Do Dreams Come True? Episode 7

"That day!That day I realised that I LOVE U MISS RAGINI SINGH!but…i never knw my one question will break u to such an extent that u ll leave me..Mumbai..i dont know where u are..ur parents are also not aware i tried searching u..but u left…but u knw wats surprising i the one who never believed in love..felt is the same day today…3 years back wen u left me!..i am still thinking regretting why..why have i asked you that question..that time..i know its and will always be my fault..

But still theres a WHY..why i reacted in such a way for jst an enemy..maybe..u were always spcl for me..thats y..the news or the talk abt ur boyfriend made me jealous..made me angry…made be sad..and now makes me guilty..kaash!i would have not done wat i had done..

That day….

"Ragini Ragini sir is calling u to his cabin..urgently "..
"But why he told call me..i mean he could simple call me on my desk"..
"I dont know that..but ya..he is"..
"Ohkay thanks..Priya"..
"May i come in sir?"
"Sir u called?"
"Ya..Ms Singh take this?"

Ms Singh Ragini was extremely confused abt laksh's behaviour..

"Whats this"
"Ur resignation..sign this and leave"
"Sign this and leave.."laksh said
"But why what have i done..laksh pls try and understand its my dream"
"Oh is it them Ragini wats ur dream working in this hospital or being late to office or ya..getting late bcoz of ur boyfriend…Ragini wat do u thing i will not get to know..i thought u are atleast a girl with good values..but i was wring u are an extremely characterless girl who can go 2 any extent to lie..or to hide abt her relationship

And there was..
Thudd..she slapped laksh very hard..very hard..wanting him to stop..
Tears had already accumulated in her eyes. ..

"Mr Mathur you are the worst person on this entire earth..u know what do hell with ur thinkings!actually no u go to hell.."
"Ragini"he shouted
"Dont shout..mujhe bhi chillana aata hai..and ya what did u say..boyfriend ha..i lied bcoz of my bf..wat will u do..huh?"ragini angrily shouted.."
"Get out..get the hell out of my hospital and my life"..
"After todays incident..i will never wamt to work here..u k w wat i shd have confronted that day only wen u gave that surgery to priya..but i kept quite despite knwng that i was way more deserving than her i kept quite..but noi i understood..u did all that bcoz off this haina"
"Yes i did.."

Ragini was hurt deeep inside she had lost her dreams..

"Mr Mathur I am leaving ur hospital amd ur life forever!..beacuse where i am not understood..where my personal life doesnt matter..i am leaving"

"Pls go ahead.."

Ragini turned to leave when
Laksh said some thing which broke ragini..

"Ragini ek baat sunkar jana..A PERSON DREAMS ONLY WHEN HE/SHE KNOWS ITS NOT GONNA BE REAL..(TRUE)..EVER..isliye a person oppts that he can satisfy her wishes..her hopes.."

Ragini turned..tears could not stop running from her eyes..

"Thank You Mr Mathur I will never forget this statement "..

She turned and left..

A drop of tear fell from laksh's eyes thinking abt this..
I shd have never let her go but i did..After she left Ma told me everything but i couldnt do anything..she had left me…MAY BE FOREVER….

Precap-Ragini!Her POV..

Next update..
13th april

Sorry for the short update but i wanted ragimis pov in next epi..

Till then take care..

Loads of love

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