“”A DREAM””(Few shots by Kakali) Part 7

Hiii ev1!! Seee !! M back.. uhhh !!, what to do.. i can’t resist myself from writing d next part.. hmmm !! So decided to upload it.. *confuse me..huhuhu!
Thnk u soo much for d response in previous parts.. thnk all silent readers too..
waaa!! See my paak paak..!!now enough of this, i don’t like to talk much..
Before starting “NEHA my friend this part is specially for u…”

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Now let’s go inside d DREAM..

Here we go::

Recap- Sanskar’s cute apology..

Both r talking,laughing,n eating chocolate..but Swara remembers something n asks Sanskar..

Swara-Waise Sanskuu can i ask u a question?


Swara-Why were u tensed yesterday? I mean if u wanna share then u can..(munching her choco)

Sanskar-Nothing Shona..(busy in licking fingers)

Swara suddenly stops eating choco n it falls from her hand..

“Whaaat,!!whhat u called me”?(gulping down her choco which is in her mouth)

“Shona !! Why¿¿ can’t i call u Shona?” asks Sanskar .

“Pinching herself *ahhhhh!!”

“What happened Shona?(asks with concern)

“Nothing!!nothing happened to me,but i think something definitely happened to u,, u r behaving soo weird.,did any insect bite u?uhhh maaa!! Doctor..i think we should consult a doctor for u”(Pagal)

“Hoo gaya!! U r too much yaar Shona!! Bachpan se hii aisi ho yaa phir did any mad insect bite u”saying this he chuckles n wink..

“BDW can’t i call u Shona?as Lakmin also call u with this name na?”

“Hahhh,,when i said not to call me with that name,obviously u can..it’s my cuttest name u know..my mom gave me this name..it’s soo close to my heart..”says Swara remembering her Maasi Maa’s words where she said Shomi loved this n will keep this name for her..

“N my closest friends have only rights to call me by this name..nobody else..soo m giving u permission..””JAA BEETA JAA,,PUKAR LE SWARA KO SHONA,,VAGWAN HAMESHA TUJHE SUKHI REKHEGA (goo,,goo my child, call Swara as Shona,,God will always keep u happy)”she says all this in a very dramatic manner..

Sanskar stares her for a while n all of a sudden both brust out into laugher..

Sanskar-Shona u r really too much..kya kha kar paida kiya tha Maa ne?(what ur mom ate before giving u birth?)(still laughing)

after a lot of time they are laughing whole heartily..

Swara stops her laugh somehow n again asks “Sanskuu bolo na why were u tense??”(again back to topic).

Sanskar-(stopes his laugh)-Nothing serious ..it’s just i was missing papa..actually yesterday Dada ji called me n said there r some goons who were demanding my Papa’s land as theirs.(talking about village land).soo i become soo frustrated n rest u know..(in a sad tone)

“You miss ur papa soo much naa”asks Swara

“Haa Shona!!”

U know what when i was small in childhood,,(*waaa!!!new discovery guyzz!!look he was small in childhood,,can u believe it)

i always demanded ice creams in midnight.. n my Papa hahaha.. always had to go to shop for me.. he was soo good..without thinking about time he fulfilled all my silly dimands.. (*his childhood mood swings phewww)

“U love him soo much¿” asks him admiryingly

“Yaaa!! Shona..he is my hero,i love himm a lottt.. i dunno how m i living without him..sometime i ask why he left us alone¿ when he knew mom n i can’t live without him..it’s soo hard for us”..

–::–[[[Small intro of Sanskar’s parents…
Annapurna Maheswari-mom of Sanskar..loves him soo much..she is looking after him since he was 8 years old single handedly..a working woman..

Durga Prasad Maheswari-Late father of Sanskar..he died in accident.. he loved his family soo much]]]–::–

Back to chappy:::

Swara-Sanskuu u r soo lucky to have parents like them !! Otherwise some people don’t even have a single memory to cherish..(thinking deeply about d incident when she turned 15,, n in her birthday she got a tight slap as gift from her so called father for wasting his time..)

Sanskar-haah!! Matlab?i didn’t get it..

Swara-Noo!! Noo nothing..

Sanskar-hmmm!!(again back to sad mode)

Now Swara senses dat d environment is going towards a sad direction..soo she needs to turn him back to his jolly mood..

