Do Dreams Come True? Episode 5

Do Dreams Come True!?

"Soorrry sorry..doston i know i am late..but kya karu..i was searching for a dress..for the "date??"

What to wear..wat not to wear..kaise mushkil hayee"?…
"Arrey…did u all forget that Mr khaddos asked me out for i m now choosing war will i wear..indian or western?.."
"Waise do u alp knw wat happened wen u all left..

"Wat r u kidding me laksh"i asked confusing
"No i am jst asking u out for dinner thats it"he said casually
"Thats it?u are asking me out and thats it?"i said shocked with his response
"Hmm"he again replied casually
"Laksh is there smthng in ur head which u have to tell me?"i asked suspiciously
I raised my eyebrows..
"Actually friends!..they have called me for dinner today..and the problem is they want to me to come wid my gf.."
"So"i asked
"Actually its like i told a lie..i told them i have a gf..coz they were pairing me with one of college frnd and i didnt like tat so i lied to get escape..but muje nahi malum tha theu would ask me to accompany them with my so called imaginary gf"..
"And u want me to POSE as ur gf today so tat "
"I am nt ashamed infrnt of them..and as u knw..u are the unfortunately one whom.i knw frm before..and u knw me my choices quite u will be perfect for this ROLE"
"I gave wtf wala look"..but still i agreed coz i knw he is not into this gf bf wala thng..actually he is nt into love only..

Flashback over..

So now i am here searching for  a
"Ragini pls wear a western dress..dont come as bhenji"he taunted..

So guys..kya pehnu..

After 1 hr…
Finally i got a perfect dresssss!..and i am ready!..

I looked in front of mirror..and ..
"U look perfect ragu..muaaah❤"heheeh…

Chalo i have to leave he will be cmg down soon…


Laksh POV..
I was waiting for last 10 min for ger to come no she was nt late..i was a bit early..i knw she is i shd nt keep her waiting afterall she was helping i reached early..i was chck my mssges wen…

She came out..from her building..and….
I was mesmerised seeing these so many years i have never thought..or actually so her in a western dress..but today..i was thinking how can sme1 look so beautiful …wearing a black knee length dress..sleevlesss..her long hair adorning her face…perfect eye wink..her strawberry lips..her long diamond earing..her ankle length boots..with heels..she looked no less then a fairy..stood before me..i was lost..yes i was lost in her..her beauty..

Suddenly she snapped her fingers in frnt of me..

"Where are u lost..we r getting late"..
"No where come.."
I opened the door for her and she sat..

Pov ends..


"Wen will we reach"i said..(ragu)..
"Wait baba"he answered..

Suddenly he stopped the car..
"We reached"..
I saw a 5 star hotel in frmt of the car..the most expensive in town..
"Laksh wont it be to expensive".
"Ragu…u are my gf"..
I gave him wat look..
"I mean atleast for tday"..
"Amd wait wat did u call me..Ragu?..i mean who used to call me chipkali is calling me ragu"..
"Arrey how much u talk lets goo"..he excused himself..

And we went inside..


"Baapre Baap…how much do his friends question..and tat to so wierd u know wat wat they asked…
"Bhabhi..yes they were calling me bhabhi..matlab gf nhi biwi hogayi..huff..ya..they asked bhabhi hws laksh.."
"Devil"i thought but had to say"the best perdon i could ever meet "..yuuck..
No no no..its not the end..they also asked..

"Bhabhi how did u both meet"
"Bhabhi wen ARE U MARRYING" god..they toh killed me only with their questions..

Kher chadho….Good night ji..i m feeling very very very sleepy..good night sweet dreams…


Laksh's POV…
Today was quite fun but!..

As soon as we guy frnds..started praising Ragu's beauty i mean how can they..i knw it is of no doubt tat she was looking extremely beautiful but  .!they shd understand na that she is my gf..they were praising her as i was Invisible..and tat ragini was also smiling and thanking them..


Laksh were u jealous?..

Na.naa..naa…na…jealous and me…never..its jsy frndly thing btwen frnds..wait?

Laksh u and ragini were never frnds..then

Why are u…

Laksh sleeeep..

Hmmm yes i think i shd sleep varna..wat wat will i think .

Gn doston..

Precap:Laksh and Ragini The New Pair in the HOSPITAL!..


loads of love

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