Hey guys??, I am Aaru. I was thinking to write just one OS this week, but I couldn’t stop due to the support and the comments I got. Thank you all so much.?❤️???

I didn’t mention this before, but my friends know me for writing sad stories. I again decided to write a sad story, hope you all like it, but if you don’t like it it’s okay. This story is half true and the other half I made it up. However, it is all mixed up.

The view from the room was beautiful. Everything outside was lit up. The city’s view in the night was just breathtaking. However, nothing inside the room was breathtaking. It was sad and dull. Once, the room was filled with love, commitment, and beautiful memories.The room was almost pitch black. The light from the outside gave the room some light. A girl is sitting on the floor siting against the door. She is silently weeping, tears are rolling down her eyes. Her makeup is ruined. She has buried herself in her knees. Across from her there is a boy. He is leaning against the side of the bed. His eyes are closed and tears are rolling down. He is facing the celling. There is no sound not even the sound of weeping. There is soft sound.
(The whole conversation is soft)

Girl: How could you? (Here eyes are swollen and tears are rushing down. Looks at the boy)
Boy: I am sorry. (He look down and sees the girl, tears run down his eyes.)
Girl: May I know why? ( she gently asked the question)
Boy: I am sorry Naira, I am sorry.
Naira: Kartik, I don’t need your sorry, I just need to know why.
Kartik: I don’t know.
Naira: I know that’s not true.
Kartik: I have done the life’s biggest mistake.
Naira: can you tell me why you broke a promise. Why you fled from the commitment that you made.
Kartik: I think I was too afraid.
Naira: afraid? Of what?

Kartik: I was afraid that I won’t be able to live my life anymore.
Naira: After marriage?
Kartik: Yea
Naira: you know you could have told me. (She weeped little louder)
Kartik: I am sorry that I brought tears into your eyes.
Naira: I don’t care about the tears….
Kartik: I know that you don’t care about the tears, I know that you care about the BROKEN DREAMS, the dreams that broke because of me. I also know that you won’t tell me that I am responsible for it, but I also know that you know that I did wrong.
Naira: we can’t change the past.

Kartik: Naira, forgive me, please forgive for everything that I have done. I never became your best friend, I never became your better half. Forgive for not becoming a good life partner and forgive me for not loving you enough. ( He said while crying, he covered his face with his palms)
Naira: seven years ago, I was about to end my life because of depression. I was depressed that my parents died, I was depressed that I didn’t know what the world wanted me to do. One day you came into my life. You brought happiness and you filled it will colors. When we fell in love we were just 18. You became my best friend. We got this apartment and started living together. Do you remember?
Kartik: yea, but I don’t think I filled your life with happiness, I think I filled it with sorrow. I only gave you pain.

Naira: this apartment felt empty, it had emptiness of love, colors, commitment, and happiness. We slowly filled it all of those. I dreamed about our future, us, together. When you proposed me for marriage, one year ago, I was at top of the world. I felt that god had finally given me something. Do you know what this apartment feels like today? It feels empty, like it first did, it is filled with emptiness of everything. From our love to commitment, it all vanished in a place where I called “OUR HOME.” (She said crying more loudly and harder.)
Kartik: I am sorry that I had a relation with someone else, when I was with you. (He also cried)
Naira: you know that we told each other that we will wait till marriage to be together. You lied, you lied, my best friend lied, he left him to be with someone else.
Kartik: I broke everything I shattered your DREAMS

Naira: if you had told me that you loved Gayu, I would have backed off, I wouldn’t have forced you to stay in this relation. (She was broken)
Kartik: I never loved Gayu, and I will never love her. Our relationship was the worlds best gift for me. I was afraid that my life will be simple, I don’t know.
Naira: when did you start seeing her? (She asked with guts)
Kartik: after our engagement, couple of days later I stayed at her house. Then I started to stay there for a lots of night.
Naira: and you lied that you had a business trip right?

Kartik: ….y…e…a…
Naira: Kartik, I…
Kartik: we can make it work Naira, we can fix things, I will fix things.
Naira: I don’t want to fix this relationship. I want to end it. I want to end KAIRA.
Kartik: Naira….. I….
Naira: I have few things to say. I cant continue this relationship anymore. I don’t want to be cheated on again. We are 25. We still have life ahead of us. Someday we might marry other people.
Kartik: Nai..
Naira: please listen. We know everything about each other in these seven years. We know about bad things and good things, but I want it to stay between us.

