Dreams which keep us alive chapter 14

“Hey ..Good morning ..princess.” I heard to say this when coming downstairs. I was still rubbing my eyes. Oh Arnav uncle. He was sitting with my family in breakfast table. May be came for Arjun.

“Come seat with us.” Mom said giving something on Arjun’s plate. I sat next to him.”Good morning. Uncle” I smiled at him. “Opps ….would be father-in-law.” Arjun whispered at me. I’m tired. I had to explained everything to him at night. After that he continuously teasing me. Most irritated brother in this world.
“Shh…for God sake stop now.” I whispered back. But he giggled shamelessly.

After that Dad and uncle started talking about their business matter. And involved Arjun in it. ” Arohi..you should come farm  someday …..workers want to see you.” I smiled awkwardly at uncle’s word. What he told his employees about me.

” Arohi always avoid this….she never come our office.” Dad declared …but uncle looked at me then Dad.” Really ….!? So bad baby. Come someday. Whatever we have is belongs to you. You guys should understand it” his word reminded me Zyan’s word. But I wanted to say whatever they have or earned.. That could be our pride not identity. But I already have so much argument with dad in this topic. Don’t want to start again.

So I remained silent. After breakfast uncle stood up and went to sink to fresh up. I followed him …wanna talk to him.
I gave him towel. So he smiled at me taking it. ” so..how is everything going? ”
He asked.

” yeah fine…er…uncle. I want to talk to you.” He raised his eyes at me. May be confused. ” I mean I have no rights to talk about this. It’s your family matter but…I think uncle …can’t you give Zyan’s one chance according to his dream..he is really good at cooking.” I looked down my eyes saying it. Didn’t want to see his face then.

It remained silent for some second. ” yeah you are right. It’s our family matter. But I think you have some rights about this. And Zyan…..” He sighed. “I never stopped him OK??? He did whatever he wanted to do. He took cooking instead of business as higher education. After coming here he shifted another apartment.. In fact I still silent about his stupid works. What else I can do?”

” he didn’t want your permission. That you will give in a happy or sad way. He wants your blessing. !!! That’s the problem here. You are not happy. He doesn’t want to do anything without your happiness.”

He looked at me for some second.” He can join with me …he always runs away from me ….my businesses…house everything.”

“He never wants to go away form you. Believe me. Just want to do something himself. Doesn’t want to depend on you. He wants to be a successful person just like you without any assistance. Is it so far form you ideology.”  he was thought full about my word.

“And he just love to cook that’s why he takes it as profession. We all should do that right. ??” I stepped ahead and took his hand.

“Uncle …you always said I’m just like your daughter.. So just for me think about it. He will never do anything that hurts you.. Plzz just for onece think it from his point of view.” He smiled at me this time.

“Not fair..I thought you would be on my side..but you betrayed me and take his side. Not done” I smiled at him. And just hope this could bring some light…..
Me:I’m in front of your building.. Come quickly.
I messaged him when I stopped the jeep. This is my favourite. When I first got driving license Dad promised me to give whatever I want if I  could increased my point above 90%. So much tough.. For me.
But I managed. I troubled Rhea almost every day. Then I choose this black jeep. Even now Dad regret about that promise.

“Hey…..good morning.. Lo..” He was walking out the gate but stopped when saw this huge jeep. I loved this reaction from people. So I smiled. He climbed up the passenger seat when I unlock the door.

“Is this your?” he was quite amassed. I nodded and focused at driving. ” so where are we going?” He must be curious.

“Depends….have you ever tasted tea from some tong( road side tea stall where we can get little breakfast along with tea).”

He shook his head supporting my assumption. ” OK first go for there.” I increase speed. ” hmmm…did I say you looking absolutely hot in this outfit.” I felt my burning check at his word. I was in my comfy. Over size shirt and three quarter pant.

” hmmm….Zyan you should praise when someone worth it…there is nothing about it”

“You don’t know.. And I think you never see mirror before leaving. Feel pity for every lad” last sentence was like a whisper. But I shrugged. I didn’t get so compliments in my life what I get in 1 month. May be I never allowed people in this matter but it’s not applied on him.

” this is exaggerating… ” I don’t really like compliments. And when he did it blushes ..butterflies… Ohh he should stop.

“You have blindness about yourself.” I sighed ..let this topic go. He was not going to agree with me. Neither I was. So there is no point for argument. And may be somehow I also liked his praises. Just a little huh. If he only compliment on me.!! Then.

“Ohh I forgot to say..you know Dad called
Me just a few minutes before you come. And without scolding he just talk to me and what am I doing these days. I still can’t believe he called me ‘my boy'” I snapped at him then smiled ..may be my work brought some light.

He was really happy… Continuously telling what was the conversation. His eyes are lightening up. I really love this gesture…could be do anything for it.

