Dreams which keep us alive chapter 13


Oh my God.!!! I was so happy…I missed him so much!! “Hey bugli!!!! Didn’t you eat these years…you become so skiny…”
I pouted at him but then smiled. “But you have built a good body figure. “I winked at him. Then looked at Zyan who was then beside his car. But his facial expression was full of bitterness. Why..! He glared at me…no he didn’t even look at me. He just looked at …Arjun…with so much disgust..

I frowned at him . confused. Why..wait! Is he jealous!! Is he?? Wow how much I want him to be jealous!! But there is no reason for it. “Who is he?” Arjun whispered at me. Opps I didn’t introduced them to each other. “Arjun…he is Zyan!! Arnav’s uncle’s son. You heard about him.” I looked at Arjun to know his expression. He knew about our alliance. So just smiled at Zyan. But Zyan didn’t back it.

“And this is Arjun. My one and only big bro.” This time he looked at me then Arjun. Quite embraced. He was looking very cute with blushes.

” so..you are that boy want to take my bugli …from me!!” Arjun called me bugli from my childhood. I asked the reason several time. But he never explained it.
“Hmm.but ..she will be always yours. And don’t worry.. Marriage is now postponed mood.” He said it but then looked at me. May be want to know about my reaction. So I smiled to assure him. This was what I really want now. Not cancel.

” OK but remember me. If you ever tried to hurt her you are gone” I looked at him..he was always non violent person. ” I will never ever do that. If I do it would be my last breath” wow now Zyan is over dramatic. What happened today!! Arjun burst out laughing. ” quite impressive.” Arjun walked at Zyan and thumb up him.

“So…what for this surprise..” I asked him. I’m absolutely sure any kind of surprise can’t be his idea. “Er..Radhika said we could spend this summer with our family. And there would be your match ..how could we miss it?” OK that was Radhika di’s idea. She is bhai’s best friend. I always found them together. Never separated. Even when Dad want him to go abroad. He didn’t agree. But as per as his best friend was going with him. He was ready to go automatically.

It is obvious my big bro was crazy about her. But never had that course to propose her. Duffer. But it’s his life I can help but not interfere. “Come inside. It’s good to little chit chat” my bro offered Zyan.

“Next time. I’m sure we could be better company. But it’s little late.” He smiled at Arjun. And my bro just nodded. ” so I will see you morning. Bye.” He hesitated. May be couldn’t give me hug in front of my brother. So I walked to him and gave a side hug. My bro was not conservative. In fact he was quite irritable in these mater.

“Bye” I waved him and he left with his car. ” hmmm…….my little sis grow up!!! Cute guy” I just smiled at his word. I couldn’t lie to him. He was lie detector for me. ” let’s go inside. Mom dad must be sleeping now. They have waited a long.” Arjun said it pushing me in the house.

“They must be happy. Right!? ” he just nodded. ” and surprised.” He added.
” but that was someone else idea.” I winked at him. He smiled.

” hmm now start from the beginning. Tell me everything. How you hook up this boy. How is he? Explained everything.” He asked when we reached my room.

Oh God …prepared Arohi.. Tonight you gone. After telling  everything you have to go through so much teaseing

It’s a little update. I’m so sorry for that. I told you I have exams. I will post a long update next. Hope you will forgive me then..till the be happy and keep smiling.

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  1. hahaha jealous zyan..its k dr..study is important. .love u tc

    1. thank you di. I have a request. plz update you emerald ff eagerly waiting

  2. all d best for ur exams dear.
    Very hilarious jealousy…

  3. update soon will be waiting.what exams r u giving.??sorry if i’ve asked too much.

    1. I have to give several subjects exam almost every day. but yesterday was math test. I’ll update next part soon.

  4. commendable epi.

  5. dear plz update a longer one as u promised…

  6. i luv ur story .its awesome.just luv zyan.such a gud guy

  7. hey dear whats ur age.i mean what school/college??

    1. I’m on 12 standard..

  8. Very cute episode. ..loving this story very much…all the best for your exams and get very good grades. ..love you loads

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