Dreams which keep us alive chapter 11


When I retuned to the living room. There was Lisa , Zyan’s friend. She smiled seeing me. I thought last time. And became  embarrassed. How funny it would be to jealous for him with his friend. Stupid. So I smiled back. And this time honestly.

“And that Arohi. You met her.” Zyan point at me. May be he was introducing her with everyone. ” hii. That night I didn’t get time to talk you. You left home early. Zyan was like crying out loudly. ” Zyan gave a disgusting look to his friend. But I smiled.
“Some health problem.. But it’s good we meet again. We could talk here now.”

“Yeah that will be good for you. Cz I’m not that unconscious of you. Whenever he talk with me. Just a little time. Only topic is you. It doesn’t seem like I barely know you.” There was so manly ‘owwww’ from my friends. Zyan was tomato red in furious to his friend and hardly faced me.

“Seriously ,Zyan! I didn’t know. I’m  that interesting.” I asked playfully. But the butterflies are already there. Is it possible he was really interesting in me.?

” No…I mean yes. But!!” He was freaking out. Then shattered. Give Lisa a look that means you-are-dead-gone-huh. “Owww so cute. Just like this pudding.” Ash said when everyone laughed. I took a snack  from table. What is the name of it. Don’t know.

“Do you have someone that you talk about all the time.” Adi asked Lisa. “That things I’m certainly not talking with you.” Wow what a replied. I want to say .good jod. But when my eyes met Aysha. My words stuck.
She was sad no upset no angry.. Somehow that feelings is familiar to me. This is definitely not Ash’s mood.

Opps what I bite. It’s so tangy. May be have some chillies in it. God!! I need water. There were some bottles but that was used. I went dinning room. Hope to find something. What the hell!! Nothing.
Then someone held a bottle in front of me.
I took it and swallowed as much as I could. ” Are you OK?” There was Zyan standing with concern. I smiled to assure him.

“Sorry. I didn’t thought it would be that spicy.” I shook my head. ” not really. I bite a chilli may be. That food was good. What is it ?” I asked pointing my hand for curiosity. There was too many food..I didn’t even know their name.

He looked at my hand to see what I asked. “It’s popular in Singapore. I just mix some things from me. And now what is it name. Don’t know.” He said opening his freezer.
“Wanna taste some sweet …you feel good.” I just nodded. May be I need some sweets.

He gave me a cup of ice cream,  mix of  strawberry and grape’s flavor. I took a mouthful of it. Curious to know was that equally tasty as that look. It was better.
“Zyan. What about your cafeteria? I wonder whole city will be crazy about these food.” I said it sitting near desk. He smirked and stood near me his back rested near wall. ” want a permission of city corporation.”

“So!!….apply.” I was confused. He was a good cook. Had some certificates. So I didn’t see the problem.” Dad isn’t happy. He seems like hurt. I don’t want to do anything that hurts him. He still feels like I shouldn’t do this.”

I placed my hand in him. And entwined our fingers.Just want him to know I’m here and everything will be fine.  He looked at me and smiled. ” it’s not the only problem you know.. If I want to open a restaurant in this city I should know how to make traditional food. And I actually don’t know much.”

I nodded to him. Right, there is no traditional food in today’s menu. ” I can help in that. You can get some recipes from mom and mery aunty. And I can take u some places where u can practically see how to make them.”I finished the ice cream and left it by my side.

He stared at me then suddenly hugged me. I was not prepared ” hey ..you okay?” I rubbed his back. He left me after that. What the…when I said to leave me.             ” thank you very much. BTW what’s your favorite?”

“Panipuri. With ganda pani and food poisoning germs.” He stared at me like I’m talking with alien’s language. “Road side food…it can’t be healthy.” I explained to him.

“Then why you eat it? Don’t you have stomach problem.? ” how funny question is this. ” Zyan ….don’t you dare say me that you never try it.” I would be die if he say no.

“Er…actually I tried some this type of things but don’t know if tried panipuri or not. May be…our home chef made it. Pia also like it. Then may be yes.” Oh God kill me. Kill me plz. I wanna die. Zyan didn’t even know  he ate panipuri or not. And if some miracle happened it would be with mineral water.

Panipuri …with ..mineral ..water!!!!!!

My head is spinning. I can’t blame him. It’s not like he is so much rich or mamma’s son that’s why he didn’t try. It’s like he didn’t get opportunity. He  returned here
Two month ago. When he went Australia he was only five. How could I expect him to eat road side food and made fun people.