“Ohh finally arrived.” I said stopped the engine. And stepped out the door keeping the jeep’s key in my pocket. He was already by my side.

“Baiaji..two cup…with extra milk and sweet.” I sat near the bench and point him to sit. ” are you sure …weird place.” He whispered .sitting beside me. I just laughed a little. After our order arrived. I didn’t expect it would happen. I know that tea was  aswm but after tasting it Zyan was freaking out. He talked with the owner of the stall. Learned how to make it practically. Even served some among people which he made.

I literati grabbed him and pulled from there. There was so much place to go …we can’t just held here. “That was epic..thanks Arohi..” He said when I again started engine for next destination.

“You have to say this many time today..” I winked at him..making him laugh”So what’s next? ” he asked leaned in his seat.
“Do you like play? I mean theatre?”

“Are you serious? ” he asked surprised.
Yeah I was serious. There was a acting home I know…..the people who want to be an actor but not famous.. Work here. They are not professional… Even they didn’t play for money. Different ages people work here. So dedicated. They are quite fond of literacy…do some social activities.

Today they will do some Rabindronath Tagore’s  play. It’s an open invitation. I personally know the director.. Anurag Dada(brother). I just wanted to show Zyan something about our literacy. So I brought him here.

So when we sat on the gallery.. And play started..we both were quite amassed. Their background sound. Acting.. Choreography… Stage decoration… And mostly the story and the dialogues everything was just perfect. It’s fascinating. And the play finished but the clapping didn’t. The people came that day …sure couldn’t forget it …

“It’s just overwhelmed…. I have no word to describe.” Zyan was still clapping. I smiled and took his hand standing up. “Come with me.” I walked to the backstage… I knew some people there.
“Anurag..da” I waved at him when I saw him. Talking with someone.

After seeing us he waved back. And walked toward us. “,hmmm….Arohi., forget us. Hardly see your face.” I hold my ears for apologize. He smiled at me and gave me a side hug. I introduced him to Zyan. Zyan was so glad with it. In fact he promised that he would come again.

“Look at there.” I said when we came out to the theatre. Pointing to a panipuri van.
“Let’s come Mr. Zyan. You will just love it.” I walked there as he followed me smilingly.

Obviously …he was amassed. Admit that any kind of home making panipuri can’t compare with it. Then we went to the orphanage. We friends were volunteers there. Mostly kids loved Adi for his jokes. When we arrived there mother was little angry for my long absence. But she was so kind hearted. So forgave me. We had a great time with kids. We played hide and seek. When Zyan had to find us. It was really fun.

“I’m hungry.” I declared when we came out the orphanage. He also nodded.it was almost 3 pm. Time flews quickly. So much energy lost in play. “There will be some restaurants near by ..right?’ I shook my head at his word. ” may be..but we are not going to there. Let’s go near by dhaba. Those food are much more delicious.”

“I’m not going to doubt on you.” He said it surrounding his hand. I laughed and start the jeep. When we reached there. This time Zyan didn’t waste his time. Become friend with dhaba’s owner ….then the seen was Zyan tried to cook something traditional… Sarderji helped him and I put my hand under my chin. And waiting eagerly for food.

And finally that came. I eat this time like monster. Oh he was a quick learner. And finally we got over that place. I was just irritated those two cook’s conversation.

” OK?? Now I think you got a short course. Right?” I asked coming to the jeep. When he was following me. I turned around to want my answer. He didn’t say anything. Just came close and hugged me tight. ” this is the most wonderful day in my life. Thank you thank you soo much.” He whispered at my ear. Still hugging. I rubbed his back. ” you are welcome..now leave me. Look what people say”

“Who cares. I am hugging my fiance. It’s not their business.” I stopped breathing as he first addressed me like this. Am I angry. Hmm..no. In fact I think I’m happy. Something legally related to him. But after saying he left me quickly. ” opps. I didn’t mean this..I mean..I just” I smiled at his blubbering. ” it OK.”

This time he was shocked.” R..really..! You are not angry.?”

” no I’m not. And why will I do that. But  seriously Zyan..you happy with that forcefully engagement.?” I asked him . just hope he understood my original meaning of that. He frowned sometime but didn’t say anything.

I let this go. There is something I want to do now. But that place was only for me. OK my life was quite circling by him now. I want to share it with him.

“Zyan.. We have to go somewhere now. Climb up the jeep.” As I did the same. “Where ?” He asked following my words.

“It’s something different from others. That place is not about tradition.. Not about something else..it’s about me.. Just me. I think you should know and……. I want to share it with you”

Hey friends I hope you like it. I have a request. Can you guys plz leave a comment today whoever read it. Specially silent readers. I want to know how many people read this. As tu don’t have a view detector. So comment is only way. I know I want so much. But if you could that would be wonderful. And sorry if I expecting so much.
And yeah thank you whoever read this. And hope I’m not boring you with my story.

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