what I’ll talk. I can’t cope with you.

Opps he was really hurt.

Me: OK. Tell me that you are angry. You just want to yell at me. And…actually I don’t know what you do when you get your nerve?. Generally I throw things randomly or start to cry.

This worked. He laughed. And I relived.

He: whatever. But for your information I’m not angry with you. I am quite pissed of with myself. I should not allow you to drench.

Me: but that worth it. And you are not going to argue for this.

I shut my eyes for allowing the memories to flow. He may be sighed at my word.

He: I’m keeping you from sleeping. You are tired.

Me: mmmm…

Don’t know really want to put it down now.

He: do you mind if I keep the phone on while you sleeping. I promise…no disturbances from my side.

Me: that will be great. Good night again.

The last thing I heard the sound of his good night kiss on phone. Then I smiled.


Next day went normally. I reached academy little late. So coach rolled his eyes but nothing happened either it.

But the worst part was I almost forgot Aysha’s birthday. Which was exactly next day. In fact Rhea’s memory was not much more better than me. And as usualΒ  Rohan was always vullakker.(memory problem.)

So when Adi reminded us ..we three was really ashamed. But little astonished at Adi’s behavior. He planned something at Ash’s place. We just had to surprise her at 12 am. He eventually invited Zyan. This boys were become quite close in these days. Terrifying!!.

I bought some Ash’s favourite things. Hope she would like those. As usual Adi gave the cake’s part on Zyan. But even my forbidding he bought another gift. We four know about our gifts. But Adi didn’t tell us. Said that he didn’t buy anything yet.

“What the hell…..where have this moron gone?” Rohan was freaking out. Actually we all were. Adi didn’t even reached. We waited here almost 20 minutes.

“It’s already 12” Zyan informed us. I slapped my head with hand. We shouldn’t trust this boy. It was really uncomfortable to hold gifts foods and other things and standing in front of Ash’s house.

“This is the limit. We should go in ” Rohan announced and we nodded. But it’s not right to go inside without Adi. After all this was his plan. But we had no choice.

“Come guys. We can enter from back door. Follow me.’ I walked and others followed me. Suspicious.. The door was already opened. I thought I had to call her mom or someone else. But I let it go.

We entered the house and without noise we reached her room. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!!!

I shut my eyes and used my hand to shut Zyan’s ….he was shocked. But we three was totally dead. Any kind of nightmare was better than it. I never imagined it in my dream.

I hope you like it guys. As I’m not a writer…this can’t be that good. But I tried my best. Hope it’s not bothering you. Give me some feedbacks which make my writing skills better..

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