Our Swara is all time excuse maker,prank maker,n a girl with full of new ideas(naughty walla)..soo she again start convo to divert his mind from sad track..

(*Mentoos !!! Dimag ki batti jalii)

Swara-waise Sanskuu aur ek baat pucchu¿(can i ask u one more question)

Sanskar- Haa puccho na..(hmm go on)

Swara-How did u find my fav choco’s list.. kyoki jaha tak mujhe malum hai,,u dunno anything about me except my name n antics(giggling)..

Sanskar-soo toh hai,,(that’s also correct),, guess,, guess!!! Who might tell me..

Swara-(tapping index finger in her nose tip)hmm!!hmmm!!! Hippo ryt?

“Noooo”..(huhh makes faces)

Swara-Then who !! After hippo who knows me soo well..

Suddenly jumps in happiness n stands up in d chair “don’t tell me it was done by her,,ohh God m i rit Sanskuu¿”(happiness has no boundaries)

Sanskar-yeahh!!yeahhh!!! She is..finally u guessed correct..

“Omggg how did u get her number? I mean she went to Indonesia na for her further studies..then how come u..”(Sanskar cuts of)

Sanskar-lemme answer it one by one..
Yes,,i have her number.. she herself contact me may b 2 days before.. she said sorry to u n Lucky as she is unable to contact u.. she lost ur n his number. soo u can understand..

Swara-i knew it.. i knew it… it’s Mica onlyy..(yohhhoo)) Ohhh Micaa!!! I miss her so much..give me her number now..i wanna talk to her..(soo curious)..
seems she didn’t miss me in these 4 months(cutee pout)

Sanskar-woh to i dunno.. u urself ask her..take her number..

“Thnk u Sanskuu!!” N smiles evilly..

Sanskar notices her evil smile n asks-
“Waise may i know d reason of ur this kinda smile?”

“Haaa!! Huaah haaa haaa!!! M going to make Hippo cry for Mica’s number..u dunno how mad he was for her in school..
Hippo ab tu gaya”..(smirk)

“Seriously Shona!!! Hahahaha !! M also gonna enjoy his situation..u know she told me to buy ur fav ice-creams too.. n i also bought that.. but chollyy woo it was melting soo i myself at them..”(says al this making a cutee face)(*Mica u were soo rit,he himself ate all d ice creams,,n i agree all d chocos were from u)

“Waaaaa!!! Yeh accha hai..huhhh!! Anyway thnk u soo much(pulls his cheeks)”..

She writes a msg in her cell phone to Mica “Thnk u Bee(she calls Mica as bee,,u know nick name)..miss u soo much.. take care sweeto”..n send d msg..

Meantime Lucky comes to check them..he is shock to see them laughing n giggling..but understands dat everything is settle between them now..he smiles seeing Swara happy..


Swara-Hippo.. come come..

Lucky-Shona where is Simin?didn’t she come today?

Swara-ur sister is in library.. she is completing her assignments..kyuuu??

He goes towsrds him.waisee hii,,.n his eyes falls on d choco box..his eyes r twinkling n started to gulp down his saliva..

Swara notices his eyes direction.. n she gets his intentions..soo get set poooo…
She started to run.. n Lucky is behind her trying to snatch d box..

Lucky-Shona..!!! Give me d box.. i want themm.. give it to me…

Swara-Have some shame Hippo..it’s not urs..okk !! This is given me by my Sanskuu..dare not to touch it..sticking her toung out..yee yeee!!(again started to run around d chair)

Sanskar smiles as she is calling him as her Sanskuu..

Lucky-U Koalaaa…!! Don’t u know all ur things r mine.. n mines r only mine.. soo stop running n give it to me.. u can’t win over me…soo it’s better to give up..

Swara stops running n turn around-Stoppppp!!! Rit there Hipppooo !!! Dare not to take a step ahead…otherwise…

Lucky-otherwise what¿¿¿¿ u can’t do anything..

Swara-(smirk)otherwise … soch loo.. baad mei pachtana naa paree..(think once u may regret later)

Lucky-huhhh!!! Do whatever u want.. i don’t care.. u just give me d box..he is about to take it from her hand..

Swara-otherwise i’ll not give u Bee’s number…

Lucky is froze at his place.. his jaw touches d ground…n automatically his cheeks turned into crimson red..

