Do Dreams Come True? Episode 6

"Radha radha u know sir and ragini"..
"Ya ya i knw lakshmi..they.."
"Are together"!…

Wait what!…

"Ugggghhhhh..the whole hospital is gossiping…abt nthng..this natak….mujhpe hi bhaari padh gaya…"(this drama..made me fall in trouble )

"I will not leave u mr khaddooos…"..saying..this..

Like rani lakshmi bai i headed towards his cabin with a bat in hand..promising not to return until i destroy him..hahaha..

Laksh's pov..
I was doing some paper work wen..
She entered banging my door and closing it with a thud..

"Are u mad"i asked..
"Acha now i am mad..because of chamgadar..the whole hospital is gossiping..u and me…uggh"
"Wat"..i again asked..
"Close ur mouth or fly will enter"
I closed my mouth..
"But how"i again asked..
"How am i supposed to knw was u..
Ragini tomorrow date huff"
"But u also agreed na".
"To help u..and ur back taunting me only"..

"Now mr pls telp wat are we supposed to do know..idea go and tell that u are marrying some 1.."
"Oh wow so great idea haina now we will have to arrange another actress.."

"I dont know anythng smthng!"…

Suddenly when..

Ap (Laksh's mom)enters…

"Laksh where is my hone wali bahu…where is ragu"..
"Wat"laksh asked..
"Wat..wat..i know u both are dating ur frnd told can u not tell me this"…
"Aunty its not wat u think..actually it doesnt exist only..the thing u know is wat u dont know..its actually u know wat is not true..and u dont know wats true..i know wat u know but u dont knw wat i knw..i mean wat we knw..wat u knw is true..but its actually not true..its true for his frnds..but not true in real…"i said..i(ragu) myself dont know wat i said..but ya i said..

Huff huff i took a long breath after this long speech..which confused both laksh and aunty so much that they were staring each other blankly…


"Beta i dnt know wat u are talking but i have fixed ur and Laksh's marriage ready..


"Noooooooooooooooo"i woke shouting

Hufffffff…babaji…kitna bura sapna tha….(do bad dream)

Godji..pls pls dont let this dream ever come true…i and that khadoos…yucckkkk…never…
It was such a bad dream..

Ragu. Soja…u have to reach on time tomorrow…otherwise….


Late..phir se late!I mean how can some 1 be so late..? (actually this dialogue is for me..hartime late haina??)…
"Chill laksh..i am only only 1 hr late!…
"Only! u think its a joke ragini..for past 7 days u are late…"…

Yup it took a 7 days leap..arrey love story bhi toh dikhani hai na?..

"Laksh..Mom and dad have come i cannt ignore then..and tell them..Ma khadoos boss is waiting for me. "
"Stop calling me Khadoos, Chipkali"
"So u stop calling me Chipkali..laksh"
"Acha so me also will never"…

Saying this i left his cabing with a thud!…

My pov..

What can i do..go and tell him..
Laksh i am not and dad's arrival is jst an excuse!from past seven fever..has been increasing…but i cant take a leave as of now frm the hospital isliye i go..its not that laksh wont give  leave..but its me who doesn't want to take a leave..theres a surgery next week..a very imp one and the intern who has is actually deserving will get the opportunity to do it with laksh..doing a surgery will be a matter of pride..and honour for an intern…and i dnt want to loose that opportunity..because its my dream to become a successful make my ma papa proud..isliye…

Thinking..i started checking the patients report which laksh gave me to check..

Lakh's Cabin..
Laksh-Ma..(ap)..u know Shekhar and sumi aunty are here..why dont u go and meet them..they will feel very happy..
Ap-are u sure beta..?..
Laksh-ya why..
Ap-Laksh..i just had a talk with sumi few hours back..she told she is planning to come to mumbai to surprise next week..she is still in bhopal beta..i think u are mistaken..ask ragini she will also say the same thing..

Laksh-ohhkkaaayy mom…..

He told..his expressions had turned..totally confusing…was ragini hiding something?wat was she upto..was she lieing all this while….wat is she come some 1 can lie to such an extent ….he thought..

All these thoughts filled up his mind..he didnt..know wat was he and why was he thinking…

But ya he had smthng clear in his mind..


Why?he didn't know but his minded forced him to ask her…

He stood with a thud and went towards ragini's cabin!…


As soon as he was entering the cabin..he heard..

"Dont worry he will not find out…chill baby…i know wat i am doing…i have to do this..i have to lie to him..ya ya i knw he wont forgive me but still i wont tell the truth so soon..he is no one to interfer in my personal life haina..he wont come to knw that u were with me..khadoos a big khadoos he is…i love you a lot u knw na…

These words were enough for laksh to register wat was going on..he left the cabin not wanting to stay there even for a min..

Whereas ragini continued her chat..

"Ji..aunty..pls dont tell laksh..i told will send me home..and i dnt want that..isliye i lied abt my parents..and but that dumbhead informed u..*yes she is ap*..(ragini and ap are very close..isliye inorder to pull eachothers leg they call eachother as baby and darling respectively)…thank u baby..pls dont tell him..aunty i ll cut the call as of now or else ur devil son will not spare me..hehehe..bye aunty take care…i ll come soon to meet u….!

Precap-"Why are u doing this laksh u knw na..i am way better than priya..u can ask any1"..
"U r no one to decide!it…its my hospital..get out"
"Laksh but i want to perform this surgery"..
"Oh reallly then why didnt u think before lieing to me or i shd say hiding about UR BOYFRIEND!"

Wat will this misunderstanding lead to?..
Will this mistrust break Ragini…her dreams?…wont they come true?…will this separate The Dreamer and The AntiLoveist…

Letsee wat the time has in store fr them…

Till them bye…

Take care…

Loads of love

P.S-Next Episode on 9 th April…

I ll be giving the days..and will be publishing the epi…on that days only..


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