Dreams which keep us alive chapter 15


sometimes heavan bow down on the surface…if the perfect person with you on the perfect place.

Zyan’s jaw must be crush on the floor for astonishment.” Where we are… This is soo beautiful….. This….oh my God …I don’t have any word for it”

I laughed though I know my first expression was quite same. We were in a meadow.. By the side of a river. This place is quite out of city. Calm as I spent my time here. The wind was slowly blew ….just touch your face smoothly. The sounds of birds chirping and river’s wave made a perfect rhythm. The meadow was small. quite round. Filled with wild flowers…violet..yellow… And soft white. We could hear the bubbling music of water.

It was late afternoon. Filling the circle with a haze of buttery sunshine. That felled on our skin politely. He walked slowly. Through the soft grass. Swaying flowers and warm gilded air. He turned halfway. Looked at me. Opened his mouth to say something then stopped. I frowned.
He stared me with wide eyes.

“What!!?” I asked walking next to him. His gaze still on me. Air blew from the opposite side so my hairs were coming on my face again and again. So I decided to do something with them. But when I grabbed my hair with my hand Zyan stopped me.” Don’t…. You looking out of this world.. Nothing is compare with it.”
He whispered but it’s so low. More like he was talking with himself.

He caressed my face and removing my hair. I didn’t notice before how close he was. Some centimeters far from me. It had been so many days we met. But the electrical sparks are still there. His every touch sent electric jolt to my body. My every cell was always aware of his presence. I looked at him but his gaze was so intense that I couldn’t bare.

I wanted to move but he caught my wrist by one hand and held my chin by other and forced me to look at him. We were so close. This was so pathetic …this Impact couldn’t be healthy. I felt his warm breath on my face. I took breath in his scent.
“Thank you…I know ‘thanks’ word is not enough for it. But believe me I can’t find..any word now. I didn’t have this vocabulary problem before. It feels like too much light fall on my eyes that makes me blind.” He said a very low voice.

I started to say something but he held his finger on my lips to stop me. I was feeling  shivered. ” I didn’t finish yet. I don’t know what will happen next. Where will be we held. But I will remember this day until my last breath. ” I wanted to smile but couldn’t. Feel like froze.

Then he relived me..stepped back ..and keeling down to me…I gasped. Unknowingly cover my mouth with hand..so astonished.
He cleared his throat, his cheeks slightly reddening. My heart began to speed up ” Ms Arohi khanna,, I ,Zyan Arora, promised you. That I will give you my heart, my mind and my soul to you, and be the best version of who I am for you, I promise to respect you, to accept you along with your best flaws and I hope you can accept me as who I am,too.”

There was everything blur…..only him…just him. I didn’t even notice what was happening. Not my shivered hand. not my wild breathing speed.. nothing at all. And he remained his speech.”I promise to be there to protect you. To give you comfort. Through the beautiful and ugly. Through the rainbow and rainstorm, for as long as we both shall live.”

“This time no force no family issues. No restrictions. Just your choice. I will never ever come between you and your dreams. The dream you see I will give my 100% to fulfil it. The every space you need. Will you be my life partner?”

My heart felt like it was jumping around erratically inside my chest, and my breath felt heavy as his speech repeated itself inside my brain. I felt like I could burst out into tears any second…I know I told him about those forceful..issues about our engagement. But I never thought he would do something like that.

I couldn’t utter a single word. Just throw myself in to his arm. And melted in him. Without my knowledge my eyes became teary. I pressed my face into his chest to stop sobbing “Arohi…Arohi…look at me. Just look at me.” He was tensed up about my reaction. I barely can see him for my wet eyes.

“Sorry..if it hurts you…” He started his stupid word. But I pressed my palms on his mouth to stop him. ” shh..you know what you are a mess….you like me ..what a shame!!” He began to protest but before that I continue.

“But I’m glad..I would love to be with you… Just hold me like this” I rested my head on his shoulder “for forever” he whispered and tight his grip around mine.

We sat like that for another immeasurable moment; I wondered if he could be as unwilling to move as I was. Suddenly. He looked up at the sky, his face scrunching up.” It’s raining.”

“Really?” I asked and tilted my head up as well feeling a drop of water falling onto my forehead. I lifted my palm up and finally caught more raindrops on my hand, lightly falling from the sky. ” it’s a unexpected rain..you know Zyan if you wish something during it …will be fulfilled.”

“Whatever I wanted..I get already.. Nothing for wish.” He kissed my forehead saying this. And I smiled. True wish fulfilled. ” now let’s go. We should go before the rain gets heavier.”

He stood up as I was. Opps I was literally sat on his lap. He grabbed my hand but before he could drag me out of the field, I stopped him.” Did you ever drown in rain. It’s fascinating.. Try it”

He smiled at me confused.” Are you serious?” I gave him a irritated look for the same question.” OK..I ask you it several time today..but rain!! You will catch cold.”

“Forget about me. I just love this rain. Enjoy it” I said it opening my arms in the air and took a deep breath. The rain was much more heavier than before ..we were almost fully wet.

I looked at him but he was grinning at me mischievously. ” wanna dance with me?” he held his hand in front of me which I took happily.” Without music.?” I asked though it didn’t really mater. “Hmmm…hear the raindrops sound and our heartbeat. It has a perfect rhythm.”

So we started our dance in the rain with the natural music to guide us. We swung our bodies around without really knowing what a slow dance should be like, but it was the best kind of dance I could ever hope for.Zyan grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to him.

He lightly wiped the water on my face and brush a strand of wet hair behind my ear as we took small steps to the left and to the light with a light sway. He put his forehead on mine. Our breath was melting. Then he held my face between his hand.

I smelled his cool breath was in my face, sweet, delicious, the scent made my mouth watering. It was unlike anything else, instinctively, unthinkingly I leaned in……..slowly , never moving his eyes from mine , gently leaned toward me.

And then his lips pressed very softly against mine. In my favourite place….under the cloud…in the dropping rain my first kiss happened…I was not prepared for my this response.

Blood boiled under my skin, burned in my lips, my breath came in a wild gasp. My fingers knotted in his hair, clutching him to me. My heart was beating like a manic in my chest hitting my ribs furiously, but I didn’t care as I lost myself in it.

Our lips moved in sync as he hugged me tight. There was nothing else in that moment, just we. We broke the kiss naturally. For breathing. I looked into his eyes and smiled widely and so did he.

There was no need for words; the moment was so.. precious , perfect , and wonderful. ….so I rested my head on his chest letting his body warm me and his scent embrace me… Forget the world for onece

I guess Arohi Zyan as Sanjeeda Amir. They are one of my fav couple. Hope you like it too.

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