Dreams which keep us alive chapter 10


“This white one is good or this blue?” I asked Rhea by the mirror showing the dresses …it’s really confusing. “From when ..are you exited about your  dress, Arohi?” She asked surprisingly.
Today morning we went hospital to bring the fake report. But I don’t want to show them now. May be later .. Just yesterday I won the match. And today we have hangout party . so I don’t want to spoil anyone’s mood.

But from then Rhea was suspicious. Asking different questions. I answered them with less info that I can effort.
But it made her frustrated. But I can’t help in it. “Not exited just curious… You can Annalise my human behaviour later for now just help me.” I said when Ash entered my room. By seeing us she smiled but something is different in her smile that I can’t figure out.

” hey guys ….ready!!??” She ashed still standing when she can see I was with my silly T-shirt and pajamas. Me and Rhea ..we both frowned at her behavior.
“You okay dude…. It’s still 6…Rohan said boys would be reached there almost 7 pm. We have still an hour. Just relax.” Rhea said it…confusingly. I was also.

“Yeah. ” Ash just said this nothing else. Where is our chatter box!!!! Me and Rhea had a eye contact. We both were equally panicked…confused… And astonished. But I let it go …

I have difficult problem than this. “Suggest me guys. …I’m confused.” I kept the dresses on the bed and frustrated by keeping my hand on my hip.


“White” they both said same time.

“Why don’t you try our 10. 20. Games.? It will help.” Ash suggested me. She is coming to her own from

It’s a good idea. I point my finger on the air and started. “10..20..30..40…………80…90..100.” And by 100 my fingure stopped at blue one. But I replace it with white. And again said “100” and smiled. But both of them start laughing. There is a secret inside voice me who knows Zyan complimented on the last party …when I was in a white dress. By remembering that I blushed.

Before my friends notice that I grabbed my white tops and legins and went to bathroom for changing..


” six..six..six” Adi screamed when we entered in the Zyan apartment. Before us boys were arrived. Zyan’ flat was on the 8th floor of his building.  His flat was quite comfortable for 3/4 person. Here he only lived himself. In his living room there was sofa some loveseats cushions. They were watching a cricket match.

But the most important things was the floor. There was more than 20 items food. All are seemed so delicious. Adi used his both hands to grabbing foods. And delivered them to his mouth. And Rohan was not much more better than him. They were eating like they were starving for years.

“What the hell…!?” I asked at the boys who were grinning. ” Arohi ….are you still on the breaking marriage deal. Cz if you are then I’m in. Just a formality to ask you. Otherwise I can marry him now.” Adi said grabbing more food. And Rohan nodded. What happend ….I wonder they met an accident on their way.

Rhea was shocked at her boyfriend. Aysha also seemed astonished but didn’t say anything. Then Zyan entered the room with two more plates in his hand …and smiled seeing me or us. He really looked hot in his kitchen apron.

“Hey…you come…seat . I will bring your foods in a minute.” He said placing the plates on the floor. As soon as he do this both of them attacked on them. ” you are my friend ..that’s why asking. Other wise who care. I would jump onto him” Adi said it pointing on Zyan.

“Cheee you gay!!!!we didn’t even know. Keep distance from Zyan …you buster.” Zyan laughed at us. I never thought I have to fight for him with Adi,!! Duffer. He pouted at me. And I smiled.

“OK girls…I place your foods on table. This floor is quite messed up. ” Zyan point to a table which is placed on the other room and visible from here. We were quite exited to taste them after boy’s reaction.

” promised me mate. You didn’t make any extra things for girls. ” Adi said murderously. “Hmmm you better not to do that. “We were shocked as Rohan said it.
Rhea frowned at him then Zyan” you know what Zyan..I am super curious… Where is the food?”

1st Rhea then Aysha go to the dinning room. I followed them ..Zyan came behind us opening his apron. When we reached there there was lot of food and they were beautifully decorated. After us boys also arrived there may be for enquiry.

There were pancakes, cupcakes, pasty, 2/3 types pudding. Different snacks. So many flavor in ice cream. Girls are starting to take them. ” okay I don’t blame Adi!! We really need Zyan in our group …if you can’t help, Arohi.. Then I can do that.” I was fully shocked at Rhea said it.

“But my number is 1st” Adi announced.
“My 2nd” Rohan cut his girlfriend.
“OK OK ..you two go to hell..blo*dy gays. I am a girl my possibility is more than you.” Rhea said proudly. Zyan was laughing like hell. Huh. It’s not fair.

“Why are you silent Aysha? Tell what you want? ” I asked as she grabbed two items in her hand. She looked at me then others. ” I don’t think that’s necessary. Arohi can do that Jod. Can’t you see her guys ..she was all red… Just patience. ” she grabbed as much as she can and left the room. May be for living room. She was fond of cricket.

I should kill her. I should kill her now. Little b*t*h. All eyes are on me. Seeing me with amusement. But they left the room with food without saying anything. Adi start to say something but Rhea cut him .

I started seeing everywhere not him.
“Oh..actually.. My friends are little crazy ..don’t take them seriously. ” I said finally looking at him. He smiled at me. ” it’s okay they are really cute. Yeah little funny. Want to marry me! Hahaha” he started to laughing saying this.

Want him is not funny. But I can’t say it loud. ” it’s the magic of your food. …do you usually get this reaction.” Actually want to know ..get this reaction from single girls.

“Some time. Actually today I afford a little to get this reaction. But it comes from wrong side. For whom I do that didn’t even test yet.” He hold a plate in front of me.

My heart stopped beating. He made these for me…why

I took a slide of cake from them and put it into my mouth. It was delicious. No delicious word can’t describe it properly. It’s amassing. Soft ..yammy…a cute flavor that I’m sure couldn’t find in the market.
I couldn’t angry with my friends now. For these anybody jump on him.

He looked at me tensely. ” it is fabu…lous….how could you do this”I was nearly screaming. He exhaled as he held his breath this time. “Can I get 5th number in Adi’s list?” I asked playfully.

“Nope. those lists are for whom I never want to be with.. I can’t placed you there it’s impossible for me.” He said it with smile. But I can feel the butterflies in my stomach. Oh god.

I wanted to smile but my smile fadded as he came near me.. So much near that was unhealthy. He stopped just a few centimeters away from me. Oh God. I’m feeling cold. I need some warmth. And which I only want to get from him. He placed his hand by the side of my lips with hesitation. I shivered. that electric sparks are burning my cells. But that’s not painful. He came more close to me. Then whispered.” You looking cute with creams.” He removed his hand.. OK there was little cream on my face. That he…opps.

Then the bell rang. He went to open the door. When he went I sat on near chair. My breathing speed was highest. I was little disappoint. He was just cleaning the cream from my face. And what did you  think ,Arohi? Huh. You are so crazy. My cheeks are literary burning at those thought. I took a deep breath before going to the living room.


Hi ..friends …I doubt is this story going right track. Plz tell me if it is good or not. It helps me in my writing skills.

And thanks my friends who comment and give me moral support. And all the silent reader.

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