But it’s not good. If I have any future with him. What it would like. Me standing with my road side loli ice cream. When he will be with his mineral water’s bottle. Any kind of horror movie better than this.!! He looked at me curiously. ” You free tomorrow? Can you hangout with me. I think you have to learn something.” I asked seriously.

” And what will be that…. How our metabolic system cope with food poisoning germs?.” He asked playfully. But I was damn serious.
“It’s not funny.. I don’t want my friend holding mineral water’s bottle. Huh cheee.!” He burst out laughing. But stopped laughing when I pouted. He came close and stroked my hair with his hand.

” you are so cute in this matter.” He said with amusement. I gave him a disgusting look. But I felt my heart skip a beat when he touched me. So much impact.” So what we are gonna do?”

” don’t worry ..I’m not going to kidnap you.” He shook his head. ” if you try I will be happily kidnapped.” I blushed as he winked his eyes saying this.

“Look I said you ….they would be together ..this is not done. Totally forget your friends?” Adi asked when he followed Lisa in this room. He was right. When I was with him , I totally forget the track of time and everything. Lisa just smiled adorably.

I wanted to say something. But suddenly Aysha came there. She was badly coughing. Oh God she needed water. I started to give her bottle. But Adi already hold one in front of her. So I back of. ” Arohi. Water plzz” she asked me when there was already a bottle. What happened yaar. I didn’t have time to think then. I gave the bottle. And rubbed her back.

Adi sighed and looked at other side. He tightly hold the bottle that I wonder he would break it. Oh God something is really fishy here. This two didn’t even argue for once from the evening. How could this possible. When she became calm down and thanking me left the room.

What!!! No cheesy lines nothing at all. Her mood swing is out of my control. Now she is okay. And the next second she become completely different person. ” Girlfriend?” I looked at Lisa when she asked Adi teasing way. He looked at her then smiled ” friend.” But somehow he is not happy to say this. What the hell is happing here.

” And what about you.. Don’t you say that you are single with this beauty? ” again stared his filthy words. But Lisa burst out laughing. ” obviously not” saying this she showed her hand. There was a diamond ring in her index finger. Opps engaged. Adi made a fake shock and hurt sound.

“Okay okay…let’s see a movie. We four are here ..that three there…. It’s not good. Let’s hurry up.” Zyan picked up some pop corns in his hand and left the room. I also picked two packets and followed him.


“Pick up a movie from there. What kind of movie do you prefer.?” Zyan said it pointing the huge desk. More than 100 CDs would be there.




Rhea..”educative something.”


Zyan just stared at us with frustration. As we all gave the different option at the same time.

“OK I prefer horror.” Lisa said it when we couldn’t decide. I personally have no problem with horror. It’s just sometimes it become too much scary. But I’m not going to admit it. May be for this reason no one denied. So we end up with a horror movie.

Rohan sat with Rhea. They are always cuddle up each other. Adi made a seat for Lisa but she ignored it and sat with Ash in another loveseat. Zyan made coffee for everyone and put them on the table. Then he sat next to me on the sofa. This sofa is enough for 3 people. So we easily sat there without touching each other. Not that I like this .

Movie stared …and that was really scary. That damn black b*t*h…how can she eat those cute children. Ash and Lisa holding each other hand. Rhea buried her face in Rohan’s chest. Adi tightly hugged his cushion. There is nothing I can do. God ….I shut my eyes.” You okay!!” I was literary jumped as Zyan whispered to him. I nodded to him. Don’t know I can talk or not.

“Can I hug you..it’s little scary.” He said so but doesn’t like that he was frightened. But I nodded cz I needed cuddle. He warped his arm around me. And tightly hold me near him. I buried my head in his chest and barely open my eyes at the screen.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaa” someone screamed. And this is not from TV. What happened. Is that b*t*h really come for hunting us. …..!!!

Hi friends…..I talk about road side food here. May be it’s little tacky. But I love road side food. What about you?

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  4. Awesome episode, wowwww nishi…I’m just in love with this story…so cuteee n lovely. …the way you narrating this every scene very precisely described. …I can feel the emotions n relate to it. ..keep it up honeyyy. ..zohi very cute couple…loved their cute moments specially his words regarding restaurant n her offer for date…n last scene at horror movie was hilarious. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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