SWASAN both burst out into laughter seeing Lucky blushing like a girl..

Swara-Omggg! Hippo don’t blush yarr.. it will haunt Bee..uhhhhh!!!

Lucky gets tooo shy n hide his face in his Palm..

Swara again started to munch a big Kitkat sitting comfortably infront of him n asks..”haa!!u were saying something…(shows like thinking)yeahh!! U said u don’t care..rit? Now do u wanna say something?”

Now Lucky is blushing soo hard n says slowly-Bee’s number..plzz give me..n fall on her feet…n says pleadingly
“Plzz plzzz plzzzz give me.. Shona.. i’ll do whatever u say.. plzzz gimme..”

U know Shona u r soo beautiful..soo cutee,,i m soo lucky to have a frnd like u..u know na m ur bestest friend Hippo.. soo can’t u give me a single number..plzzzzzz”(makes a innocent face with puppy dog eye)
(monologue-bhutni,bandariya,,koalaa,,huhhh!!! Just once i get number,,i’ll show u)

Swara-wahhhh !!! What a sudden change…n stop buttering me.. i don’t want anything.. just promise me 2 things..after that i’ll think..

Lucky-ha haaa!!tell me..pinky promise..

Swara-hmmm..!!! 1st u have to pay my canteen bill for 2 months..

Lucky’s mouth is like “O” :p

N 2nd i want u as my bestie Hippo for d whole life.. that’s it..manjurr hai toh bolll…

Lucky-2nd walla is done..but 1st walla.. huffffff !!! M going to b beggar in a few days.. but dosti mai sab jayas hai..chall give me a hug !!

Swara runs n give him a tight hug as well as feed him a small piece of Kitkat..(just a smmaall piece)

Lucky-okkk!! Now give me her number.. m going mad to talk with her..*blush..

Swara gives him d number..

Lucky check her number n started to dance “MY NAME IS LUCKY,LUCKY KI JAWANI,, M TOO s*xY FOR ,, MAI TERE HATH NAA ANNNI,,NO NO NO NO NO LUCKY…”
N without saying anything he left from there dreaming in his own dream land…(*see Mica Lucky is blind in ur love like u)

SWASAN again laughs loudly..

Screen freezes on their happy face..

Precap-Let me think…

Thnk u soo much guyszz for reading.. i know it’s really not upto ur marks..but thanks for bearing it..
I wanna dedicate this chappy most importantly d Swa–Lak part for my friend NEHA.. she is a big fan of Swa-Lak..n she says me to write something on them.. soo … hope she likes it..

Thnk u..
Keep smiling always..
God bless u all…

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  1. Amazing

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u soo much Ashnoor… ;-* …
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    As usual rocking sis….

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  4. Shreeyu

    Oh my God kaku Di …. R u planning any revenge on me kya ? M laughing n laughing reading this part ….. I just love the lines uh write in brackets for example ‘ dimaag ki batti….’
    Well no compliment for Swasan today I just loved Hippo n Koala

    1. Kakali

      Cutieeee !!!! don’t tell me u r still following me…. ohhh God…
      how did u get to know m taking revenge by my laughing classes… ufff !!!!
      well Thnk u soo much for liking Hippo n Koalaa…
      Have a lovely day dear.. ;-*

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        Yes m still following u … U know I have to travel so much regularly just to follow u …. U too have a lovely day ahead ….

  5. Mahavir

    awesome di really swalak bonding i admir their friendship di and thanku soooo much di for this awesome epi 🙂

    1. Mahavir

      and di LUCKY KI JAWANI was awesome i m laughing like the hell .

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      Awwww!!!! my Maha!!! Thnk u sooo much..u r too cutee*pulling ur nose.
      i too loved Swa-Lak Bond huahhhuhahhh
      Lucky ki jawani … u love it na!! lalalalala…*munching choco…
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  6. Simin

    Waaah meri jaan kya chappy likha hai
    Swalak bond is sooooo good
    Friends aise hi hone chahiye rite
    Mica u will faint after reading this chappy*wink

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      huh! thank to you that you called him bhay.. otherwise i only bite my nail…:3

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  7. Hemanshi

    Awesome loved it…..u r such a cute writer???…….I remembered my childhood when me N my bro used to fight for chocolate??????
    Awesome yarrr just loved ittttt?????
    By reading this I can surely say that u r a naughty and mastikhor girl????
    Love uuu??