Kartik: Meaning?
Naira: whatever you told me about you will stay between us. I won’t tell it to anyone, not even my husband or boyfriend. I want you to do the same thing, I don’t want you to mention about me to anyone. Anything I did or said. We can’t start a new relation with a lie. We will tell our respected partners that we had a past relationship before. However, we will not take our name, we will leave the name part blank. We will just tell them “I used to be in a relation with a boy/girl, we used to live together, but things ended. Our future was not meant to be so we moved on.” We will tell them that, that’s it. If we ever meet each other in future, we will act like strangers, we had never met before.

Kartik: Naira I am really sorry.
Naira: Let’s move on. ( she said with a fake smile and tears rolling down her eyes)
Kartik ran and hugged her tightly while they both cried.
Naira while heavily crying: Kartik, promise me two things
Kartik: yea, while hugging her and crying.

Naira: you will forget me and please don’t cheat on your future wife or girlfriend, I don’t want her heart to break like mined did.
Kartik: I know that I can’t heal your broken heart, but I hope your husband will be able to do it. I hope that he loves you more than anything in the world and I know that he will be the worlds luckiest man to have you as his soulmate.
They both cried and hugged each other.

10 years later( 35 years of age)
An office is shown.
A lady is walking inside of the office intertwining her arm with a man. He turns to her and kisses her forehead. She smiles at him. They follow a young boy. She sits on the sofa with the boy while the man goes inside a room. She sees a lady entering the same room. She tells the boy to go and play in the children’s room. He runs away. She turns and sees a familiar face. She sees a man with teary eyes and the man sees her as well.
Together: Nai..Kar..

Kartik: kisey ho? (How are you)
Naira: good, tum?
Kartik: same, what you doing here?
Naira: I am waiting for my hus..band., we broke the promise.
Kartik: we moved on that promise of not talking does not matter.
Naira just gave a small smile.
Kartik: you married, when? Name?
Naira: seven years ago, his name is Aryan, you?
Kartik: I also married, six years ago, Riya .

They just smile.
Suddenly the boy comes running,
Boy: Mumma, mumma, when will papa come( Kartik gets shocked)
Naira: he will come just in a while now go play, she gives him a kiss in his cheeks.
Kartik: he is cute, what’s his name.
Naira: Arjun
Kartik: the name you always wanted, he is five?

Naira: yep, yours.
Kartik: KAIRA
Naira: Kaira, doesn’t it remind you of the past?( she asked with tears in her eyes)
Kartik: it does, it reminds me of the good time I spent with my best friend, she is 4 and she is playing with Arjun.
The kids come running towards their respected parents.
They just smile at each other through tears ?
Suddenly they see their partners

Riya: Aryan, this is my husband Kartik and this is my daughter Kaira( she said while picking Kaira up and giving her a kiss.)
Kartik and Aryan shake hand.
Aryan: this is my wife Naira and our son Arjun.

Naira and Riya greet each other.
Before Aryan can introduce Naira and Kartik
KAIRA: we already met each other while waiting for
They turn towards each other and smile.
Both Naira and Kartik walk away with their family. Naira and Kartik turn and see each other before going on different paths. Tears roll down their eyes, but they quickly wipe dit away. Kartik leaves in the car with his family.
Naira gets in her car and kisses Aryan’s forehead indicating that she is happy. Both of the cars go in different directions.

This was my OS, this time I fitted it all together in one part. Not all love story have a happy ending. Happy ending can also be with second lover❤️
Thank you❤️??

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  1. Fenil

    Just fabulous.
    U nicely described each feeling of Kaira.
    Loved it your work.
    Hope to see u soon wid new work.

  2. Shivaya khanna

    Very well written great display of emotions but a happy ending would have been better kaira are meant to be together anyways loved the os

  3. Vedanshidwivedi

    Yr os made me cry pls next do something that kaira meet forever

  4. Your OS made me cry at a point
    But securely well matured story
    Not a typical fairytale
    It showed reality
    That ur life might be begin with new one better half…. Not the life ends with one
    We deserve better if we r right.. Nobody can snatch it
    It’s good if we held good old memories with old relationship which never makes you down but realise u time to time u had not waste ur time but u also made good memories

  5. If possible
    Thn update one more os
    Loved to read ur writing

  6. LopaFleek

    Sad stories make us sad and emotional, but after reading the story, it was a great story. Happy stories gets soo damn boring. Keep it up, you slay!!

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