Dreams which keep us alive chapter 12


Awwww……the sound was terrifying…

“Aw..aw…aw..help..help..help..” Ash screamed like hell. I held Zyan’s shirt tightly. But I just want to know what happened but couldn’t get that courage to see. For heaven sake someone switched on the light. And finally I opened my eye lashes. I thought I would see  Ash would be jumping on her seat.

But that was not what I see. Adi tightly hugged to resist her. But she was still shaking.
He just tried to come down her. As the light came I pulled away myself from Zyan and stood up. He also stood near me. I was wonder what happened. In bright lights I can’t said that horror movie came true for us. But honestly I can’t ignore it fully.

Adi was the most scared person between us. But still he trying to compose himself. “Are you okay?” I asked going near her. She shook her head. “There was something I felt. It’s Ew….I don’t know what it was.” She said still highly breathing. Rhea came near me and wanted to compose her. But it was not easy for me or Rhea. When Adi hugged her like he want to hide her from whole world.

Zyan and Rohan removed the loveseat to see what was that. And for God’s sake that was a LIZARD…

We all were silent.. I thought Adi would laugh. But he didn’t. Confusing. He didn’t leave her yet. Seemed like he is very happy with this. The first thing happened is Ash pouted. Me and Rhea can’t compose ourselves anymore. We burst out laughing. Then we start laughing all. Rohan was end up rolling on the floor.

“That was epic…” I and Rhea rolled our eyes at Rohan. “You all were so scared.” This is one of my reason not to see horror movie with Rohan. In this mater he is always emotionless. Never scared. Then made fun of us.

So next 20 minutes Rohan made fun of us badly. Stupid lad. In dim light what we had done …that was main topic of him. Like how Adi buried his face in the cushion. How Rhea reciting something against ghost. And Ash’s lizard story…. He would make fun of it at least for one year.

And me…”Arohi was just hugged Zyan like the rest of life..huh!! Good way..yr!! I didn’t know you want to take advantage of this. Then I could leave a loveseat for both of you.” I want to punch him when he said this to Zyan. I felt like I was burning on embracement.

” she was just scary.. I just give her a little compose.” Zyan said it resting his arm around my shoulder fully grinning. He was as amused as Rohan. When we were still little scared. I wonder I have to fight with nightmare tonight. But how could this two like this. Huh. Not fair. Adi was still sitting with Ash ..not like that hug. But didn’t let her go.

“It is enough.. It’s so late. We should go.” Rhea announced ..and I nodded as soon as I could. “I already messaged Ayush. May be he came. I gotta go.” Lisa said from beside me. As there was no room in Ash’s loveseat.

She hugged me first then everyone. We had a great time. “Do you need a lift Arohi?” Rohan asked grabbing his and Rhea’s staffs. “No need. I will lift her.” Zyan answered before me. I frowned at him. But let it go. No one couldn’t humiliate better that Rohan. I would die if I went with them.

“Just wait. I have a talk her so busy Ayush. He didn’t get a single time for us. Right??.” He pointed at Lisa. Who just giggled. I nodded as Lisa left the room and Zyan followed her. She had someone else when I was freaking out without any reason. How stupid I am.!! This remind me Ash.!! Is it possible…. !!! I looked at her and Adi. He offered her to lift . and she agreed.

I sighed and didn’t want to assumed anything now. Firstly Rohan and Rhea then Adi and Aysha left the room waved me good bye. Zyan didn’t return yet. So I started grabbing my things and ready to go. After that terrifying movie it was really scary to be alone anywhere.

I was roaming around the house just to distract myself. I was not going to admit my fear and freaking out for that damn Zyan. I almost screamed when someone touched my shoulder. “Hey hey it’s me. ” Zyan said it pulling myself to him. It was not necessary I was not scared. OK OK not that scared.

So I wanted to pull away. But he didn’t let me go. He rested his chin on my head grabbing my shoulder. ” horror movie was really good. It is the best thing that I can do with you.” From where I am it was impossible to think properly. My heart was hammering in my chest. I wanted to grab him tightly but this time not for fear.

I should leave now. Cuddling with him in a alone room was not safe. It would end up something else and I couldn’t able to help myself. Damn!! ” without frightening how can you enjoy this type of movie. Emotionless people. I wonder you understood the movie properly.” I finally managed to say.

“Why this world.. I would even see that movie. I had a much more better seen to see.” He said it breaking the hug and took the staffs from my hand. Ridiculous… I felt empty without him. ” you look
incredibly beautiful in soft light.” He winked at me grabbing his car key and left the room. I didn’t get enough air to inhale. What he just said.!!! Damn Zyan!!! wasn’t it enough ridiculous to hopeless feeling without his comment. I breathed highly to calm dawn myself.

I would get a panic attack. Before that I should leave his apartment. So I followed him as soon as possible.


It was silent in his car. I hadn’t that course ta say something without shaking my voice. He didn’t say something either. “So what’s plan tomorrow?” Thanks God he changed the topic. I was still thinking about his word in his room. It didn’t make any sense. I shut my eyes and sighed before answer him.

“I will pick you around 10 am.” He looked at me confused.

“You …why?? I mean I can come..”

“No need. I think this is my trip.”

“But..OK..let it go..where will we go.”

“Not a place to describe you..Zyan. You need a whole course.” I said playfully. ” I’m going to steal you whole day.”

“Then it would be the best day ever.'” Oh God this boy knew what to say shutting me off.

“Let’s see.” I grinned to make the moment playfully.

“Let’s see” he stopped the car and said. Opps I reached my home. With him time  flew on rocket speed. I sighed and looked outside.

What !,what! What!! What was I seeing. I can’t believe my eyes. He was there…standing … He really was there. I gasped. By the corner of my eyes I see confused Zyan. I simply didn’t care then. I stepped out from the car and jumped on him. I missed him terribly.!!!!

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