    1. Kakali

      Waaaa !!! Diii… don’t call me cutee writer… !!! u will be broken after seeing my bhayanak ruup.. huuhahaa..kidding dii.
      Well m learning from u all writers only..
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      Thnk u once again.. love uuuu 2…
      have a lovely day diii… ;-*

  8. Radhika..

    awesome part di and swasan friendship bond and mica entry and swara favourite sanky eat himself not got i love melted icecream what about u di?? and i will not tell anyone that u give me choco and love swara crazy. antics di her antics are inspired by someone or are her own?? just loved her antics and why her father do that?? she is not any fault in her mom death. and sanky father love for him. and his crazy demands di many people are small in their adulthood also that’s why he say?? and swalak bond loved their bond. and laksh love for mica. he love her so much. loved it ? love u di ?

    1. Kakali

      Thnkkk u soooo much my Radhikaaa !!!! waaaa!!! i don’t like melting ice creamm… huhuhuhu!!!!! but yeah i like to lick the melted icecream which probably fall in my fingers.. huhuhuuu…
      shhh!!! don’t say this again okk!!! u know secret… ;3
      n about Swara’s dad behaviour..it happens now a days also..blaming a new birn child for mother’s death is not a new thinking..
      u love Swa–Lak part na.. huffff!!! m soo relief..love u tooo dear…
      have a lovely day.. ;-*

  9. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Hehe, swalak bonding is so good.. Love them….
    Oh God, mica and laksh, lol??.Mica,today you are gone dear in luckys love??… Chappy is awesome dear.. Keep writing like this… Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

    1. Mica

      it’s dream comes true dear!!! *blushing
      even Radhika support me oh God….

    2. Kakali

      Umaaaa !!! huhh!!! u dunno ¿ Mica has already left for ICU in Lucky’s love…hahahah…she is as same as Lucky..
      M soo glad that u loved Swa-Lak bond..it’s kinda inspired from my own life…
      Thnk u soo much dear for ur beautiful comment…u 2 keep smiling always n have a great day ahead… ;-*

  10. Scooby

    Awww i too like swalak bonding bt nly as friends not more than dat.. hehege cruel mind.. bt what to do im crazy swasanian…thn wow swara is a crazy girl.. and lucky ki jawani.. hahehe ws laughing like hell imagined him.. thn monolgue of lucky naming swara.. wah…
    awsome chapie and whn is ur examz starting. If tmrw?? All d bst.. 😀 😀 😀

    1. Kakali

      Naviiii !!! same pinch dear… me2 love Swa-Lak bond only as friends or besties…nothing elseeee..
      .waaaa!!! again tight same pinch m also a mad SWASANian…
      Ohh God..i witnessed u hell in earth itself… what’s say..
      Thnk u soooo much dear for ur lovely comment…have a great afternoon… ;-* :0

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    Superb Loved it

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    You might me thinking me as a chipku..but what to do dear you have became a such of good friend of mine that I can’t control my self…I hope you are fine with my chipku nature…N if not then I won’t contact you again…

    1. Kakali

      Ladyyyy Gabbbarrrr !!! u r backkk !!! ahhhh dear… now my happiness has no boundaries… awwww !!! m sooo soo soooo happy… u know Maryam i missed u a lot…. this is such a pleasant n cutee surprise…
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        Love you yar…
        I wanna ask you that from which country you belong…if you don’t mind..as in Pakistan a civil war had broke out BTW ind-pak so there is no Indian channel in pak so I can’t watch swaragini

      2. Kakali

        Lady Gabbar m from India… u r from Pak… waaaa !!!
        n call me cutee murderer okkkk !!!as before… i love this nick name given by u… i miss it sooo much in these days… lovee u 3…

      3. Aww..I will surely call you that Ms.Murderer….love to 4 5 6

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        Nobody will come between u.. infect he left Ragini for u only in d show…soo take a chill pill … ;-?

    2. Kakali

      Ssshhh !!! Arshaaa !!! don’t say Lucky as cuteee… Mica is eveready to beat u with pimpom balll… :0
      Me2 loved whenever he gets shy..huuhahaha…
      Thnk u sooo much dear…i’ll try my best to add more Micky scene..
      have a lovely day dear… ;-*

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      Thnk u sooo much Deekshuuuu !!! m tooo glad dat u loved it n i could make u laugh… huhuhaahah…me2 loved d Swa-Lak part..
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    dis is a epic 1…
    Lv it… ♥♥♥♥♥♥

    Sooo cute and sweet chappy drl…..

    Swara is rly a drama queen….. omg!!!
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    1. Kakali

      Chanuuu!!!! Thnk u sooo much dear,,,yoo Swara is really a drama queen ..hahaha!!! Lucky has crush on Mica..!!
      wAaa!!! my chappy made ur day n ur comment made my day..*same pinch..
      huwaah haa haa copy rat…
      be happy always dear..
      have a beautiful day ahead…
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      1. Hee hee.. congo mica!!!

        😉 😉 😉
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        🙁 ; ( :'(
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        So I think.
        And finally
        I found a idea!!!
        Copying kakalis dialogue. 😉 😉 😉 😛

        Hey bt im takin back dat wrds….
        cz I saw dat ur exam gt postpone.
        Sooo u hv 2 write another epi dr…
        plzzzzzzz… with puppy dog eyes. @[email protected]

        Keep writing

      2. Kakali

        Chanuuu dear !!! u r not poor..
        infect m poor that’s why pleading to God for tones of chocolates..*closing eyes n pleading..huhuhuhu…

        n yeah my exams has postponed till 12th Nov soo i can update my next part..hmmm!!! next is in tomorrow pinky promise…
        Thnk u soo much dear…♡♡♡♡

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        Same questions from me too God alsooo… huhuhuhu…
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    seriously, Swara and Kakali are twin, huh! the queen of dramebazz..
    her mother must ate everyone brains when she was in womb…

    1. Kakali

      Ohhh!!! damn damn !!! shit.. Mica!!! r we twins?*copying ur dialogue..
      huhhhh!!! I hateee u tooo Bee..
      Queen of dramebezzzz waaaa!! sounds sooo cutee..
      My mom ate garlic when i was in womb..n about brains..huhhh again asking*r we twin?
      Have a sweet day ahead dear..


    1. Kakali

      Chanduuu !!! Thnk u sooo much dear for appreciating my work..it means a lot..
      n about remix song of Kat by Lucky,,i wanna tell u one thing dat Kat had already sleep into coma after listening …huhuhuuu..
      Have a great day ahead dear.. ;-*

  23. Malika

    Hehhhhhhhhh let me think choti first sorry for late reply. Second coming to your ff. Sooooooo yes I have to talk like you. Huhhhhhh what you wrote laksh ki jawani hahahhhhhhh awesome. You are really mad and you know that. Seriously but swara is really dramebazz girl. Love it wow I always laugh when I read your ff. Swalak part was superb. Really love it. I read some comments here. Heheh. … You said bhayanak ruup. What…… It means like conjuring 2 . …..update sooner.

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u soooo much Diii for ur beautiful n cuteeee comments…it really means a lot…1st of all don’t b sorry okkkk!!!!
      Lucky ki jawaniii… ahhhhaaa…
      n i know m total crack..huhuhuhu!!!
      yooo !! yoo !! Bhayanak ruup…hahaha!!! m also thinking why i said like that..*confuse me…totall mad…
      Thnk u once again diii…keep smiling stay blessed n yeah next is on d way… ;-*

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      Thnk u soooo much Mahuu !!! m glad that i could make u laugh…
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    Awesome kakali both parts were totally outstanding actually i missed your stories due to your display pic of the stories because it is havibg raglak pics thats why many time i missed your story at first ???

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u sooo much Rabia Diiiii…. !!!
      yooo !!! many people is facing this problem.. but what to doo.. i m unable to remove it… whenever i try it shows like cencel,connection error or what not… huhhh !!! Sorry for this…

      1. Rabia

        Noo problem from now i will speacially pay attention to your story ??? and ya i also posted the next epi do read when u have a free time no restrictions??

  27. Hi Didu…It’s superb..I loved it…OMG… It’s hilarious…I m ROFL…You are an amazing writer…Please post next part ASAP

    1. Kakali

      Hey Parii !!!! Thnk u soo much dear for ur cutee comment… i have already posted my next part..
      sorry for late reply actually i was busy.. have a good day dear.. ;-*

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